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  • by Nicola Boulton August 30, 2022 5 min read

    How Do You Use CBD Oil

    There are various ways of taking CBD oil; sublingual, oral, vaping, and adding in favorite meals or beverages. You can take it either in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate form.

    Nearly every CBD user is looking for the most effective way to conveniently induce CBD in their body. Several CBD products include topicals, tinctures, vapes, oils, and capsules. CBD oils are the most popular products in various potency levels, from 5mg per ml to over 1500mg. Unlike other formulations, CBD oils are offered in natural liquid form in tiny bottles of 30 ml. CBD oils are in three types; full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. The types are differentiated using the hemp plant element found in each. The main chemical compounds of the hemp plant are flavonoids, terpenes, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and cannabidiol (CBD).

    How Do You Use CBD Oil

    What is CBD Oil?

    CBD oil is the natural form of cannabidiol. Most people find it difficult to differentiate between CBD tinctures and CBD oil. However, the difference is simple; CBD oil is obtained through carbon dioxide, while CBD tinctures use alcohol solvent (ethanol). CBD oil is more powerful and clean than CBD tinctures since it is offered in the most natural form through the leaves. There are various ways to use CBD oil, sublingually, orally, or by adding it to your favorite meals or beverages. However, the impact duration differs in each method.

    How To Take CBD Oil

    CBD oil has an awful natural taste that is nearly unbearable. Therefore, most people try to find the best way of avoiding it. The method used to ingest CBD oil determines the onset period of the impact. The following are some of the main methods;


    Sublingual use is the most effective method of taking CBD oil. However, you will be forced to interact with the awful taste longer than any method. Sublingual use helps you deliver CBD oil into the bloodstream within the shortest time possible. Take considerable amounts of CBD oil using an accurately marked dropper and place it under your tongue. Hold it for about 60 seconds before swallowing. This allows the thin capillaries under the tongue to absorb CBD oil rapidly and channel it to larger blood vessels. For sublingual use, expect the impact within 30 minutes.

    Oral Use

    Oral use is the second most effective method. However, unlike sublingual use, the impact is expected within an hour or a half. The interaction of CBD oil with your tongue is minimal for oral use. Avoid taking too much CBD oil orally for rapid effect effectiveness. Although the impact is delayed, it is still the same as sublingual use. Allow the CBD oil to be absorbed in the bloodstream to feel the impact.

    Adding to Foods and Beverages

    If you can bear the awful taste of the hemp plant, there is an option of adding it to your favorite meals or beverages. The beverage or food absorbs CBD oil and retains its sweet taste. However, avoid adding CBD oil to hot foods or beverages. Heat interferes with the chemical formula and bondage of molecules, which interferes with their potency levels and effectiveness. Also, use similar amounts as the one you would have used for sublingual or oral use. This method delays the impact until the beverage or food is fully digested. It also takes a while to clear in the system.  

    Types of CBD Oil

    The types of CBD oil are important since they determine the impact and the likely side effects. The following insight on the types of CBD oil will help you determine which is a preferred type for you;

    Full Spectrum CBD Oil

    Full-spectrum CBD oil is manufactured using all the chemical compounds from the cannabis sativa or hemp plant. Full-spectrum CBD oil is the most popular because they are advantageous to the entourage effect, which helps you have more health benefits. The entourage effect is the ability of CBD oil to deliver more than the suggested health benefits since it has various chemical compounds working together. Although it has its advantages, it also has shortcomings due to THC. Various researchers have noted THC as a weakness of full-spectrum CBD oil.

    According to Fattore, Liana & Walter (2011), THC has intoxicating side effects. It can result in anxiety, poor judgment, dizziness, change in appetite, and migraine. Due to the psychoactive side effects of THC, the 2018 Farm Bill suggested that all CBD products should retain below 0.3% in hemp and cannabis sativa. On the contrary, THC is an important element of the hemp plant. Moreover, it is advantaged in anti-inflammatory properties.

    Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

    Broad-spectrum CBD oil is convenient for people trying to evade THC’s side effects. It is also advantaged to entourage effect but protects you from intoxicating side effects of THC. Broad-spectrum entails terpenes, CBD, and flavonoids. The absence of THC makes it suitable for evading intoxicating side effects. Broad-spectrum CBD oil has various health benefits from terpenes, flavonoids, and CBD. According to de Assis et al. (2021), broad-spectrum CBD is suitable for addressing pain, sleep, and anxiety. However, they should be taken considerably to avoid possible side effects. According to Liu Tina (2019), too much CBD oil can result in diarrhea, anxiety, and a change in appetite. Therefore, the absence of THC shouldn’t trick you into taking high potencies.

    Isolate CBD Oil

    Isolate CBD oil is manufactured using a single element of cannabis sativa or hemp plant. This limits it to cannabidiol health benefits only. According to Lundquist Erik (2022), isolate CBD can help you with inflammatory diseases due to its anti-inflammatory properties.


    You can opt for vaping if you wish to deliver CBD oil faster to your bloodstream. Put the required amount of CBD oil on a spoon and supply some heat under it. Although this method is effective and the impact can be within 10 minutes, it is dangerous since it can result in choking. Since the impact is heavy and rapid, sublingual use is mostly recommended for veterans. Besides, the quality of CBD oil is important. Consider only lab results from an IOS-certified lab to determine the potency and purity levels. Avoid CBD topicals with high potency since they likely have intoxicating side effects. Notably, don’t rely on posted potency levels since it can make you overdose unknowingly.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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