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  • by Nicola Boulton September 27, 2022 5 min read


    CBD and alcohol can change sleep pattern, reduce stress and anxiety and stimulate the body when taken in correct doses. Herein, we explore the impacts of alcohol and CBD in the body to determine whether they can be used simultaneously.

    CBD is infusible in many foods and drinks. The cannabis derivative works with other edibles to dispense health benefits to the body. Like CBD, alcohol has health and therapeutic benefits to the body. Their closely related benefits compel some users to take them simultaneously. However, there may be adverse side effects from alcohol usage or CBD overdose that consumers should worry about. Research on the interaction between alcohol and CBD remains limited; however, a fair amount of data links highlights the effects of the two products on the body.

    What is CBD?

    According to , CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a compound from cannabis sativa or hemp flower. Cannabis sativa, known as marijuana or ganja, has over 100 compounds, each bearing a specific function. However, CBD trends most among the compounds because of the more health benefits it gives. Moreover, it does not bring the 'high' feeling people experience after taking marijuana. THC, a cousin of CBD, causes the 'high' feeling. However, CBD can combine with THC to achieve a wide range of benefits to the user. A mixture of CBD and THC produces full-spectrum CBD, which contains atleast 0.3% of THC. Prolonged usage of full-spectrum CBD can result in addiction and overdependence.

    Types of CBD

    There are three types of CBD depending on the number of compounds and the level of THC used. The three types of CBD include full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate;

    Full-Spectrum CBD

    This is a type of CBD with all compounds of cannabis but only 0.3% of THC. It has more health benefits than the other types. According to Menefee et al. (2005), full-spectrum CBD treats cancer, alleviates chronic pain, and reduces anxiety and stress. However, it is not suitable for CBD beginners; it possesses an earthy smell that may first-time users.


    According to Kerna et al. (2022), the broad spectrum contains all the compounds of the cannabis plant except THC. Like full-spectrum, it also helps treat chronic pain and reduce stress and anxiety. It is suitable for beginners since it does not cause unwanted feelings like 'highnesses.

    CBD Isolate

    The isolate is the purest type of CBD; it contains none of the compounds in the cannabis plant except CBD. It is the most suitable spectrum for first-time users due to its lack of an earthy smell. However, it has limited benefits compared to the other types of CBD.

    Taking CBD Along with Alcohol

    One may be interested in trying CBD along with alcohol, just as it may be in the case of CBD edibles. The limited research on the impact of CBD with alcohol is as follows:

    Effects of taking CBD Along with Alcohol

    May Reduce Alcohol Addiction

    Many a time, alcohol users suffer the risk of addiction. Meacham et al. (2022) showed that, taking CBD along with alcohol aid in reducing addiction and withdrawal. One study in rats found that CBD reduces relapse, alcohol intake and motivation to take alcohol.

    May reduce Damage to Cells and Infections

    Some of the effects of alcohol consumption are liver damage and infections to the cells of different organs. This may further lead to inflammation and pain. Pellati et al. (2018) found that CBD reduces inflammation caused by alcohol abuse. Some studies have also found that taking alcohol and CBD prevents liver damage. Still, one should consult the doctor to ascertain the body's reaction to the two drugs.

    May Reduce Blood Alcohol Levels

    The alcohol level is the quantity of alcohol in one's blood. A high amount of alcohol in your blood may interfere with your nervous responses. Mavromaras et al. (2019) found that individuals who took alcohol along with CBD reduced their blood alcohol level. Learn more about what percentage of cbd is good?

    Increases Each Other’s Effect

    CBD reduces anxiety and stress, thereby making one calm. Equally, alcohol aid in the alteration of moods; hence it makes one feel calm and relaxed. When the two are mixed, the effect is amplified.

    Is CBD Addictive?

    Studies show that CBD does not contribute to addiction; one can do without it. The only circumstance under which addiction can be realized is when one continuously uses full-spectrum CBD. It contains THC which could lead to addiction and dependence. Still, more research is needed to confirm the capacity of CBD to cause addiction.

    How to Ensure the Best Pick

    If one is planning to buy CBD, here are the qualities of a safe product:

    1. Should have third-party test
    2. Free from contaminants
    3. Passed heavy metals and pesticides test
    4. Should have Certificate of Analysis


    Taking CBD along with alcohol can be effective in some ways. Alcohol can cause damage to the liver. In contrast, CBD reduces the impact of alcohol on the liver. A good blood-alcohol level is effective for neurological transmission of impulses; using both alcohol and CBD at a go can suppress the levels of alcohol in the blood. More research is needed to confirm the effect of using the two; hence one should use it according to the doctor's prescription and guidelines. In addition, the product should meet quality standards to yield the desired effect. Learn more about why does cbd taste bad?


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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