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  • by Nicola Boulton August 17, 2022 5 min read

    CBD Oil For Sleep And Insomnia

    Find out amazing ways in which CBD can be used to help man; however, many claims need research. Does CBD help in getting more sleep and combating Insomnia? This article discusses  CBD, how it works, and its safety when using it for better sleep quality.

    There has been a growing interest among many people in the vast effects of CBD on the health of humans. Among these many claimed benefits is helping with sleep disorders and Insomnia; this has made many people opt for CBD to help them have a better quality of sleep, although there is still a lot of research that needs to be done. Sleep is one of the most important parts of life as it helps people feel fresh for the next day and have better health. Consider finding out more about how CBD can help people sleep in this article.

    CBD Oil For Sleep And Insomnia

    What Are CBD and THC?

    The cannabis plant has been a part of man's history for a long time; some researchers have found a link to cannabis use from over 5000 years ago. Many people use cannabis for recreational and medical purposes. According to Johnson (2019), there are two plant variations, Marijuana and Hemp. Husni et al. (2014) stated that The marijuana plant is mostly used for recreational purposes as it contains a large percentage of THC, a compound responsible for psychoactive effects. The hemp plants, however, have a low percentage of THC and a high percentage of CBD, a compound that is thought to have amazing effects on man's health.

    More than one hundred compounds exist in the cannabis plant. However, these two are the most common and dominant in the past. Many governments have placed Marijuana under very strict laws as a controlled substance due to the toxic nature of THC and its psychoactive effects. CBD, however, isn't toxic, so it is legal in most countries and has, under some more recent research, been linked to many possibilities in helping people with some chronic health ailments. However, it is required that the THC in CBD products is regulated under the legal amount of 0.3% as this is mostly untraceable.

    What Is The Endocannabinoid System?

    The body is a large body of many systems that work together to make it do what it does. According to Mechoulam & Paker (2013),  the brain plays a major role in the body's functions. According to Jager & Witkamp (2014), the endocannabinoid system is a very wide neuromodulatory system that researchers have found to control the body's functions, such as mood, appetite, and sleep. These endless receptors in the central nervous system are responsible for the effects one might feel when taking cannabis. Cannabinoids attach to these cells' receptors and interact with specific receptors in the cells.

    Cota et al. (2003) noted that cannabinoids interact with cells responsible for the circadian rhythm, which is the cycle that tells you when to wake up or go to sleep. It might have different effects as it might help change your mood or anxiety, so how exactly does CBD work to help you with sleep.

    How CBD Works to Combat Insomnia

    Many reasons can cause Insomnia; however, these causes may vary from person to person because of the lifestyle that people might have. However, the most common cause of Insomnia includes stress, anxiety, and depression. Other causes of Insomnia might be physical conditions such as chronic diseases that sometimes cause too much pain that can bar you from sleeping, medications that sometimes disturb your sleep cycle and lifestyle, and environmental factors such as being in a loud neighborhood.

    CBD is suggested to combat some of these causes of Insomnia; it has been linked with helping people with psychoactive disorders such as anxiety and depression. Some CBD users have reported feeling calmer or a change in mood when using CBD; although such research is still shallow, some have decided to opt for CBD. According to Mlost et al.(2020), CBD  is linked to pain reduction and anti-inflammatory possibilities, and it might help reduce the symptoms of chronic diseases that might be giving you sleepless nights; The study above also revealed that CBD is linked to helping those with cancer and arthritis.

    Van Nuland et al. (2021) discovered that CBD could help those with a problem staying awake during the daytime due to Excessive daytime sleepiness disorder by keeping them awake. Much research still needs to be done to determine how CBD helps a person stay awake, although more people are opting for it for this natural way of battling Insomnia. CBD has many advantages, but people must also be careful. Learn more about is cbd oil addictive?

    Is CBD Safe?

    The recent boom in the industry and CBD consumption can be credited to the many types of research and confession from many CBD users. It has also led to many companies springing up to produce CBD products; they are available in many forms. A person can find edibles, topicals, or tinctures, a few forms to fit their preference when using a CBD product.

    CBD is non-toxic compared to THC, and its usage is safe. However, although there is a rising number of people using CBD products, some patients report some side effects. These side effects might include diarrhea, fatigue, and a change in diet. The side effects might vary from person to person, although they are mostly tolerable compared to some side effects caused by some pharmaceutical drugs.

    Some people might have been prescribed pharmaceuticals by a doctor, and it is important for anyone who would like to use CBD products to consult their doctor to avoid CBD reactions with pharmaceutical drugs. CBD has many advantages, but people must weigh the advantages and the side effects before making any claim. Some claim that CBD is a safe, natural way of combating many ailments. Learn more about which cbd oil is best for diabetics?


    CBD has been undergoing much research in recent years to prove some of the many health claims that some users confess to having experienced. Insomnia and sleeping disorders are among some of these health claims, and although there needs more research on this issue, a lot of people have opted to use CBD to combat some insomnia causes. If you wish to try CBD products for your Insomnia or any other purpose, you must consider talking to your doctor before opting fully to use CBD products. It has, however, proven to be a promising way of naturally combating some of the chronic illnesses in man. So why should you not try it?


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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