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  • by Nicola Boulton August 17, 2022 5 min read

    Does CBD Oil Get You High? Is It Non-Psychoactive?

    You might have heard about CBD product and their different possible advantages, but it might be confusing at the start. What is the difference between CBD and THC? This article looks at CBD oil and answers the question about its legality and difference from THC.

    The cannabis plant is a common debate in matters of legality and its effects on the health of man. A lot of studies have therefore been put in place to help find out the possibilities of these plants, but much more research is still needed. The plant is better known these days, although many people don't know that there are two variations: the marijuana plant and the hemp plant. A question that has been confusing to many users is can CBD make you high?

    Does CBD Oil Get You High? Is It Non-Psychoactive?

    What is CBD?

    The cannabis plant has been used for a long time in man's life both as a recreational drug and as an option for improving the health of humans. Schilling et al. (2020) stated that more than 100 compounds are found in the cannabis plant; CBD is one of the most popular and dominant. A lot of research has linked CBD to potential health benefits; this has led to a surge in the amount of CBD products flooding the market due to high demand. However, people might confuse CBD with another compound, THC, in the cannabis plant.

    THC is the most dominant compound in the cannabis plant, followed by CBD; although these two compounds are both found in the cannabis plant, they have their differences too. The Marijuana plant has a very high percentage of THC and a low percentage of CBD, while the Hemp plant has a very high percentage of CBD and a low percentage of THC. It makes Hemp a favorite among many researchers and companies for CBD extraction. However, the composition and effects of CBD are the same whether extracted in the Marijuana and Hemp plant.

    Does CBD Make You High?

    A person can use it to make many products such as edibles, CBD oil, or topicals when CBD is extracted from the hemp plant. Crippa (2018) noted that CBD products are on the market and can be used for many reasons, such as easing pain and inflammation, combating the effects of chronic diseases, and fighting depression and anxiety.

    Many people purchasing these CBD products today are confusing CBD with THC. The latter is most common in the usage of it as a recreational drug because of its psychoactive effects, resulting in a 'high' effect that most users claim to feel when they smoke or vape marijuana. However, CBD isn't psychoactive and doesn't make you feel the 'high' effect, although some users report feeling uplifting when they take in too much CBD. Taking a higher dosage of CBD is unlikely, and a person must know their dosage and limit to prevent any side effects from taking too much CBD.

    What Does The Law Say About CBD?

    CBD doesn't make a person feel 'high' and doesn't have psychoactive effects. It means that it is not addictive and therefore isn't illegal; although a person can buy CBD products easily in online markets from various companies, it has some restrictions. Mead (2017) stated that the amount of THC in a CBD product is regulated at a percentage of about 0.03%.

    However, many countries are changing their laws on cannabis usage regularly. It is important to research Cannabis laws in the country you want to move to or stay in to know their various laws. Learn more about cbd oil for mountain biking

    The Advantages of CBD

    CBD is a favorite amongst many scientists and researchers for its medical benefits because it doesn't have any psychoactive effect. According to Pellati et al.(2018),  CBD helps with various conditions such as seizures, inflammation, pain, nausea, and inflammatory bowel diseases. Many claims suggest CBD might help patients with these diseases, although much research still needs to be done.

    THC is most commonly known for its psychoactive properties but has other medical benefits. According to Devinsky et al. (2014), CBD helps patients with pain, nausea, anxiety, and glaucoma. That is why many people prefer using Full spectrum CBD- that is, CBD compounds that contain all the compounds of CBD, including THC- because apart from enjoying the benefits of one compound, all compounds combine to give you a better effect. This process is called the entourage effect.

    Those who would like to enjoy CBD in its purest form can purchase CBD isolate, a form that contains CBD as the only compound. Broad-spectrum is a form of CBD that contains some but not all compounds in the cannabis plant; however, choosing the right form for yourself depends on your preference.

    Precaution To Take

    The usage of CBD comes with a lot of benefits, but a person must take some precautions. Boggs et al. (2018) stated that CBD products have generally been known to be safe for consumption; however, some users report experiencing some side effects. The study above also suggested that these side effects can vary from fatigue, diarrhea, appetite change, and dizziness.

    According to Couper & Logan (2004), THC can cause side effects such as Dry mouth, red eyes, memory loss, coordination problems, and an increased heart rate. These side effects might, however, vary from person to person and might sometimes determine the dosage needed for a person to feel the effects. However, various things may play a part when these side effects are felt; the concentration of the compound and amount to take might determine the extent and occurrence of the side effects.

    Therefore, a person must talk to a doctor about their decision to go for CBD products as a natural way of combating some chronic diseases. It can go a long way to preventing a reaction to some of the pharmaceutical drugs you might have been prescribed.


    It is key that a person differentiates between CBD and THC; although they are similar because they come from the same plant, they have their differences too. THC being responsible for the 'high' effect most users report to feel is illegal why CBD doesn't have any psychoactive properties and is legal to use for medical benefits in many countries. However, it's important to remember to keep cautious when using CBD products. Be careful to check the contents of the products you purchase and ensure they have THC content under the legal percentage. Doing a lot of research on the cons and pros might help you make a better decision if you are new to CBD.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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