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  • by Nicola Boulton August 17, 2022 5 min read

    CBD Oil Uk: How To Choose The Right Brand

    CBD has been claimed to have amazing advantages by researchers and medics. However, there are a lot of CBD products out there from different companies, with each claiming to have the best quality. This article discusses CBD oil products and what to look for when shopping for CBD products.

    There has been a flood in the market with the surge in CBD usage. This has led to the risk of counterfeit and low-quality products in the market as some companies might want to make some quick cash. It might be hard for the normal user to know the right quality for their money, especially with so little information about CBD or the industry. This article will give you an inside secret on choosing the right product that is worth your money.

    CBD Oil Uk: How To Choose The Right Brand

    Note the amount of THC in the products.

    People know it is legal to get or purchase CBD products, but some strings are attached. THC, one of the compounds found in the cannabis plant, has some relations to CBDs; they come from the same plant. According to  Alajmi (2018), the law is tight on controlled substances, and among these controlled substances is Marijuana, which is one of the two variations of cannabis. THC is toxic and has psychoactive effects, and it is considered illegal in the UK and many other countries. That must be the reason Marijuana is illegal, but it might also be why many people still abuse it.

    However, when Hemp-derived CBD products contain a high percentage of THC, which is more than the legal percentage, a user might have a problem. CBD products are legal; although they are required to have a percentage of THC lower than 0.2%, any company that produces a product with a higher percentage is illegal and might be risking trouble with the law. Therefore, a user must check for the percentage of THC whenever they are purchasing any CBD products; companies with clear indications of its content are much preferable.

    Consider The Source of The Product

    The hemp plant has a high percentage of CBD because many CBD products come from the hemp plant. A user must check where your CBD product comes from; this will ensure that they get a high-quality product that is truly worth your money. Products from the highest quality hemp plant will be of a higher quality giving you powerful benefits as it contains the purest CBD.

    Purifying the product might be a hard task if a product comes from a hemp plant with a high percentage of THC. A user doesn't want to test positive in their next drug test, so always check the product source to ensure you get the right product. A product made from high-quality hemp will have high-quality components, which will give you other advantages too.

    Choosing The Right Strength of a Product

    The CBD world has a lot of products in the market, and these products come in different levels of strength. This strength might vary because of the concentration of CBD compounds and the type of hemp strain used to make it. There are three main forms of CBD products, Full Spectrum CBD, Broad spectrum, and Isolate. When choosing the right product for you, what comes into consideration is the purpose of the product.

    Consider the purpose of using the product.

    Full-Spectrum CBD

    Full-spectrum CBD is those products that contain all types of compounds that are found in the Cannabis plant and might include THC; although this is, the percentage of THC is controlled to be under the legal amount for consumption.

    Broad-Spectrum CBD

    Broad-spectrum refers to CBD products containing some but all components in the Cannabis plant. Isolate CBD refers to those products that contain only CBD compounds and don't contain any other Component. According to Maaya et al. (2020), full-spectrum CBD oil contains all components; they are a better option than other types of CBD, as it is said that the components work together in harmony to maximize the benefits.

    CBD products are still under extensive research, and knowing the right strength or dosage for a person might require a user to try them to know how much CBD they need to feel the effect. It might seem like a trial and error method, but it is a great way to try out different CBD products and find what is enough for a user.

    Know-How CBD Is Extracted

    There are several ways of extracting CBD which might affect the quality of CBD you might be getting. The most common way of extracting CBD is by using solvents such as Alcohol and ethanol to isolate CBD from the other parts of the plant. This way seems much simpler, but it also has some disadvantages because it is normally not a one hundred percent process. This process might lead to residue products, and because the Hemp bud or flower is first activated, it might result in the final product being of low quality and not so effective.

    Ubeed et al. (2020) suggested that extraction using C02 is mostly used industrially, which is the perfect way to extract CBD from Hemp. This process ensures you get a quality product in the end as the CBD extracted is cleaner and toxic material is barred, so you don't have to worry about your health. this process is much more precise because it leads to more nutrients and healthy components in the oil, adding to the benefits of CBD. Johnson et al. (2020) revealed several different options for extracting CBD, such as using Ethanol, butane, or Hydrocarbons, although these methods are faulty. They can result in many impurities in the CBD oil extracted.


    The choice comes down to a user with these points to consider when choosing a CBD product. What users want and prefer in the long run might affect the CBD oil they choose; those not comfortable with concentrated CBD oil might opt for flavored CBD because they offer a much more comfortable way of taking them. Check the components of your CBD products to ensure that you get a quality product free of impurities. Full-spectrum CBD is the right choice for a user as it packs a lot of nutrients for the benefit if they like to benefit from something completely. The next time users go shopping for CBD products; they know what to look for.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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