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  • by Nicola Boulton September 05, 2022 5 min read


    Overthinking is not a new problem, and many suffer from it. Early studies show that CBD could fight anxiety, making you relax. Still, it is not the only way to manage overthinking, and this article shows you other methods to do so, including finding distractions, meditation, deep breathing, and staying present.

    Do you find yourself overthinking, feeling sad, and unable to focus on the present and relax? Many people can relate to these sentiments since overthinking is not a problem for one person. The hype and demand for CBD keep increasing, and it seems like there is nothing that CBD could not help with, including overthinking and achieving relaxation. Besides, there are many other ways to stop yourself from thinking too much. This article shares such tips, providing the information you can rely on to help you relax. First, though, let's dissect CBD and how it relates to overthinking.

    What Is CBD?

    Many people have heard about, seen, or used CBD products since CBD has become the subject of many discussions. Many online suppliers deal in CBD products, and you can always have the cannabinoid from any location. What is CBD, and why do many relate to it? According to Mascal et al. (2019), CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound (cannabinoid) in cannabis plants, although it is majorly extracted from hemp. Non-psychoactive means CBD does not make you high, which is the primary reason people are after CBD. How do CBD and overthinking relate? Can you count on it to achieve relaxation?

    CBD and Relaxation; Does It Help?

    Watt & Karl (2017) reported that CBD is therapeutic, which is the other reason CBD is quite popular. Can you take CBD to help you relax? There is insufficient research to prove that CBD can make you relax. However, some research sees potential in the cannabinoid and believes it could help you relax. According to Shannon et al. (2019), CBD can fight anxiety and pain, suggesting that you can tap into it for relaxation. Still, no study has narrowed it down to overthinking, so it is unclear whether taking the cannabinoid for overthinking would be productive.

    How to Take CBD for Relaxation

    Do you want to try CBD to help you relax better? There are many options you can try. There are no better products than the other since each method has pros and cons you must deal with. You can go for;

    1. CBD oils and tinctures; are the primary ways to take CBD, including putting the drops on or below the tongue, but you can also add them to your meals.
    2. CBD edibles; you can munch CBD gummies, chocolates, and other edibles to realize CBD benefits in taste and style, although they compromise on delivery speed.
    • CBD capsules; mask the bitter taste of CBD oil, and you swallow them like other caps.
    1. CBD topicals; you can apply CBD balms, patches, and creams to the skin to find relief, although their effectiveness s yet to be proved.
    2. CBD vapes are the fastest in delivering CBD since you only have to inhale them to feel the cannabinoid’s benefits.

    CBD is not the only way to fight overthinking and keep yourself relaxed. Below are practical methods to find relaxation and keep your thoughts guided.

    Embrace Your Fears

    Did you know that one reason that makes many people overthink is being fearful? All you have to do is analyze your overthinking and know what causes it. According to Ford et al. (2018), embracing your fears helps your psychological health, which could be the beginning of overthinking the less and more relaxation. It does not matter what your fears are: think about them, accept them, and know the way forward.

    Breath Deeply

    If you told someone to breathe deeply to stop overthinking and relax, it would sound trivial. Yet, doing so has helped many people manage anxiety and promote relaxation. Besides, studies like Jerath et al. (2018) support this. It shows that breathing deeply activates the parasympathetic nervous system, helping you remain in a state of rest and digestion, which promotes relaxation. Here is how to breathe this deeply and push negative thoughts away;

    • Lie down and get a station that offers the head and neck good rest.
    • Put one hand on the belly and another on the heart.
    • Inhale and exhale for 10- 20 seconds, paying attention to the heart and the belly.
    • Repeat this some 3- 5 times daily.


    Meditation is part of mindfulness that will help you push away negative thoughts to relax and think better. Many people use meditation as part of a good routine to help them manage stress, and you could do the same. According to Harvard Health Publishing (2013), meditation activates the rest and digest parts of the brain, helping you stay focused on the present.

    Stay Present

    Do you experience a series of roller coasters, continuously thinking about the future and the past so that you would not relax? You can choose to stay present by doing many things, mindful thinking is certainly one of them, and you will find it helpful. You can also choose to unplug and stop everything you were doing to attend to what you like the most. How about jogging, going out to get your favorite meal, or listening to music?

    Acknowledge Your Success

    Sometimes people think too much when they view themselves as failures. If that is you, how about acknowledging your success? It goes a long way to help you relax. Remember, you need not gauge your success with what others do. Besides, success does not need to take a straight curve, you can have ups and downs but as long as you stay on the path, you are right.

    Find Distractions

    Finding distractions is yet another thing that many people find effective in managing overthinking. It is all about finding something else to do when you feel stressed. Many people find it useful a new skill when they cannot focus on one thing anymore. Besides, you can try new recipes; which is a good and educative distraction.


    Overthinking is no one person’s problem, many suffer from it. Early research shows that CBD is therapeutic and that it can help you relax. However, the FDA has not approved it for this, so we don’t recommend it for treating or curing overthinking. Still, there are many practical things you could do to manage overthinking, as this article shows. You can meditate, breathe deeply, find distractions, or do anything to stay present.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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