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  • by Nicola Boulton September 01, 2022 5 min read

    Supplements for Better Sleep

    This article discusses elements you should look for before choosing your sleep supplement. It also discusses the best supplements available in the market that will help you sleep better, including; melatonin, magnolia, and Jujube.

    Most Americans miss the required seven and above hours of sleep during the night. Lack of sleep can lead to a cranky mood and caffeine cravings, affecting your health. Getting enough rest is important for the health of your brain, immunity, and your metabolic health. Nowadays, various supplements on the market act as sleep aids. That is why it is important to choose the right type of supplement that will help a person with their sleeping condition. It is also important to know what sleep conditions a person has.

    How to Choose a Sleep Supplement

    You know how difficult it is to find one that suits you because you find it difficult to understand the ingredients in the products if you have ever bought a sleep supplement. This article will make your work easier by breaking down the most effective elements that an effective sleep supplement should have:

    Contains Science–Baking Ingredients

    A person should check the ingredient label before purchasing a sleep supplement. A sleep supplement product must contain active ingredients that have been proven by science to help in sleep.

    Comes In an Effective and Gentle Form

    Sleep supplements should be gentle on the stomach since they are mostly consumed at night. The ingredients present in the sleep supplements should have been studied through human clinical trials. Look for sleep supplements with higher bioavailability since they will work better.

    Has a Convenient Size

    Whatever form the sleep supplement comes in, maybe a capsule or a tincture, it should be easy to consume and enjoyable too.

    The Ingredients It Contains Should Justify Its Cost

    Many affordable sleep supplements normally contain one active ingredient. Sleep supplements that are much more costly must have high-quality and clean ingredients. For example, the ingredients should be organic, and they should be from botanical extracts.

    Should Have Other Ingredients

    A good sleep supplement should have a short ingredient list. It should also contain actives and a few other ingredients; when choosing a sleep supplement, choose one that does not have binders, artificial colors, and preservatives. Allergen-free supplements are also recommendable.

    It Should Be From a Trusted Brand

    Purchase a sleep supplement from barns that do not shy away from transparency. A good brand should provide its users with the ingredients used in the supplement and the sourcing. It should also have proof of third art lab test results.

    Below Are Some of The Best Sleep Supplements That Will Help You Sleeping Better:

    CBD (Cannabidiol)

    According to Russo et al.(2007), one of the benefits of CBD is improving the quality and quantity of sleep. The study above also noted that CBD is known for producing calming effects. The good thing about CD is that it is non-psychoactive, meaning it cannot make on high. CBD helps in reducing insomnia symptoms which helps us sleep better. CBD also reduces anxiety and pain symptoms which interfere with sleep.


    According to McCarthy et al.(2019), melatonin is a chemical hormone in the body that helps the sleep and wake cycle. Melatonin is produced more at night since it is triggered by darkness. The study above also stated that melatonin helps us sleep better by strengthening our bodies' sleep-to-wake cycles. If you have a stronger sleep-to-week cycle, you have a consistent sleep routine. Shneider et al.(2020) revealed that melatonin helps reduce sleep time and increase the quantity. The study above also noted that melatonin also helps in reducing daytime fatigue.


    Most adults lack magnesium in the body. Magnesium is responsible for controlling melatonin in the body. When magnesium is low, this means that melatonin is low. Magnesium helps in improving sleep quantities. If you have restless leg syndrome, magnesium can help you since it is a sleep disorder. Magnesium also helps with anxiety symptoms which in turn helps us sleep better.

    Valerian and hops

    This pair is known for improving sleep and alleviating stress. Valerian and hops supplements can be used if you experience sleep problems. It is because it increases the sleep amount and also improves insomnia symptoms. Its supplements also help treat sleep problems caused by menopause. It also increases the time of sleep.

    Magnolia Bark

    According to Talbott et al. ( 2013),  magnolia bark has been used for a long time to treat sleep disorders, reduce stress, and reduce weight loss. The bioactive compounds in the magnolia bark increase the time in REM sleep and slow-wave sleep. Another chemical present in the magnolia bark stimulates cortisol hormones too.


    Rashwan et al.(2020) stated that Jujube fruit is known for its therapeutic benefits. It contains minerals and vitamins which help in treating pain and insomnia. The study above noted that Jujube helps one sleep by ingesting one's amount of sleep time.


    L-theanine is known for its relaxing effects. It also helps in reducing stress. Consuming l-theanine can help you fall asleep fast and easily too. According to research, it can also help in improving sleep. L-theanine can help in improving the quality of sleep in children who have ADHD.


    It is a type of amino acid. It is also naturally produced by the body. However, it can also be found in some foods such as eggs, dairy, and fish. Ingesting glycine can help improve insomnia symptoms, making you sleep much better. According to Rom et al. (2018), glycine can lower one's temperatures and make one sleep quickly.


    5-HTP is a compound produced naturally by the body. However, it can be present in some foods we consume.5-HTP helps one sleep better by shortening the period you take to fall asleep. It also increases sleep quality. 5-HTP also improves your moods and alleviates stress and anxiety, which affect your sleep. It is also effective in children who experience night terrors since it helps in reducing them.


    Various sleep supplements available on the market can help you with whatever sleep condition. Use melatonin to give you quality sleep and a soothing effect. Note that glycine can lower the body's temperatures and give sleep. It is important to find out what sleep condition you have to choose the best sleep supplement for your body. Also, consult your doctor before consuming any sleep supplement since you might be allergic to some ingredients you are unaware of. Purchase a sleep supplement from a reliable and trusted brand to avoid taking low-quality sleep supplements available on the market. Be aware of the effects when using these supplements.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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