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  • by Nicola Boulton September 05, 2022 5 min read

    Where To Buy CBG

    This article explains where an individual can buy CBG products and the factors that must be considered when purchasing them.

    CBG products are few in the market compared to other cannabinoids such as CBD. Due to their scarcity, they are the most expensive too. The few products in the market are in high demand. If you are not careful, you might buy fake products with higher amounts of THC and very little CBG. Read through this article to know where you can buy legit CBG products. However, you need to know first what CBG is. Learn more about how is cbg made

    What is CBG?

    CBG is a compound in the cannabinoid family known as cannabigerol. It is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant. Unlike other cannabinoids such as CBD and THC, cannabigerol is found in little amounts. THC and CBD are the most abundant cannabinoids in the hemp plant. A mature cannabis sativa plant can only produce 1% of CBG. A young cannabis plant can produce more CBG. Once a cannabis plant matures, most CBG is converted into other cannabinoids. Currently, through cross-breeding, some species of the cannabis plant are grown for the production of CBG to meet the high demand for the product in the market. CBG, like CBD, is non-psychoactive. Even when taken in high amounts, it can't interfere with your brain or make you feel high. This compound was first discovered in 1964.

    CBG products are of three major types. The full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBG isolates. Full-spectrum CBG contains all cannabinoids, including THC. However, the THC in the CBG compound is not too much to give you a high feeling. Broad-spectrum does not contain THC but has other cannabinoids and terpenes. CBG isolates have a single compound which is THC. Cannabis researchers advocate for using more than one compound together as these compounds complement each other through the entourage effects making the compounds more effective in treating diseases.

    How Is Cannabigerol Extracted?

    CBG is isolated from the other compounds using three main methods. The hydrocarbon, alcohol, and CO2 method. Buberger et al. (2022) explained that the most common method used by manufacturers is the CO2 method, which is quite expensive but produces pure CBG. Hydrocarbon and alcohol methods are cheaper but may lead to the retention of solvents and other contaminants, including THC. When buying CBG products, always check on the method of isolation. The best CBG products are those isolated using CO2. However, they are expensive but worth it.

    Where To Buy CBG Products

    As mentioned earlier, CBG products are expensive and rare since CBG is produced in lower amounts and the expensive extraction method involved. Unlike CBG products, you may not find CBG products all over the market. Sevtsuk et al. (2021) explained that online websites sell CBG products. Some local shops sell this product. Mostly, you can check them from CBD shops as some sell CBG products too. CBG products are legal in most countries apart from a few that do not allow the buying and selling of cannabis and its constituents.

    Since CBG products might not be available anytime, you need them. There is an alternative way of getting CBG. Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products contain all the other cannabinoids. Therefore, they contain CBG though in smaller amounts. However, you can still reap the benefits of CBG from such products.

    How To Buy Quality CBG Products?

    Delta et al. (2021) explained that to meet the high demand for CBG products in the market, some producers might take advantage by selling fake CBG products. As a customer, you need the following tips to help you identify a legit product.

    Hemp Source.

    Most CBG products are ingested. They include capsules, edibles, tinctures, and oil. Consuming health products is important. Some hemp plants are grown using non-organic methods, exposing them to fertilizers and pesticides. American-grown hemp is the best.

    Method Of Extraction.

    Among the three extraction methods, alcohol, hydrocarbon, and CO2, the CO2 method is the best. It produces pure CBG compared to the other two methods. However, products made from CBG extracted through this method may be expensive.

    Type of CBG Product.

    There are three main types of CBG products broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and CBG isolate. Do not buy full-spectrum products if you want to avoid THC completely. Broad-spectrum and CBG isolates are free from THC.


    If you get a cheap CBG product, think twice. CBG products are never cheap as the compound is scarce and its isolation is expensive. You may not get a chance to bargain this product. Since CBG has endless benefits, you should never feel exploited.

    Third-Party Testing

    Check if the product you are buying has gone through third-party testing. Products that have undergone third-party testing are provided with a certificate of analysis. Wakshlag et al. (2020) explained that third-party labs check the amount of THC and CBG in the products and other contaminants such as heavy metals. Always ask the seller to provide that certificate. Learn more about will cbg show up in a drug test

    Who Can Take CBG?

    CBG is non-intoxicating. Any healthy adult can take it as a supplement. It can also treat minor and major ailments such as colon cancer, inflammatory diseases, nausea, appetite, anxiety, and glaucoma. There is no reliable information on the effects CBG would have on babies. Pregnant and lactating mothers should avoid CBG. CBG has not shown interactions with medications as CBD does. However, seek advice before taking CBG supplements if you are under medication. CBG has no serious side effects; the most common ones are mild. They include fatigue and changes in appetite.


    CBG products are rare in the market. You can buy them online or from local shops, especially those dealing with CBD products. Alternatively, you can buy full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products as they contain CBG too. When buying CBG products, check on third-party testing, cost, method of extraction, and hemp source. Healthy adults can take CBG as supplements. People under medication, pregnant and lactating mothers should seek advice before taking CBG products. CBG has no serious side effects. The most common effects are sleepiness, fatigue, and changes in appetite.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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