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  • by Nicola Boulton September 27, 2022 5 min read

    Does CBD Shampoo Work?

    CBD shampoos have nutrients that are essential for healthy hair. Read this article to know more about CBD shampoo, factors determining the effectiveness of a CBD shampoo and the benefits of CBD shampoo for your hair, and how to buy the best CBD shampoo.

    Since the legalization of CBD (cannabidiol) in the US, CBD use has spiked. CBD is popular because it does not have psychoactive properties. As more popular apply CBD to their daily lives, the industries are also producing more CBD products to reach users in the form they prefer. You may buy CBD forms that are sublingual, topical, inhalant, and topical. Consider any form you wish you could buy your CBD, and chances are that it already exists in the CBD market. You may also buy CBD shampoo. Read on to find out if CBD shampoo works;

    What Is CBD Shampoo?

    CBD shampoo is laced with CBD, a chemical product found in marijuana and hemp. Hemp and marijuana are not the same plants, although they belong to the cannabis family. CBD from hemp is the preferred product in countries with criminalized marijuana because while marijuana has psychoactive properties thanks to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), hemp cannot make the user euphoric. THC is the chemical in cannabis besides CBD and hundreds of other chemical compounds. THC is the product in cannabis that makes the user "feel high." Therefore, CBD shampoo is safe for users who wish to benefit from cannabis but without the psychedelic effects.

    Factors Determining the Effectiveness of a CBD Shampoo

    Determining if CBD shampoos work is subjective and may depend on the following factors

    The Potency of the CBD Shampoo

    The potency of CBD shampoo is based on its spectrum. All CBD products are categorized into three main groups known as spectrums, namely;

    Full -Spectrum

    A shampoo in the full spectrum is considered the most effective because it contains most of the chemical compounds found in cannabis. CBD  contains THC. It is the most effective and potent shampoo because it has more chemical compounds than the other two. The shampoo user in the full spectrum CBD will experience the "entourage effect, "meaning that the user benefits more from a CBD product with multiple chemical compounds than they would if they used a CBD product with fewer or a single chemical compound. It is worth noting that the THC in the CBD shampoo will always be 0.3% if the shampoo is infused with CBD from hemp. In countries where marijuana is illegal, the CBD products in the full spectrum will always be 0.3 % or even less, meaning that the CBD product is a hemp derivative.

    Broad-Spectrum CBD

    Broad-based CBD also has multiple cannabis chemical compounds. However, it is worth noting that broad-based products do not have any THC. Although the user of the shampoo will still experience the entourage effect, it would not be up to the extent they would have if they used the full spectrum CBD shampoo.

    CBD Isolates

    The shampoo in this spectrum will only contain cannabinoids. It is the purest. However, the least effective of the three spectrums is the user does not experience the entourage effect. The shampoo in the CBD isolate is common among users who do not wish to have traces of THC in their system, for instance, athletes. Paul et al. (2019) stated that CBD might be traced in hair.

    The Dosage

    No one knows the right CBD shampoo dosage to use; therefore, dosage may be determined by the needs of your hair. Wilson & Nutbrown  (2021) concluded that CBD is useful for the hair if used moderately. However, if the CBD shampoo is ineffective, it may be too little, and if you have some side effects from using the CBD shampoo, you should reduce the dosage. It is therefore important that first-time CBD users visit the doctor before using the shampoo as the doctor may do the following;

    • Check or test the CBD shampoo's ingredients and additives to confirm that it is safe for the user.
    • The doctor may test the patient to check if they have any underlying conditions that may be worsened by CBD use.
    • To check that the medications that the patient may be on cannot react with CBD.
    • To recommend the best places to buy the best CBD shampoo.

    Benefits of CBD Shampoo for Your Hair

    It is important to note that CBD shampoo's benefits are derived from it too. Szabo et al. (2020) stated that CBD is important for hair growth. Baswan et al. (2020) highlighted the therapeutic benefits of hair, meaning that it is useful for healing the skin. The following are the reasons why CBD shampoos may be beneficial for your hair.

    Regulating the Production of Sebum

    Sebum is the substance produced by the body to make the skin glossy. Too much sebum will, however, clog the pores, affecting hair growth because hair sprouts from the skin. CBD shampoos are useful because CBD regulates the amount of sebum produced. The skin will be itchy and resemble eczema if there is an overproduction of sebum.

    Moisturizing the Hair and the Scalp

    Washing the hair may dehydrate both the hair and the scalp. CBD shampoo is useful for keeping the hair clean and restoring the moisture that the hair has lost. CBD is a hydrant.

    For Nourishing Hair

    Have you ever seen hair that looks so good that you want to touch it? Healthy hair is well-nourished. Braral et al. (2020) showed that CBD shampoo has omega fats, vitamins, and proteins essential for hair growth.

    How to Buy the Best CBD Shampoo

    CBD shampoo is safe because it does not reach the blood vessels. However, seeking the doctor's advice is one way to buy the best CBD shampoo, especially for first-time users. The visit to the doctor is important so that the doctor may check if the user's health status is compatible with CBD use. The doctor can also check if the user's medication is used alongside CBD products. As the CBD market is unregulated, the doctor is also the best person to advise on the dosage and places to buy CBD shampoo. The following are also some hints that the user can follow, too but the best CBD shampoo;

    • Checking the company's reputation
    • Reading the customers' reviews
    • Patch testing on your to check if you may react. If it reacts on your hand, it will react on your scalp.


    CBD is known for its therapeutic benefits on the skin, and it is no wonder the users are curious to know if CBD shampoo may work too. Caring for the hair includes caring for the skin; any shampoo should encompass beneficial qualities for both the hair and the skin. CBD shampoo will work on the hair and the skin because it has proteins, vitamins, and omega fats essential for healthy hair and scalp. The shampoo is, therefore, useful in restoring the state of the hair condition after it has lost its luster due to frequent washing. CBD shampoo is also important in regulating sebum production, which causes dandruff and a flaky scalp.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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