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  • by Nicola Boulton August 30, 2022 5 min read

    How to Mask the Taste of CBD Oil: 10 Ways to Make It Taste Better

    What is CBD, and what does it smell like? How can you improve its smell? Do you wish to give it a better smell with no clue how? Keep reading and learn various ways of giving cannabidiol oil a better taste.

    As many people are becoming interested in using CBD products because of their great health benefits, more ways of consumption are being discovered. If you feel like turning away from smelling it because of the strong smell and taste of cannabidiol, you are not alone. It is a fact that there are so many people who don't like the taste. What will you do when you aren't ready to give in to bioavailability oil and shift to capsules and gummies? Are there any ways that can be used to mask cannabidiol taste? There are so many of them. Making the process of consumption palatable will help to explore various options.

    How to Mask the Taste of CBD Oil: 10 Ways to Make It Taste

    What Is the Taste of CBD Oil?

    Single out the flavors you don't like to mask CBD oil taste properly. Cannabidiol oil tastes the same as cannabis extracts. Such extracts include THC oils obtained from marijuana. It has an earthy taste, leaving the palates with botanical notes shortly after taking the oil. However, the flavor depends on the content of CBD or THC. Usually, the flavors are noticeable in the extracts with full-spectrum containing waxes, terpenes, and oils from cannabinoids and top CBD plants. The compounds offer a very different flavor and aroma. The key player that influences fragrances of various cannabis strains. You may want to mask the taste using full-spectrum cannabidiol oil because it has a bitter, musky, and earthy flavor. The taste is usually for the unflavored cannabidiol oils. Some companies use artificial or natural flavoring to mask the botanical taste. But these are additional ingredients that the body will have to process. 

    Takakuwa et al. (2020) showed that some people prefer using edibles or capsules instead of taking CBD oil, but the problem is not entirely solved. Because the bioavailability of edibles and capsules is lower than oils, you will need great amounts to achieve the same results. CBD does not pass through the digestion system. That's why it's bioavailable and uses the fastest administration route. Below are discussed best ways to mask CBD oil's taste and make it more enjoyable.

    Consume it with Snacks

    These are among the most famous ways to mask cannabidiol taste. You take it with food. Put the favorite snack near. Then take your CBD oil and take the snack after that. It will help replace the slimy, bitter and earthy taste. Many people choose to use chocolate because a pinch of it greatly eliminates the botanical taste.

    Use Chewing Gums or Mint Drops

    It is an aromatic herb, and the vital oils offer a great refreshing flavor making it the best mask for CBD oil taste. After taking the tincture, try chewing gum, mint, or tic tac. You may also put mint in the mouth simultaneously with the tincture. It will help dampen the bad taste usually felt at the end.

    Try Brushing Your Teeth before Administering the Tincture

    If you take CBD every morning and evening as a routine, consider brushing your teeth before taking the tincture. This will help minimize the earthy taste because the tongue will still have the minty flavor.

    Breathe Through the Nose

    After applying CBD tincture under the tongue, close the mouth and use the nose to breathe. Even though it is not the best way of masking the taste of CBD oil, it may still help reduce the discomfort since the air will not be drawing over the tongue. If you may wish, hold the nose so that you may not taste it at all. Think of why you don't feel the food taste while sick. Lee et al. (2014) noted that flavor receptors become less sensitive when the nose is blocked. This may work as a masking CBD taste.

    Take a Drink

    It might feel like a dead giveaway. However, you may wash away the taste by taking a drink after swallowing the tincture. Water may also help, but the more concentrated the flavor of your drink, the more successful the masking. Most people who use CBD combine them with coffee. They say this is the best way to eliminate the earthy flavor. You may use a milkshake or lemon juice if you don't like coffee. 

    Put Honey Droplets under the Tongue

    Honey is a great invaluable sweetener, and it may work miracles in concealing the earthy taste of CBD oil. Drop the liquid and tincture under the tongue and experience the nice notes, not the unpleasant aromas. Moreover, you only use a few drops, so, no need to worry about the extra calories.

    Try CBD Isolate

    The botanical elements in hemp cause a bad taste. The compounds include waxes, terpenes, oils, and flavonoids. If you would like a tincture that is odorless and flavorless, choose the one that is CBD isolate rather than CBD oil that is full spectrum. Marinotti & Sarill (2020) revealed that CBD isolate is a pure CBD product without added compounds that have additional benefits. In addition, there is no need to cover the test.

    Use the Oil to Come Up With CBD Edibles

    Making the edibles the best alternative for people who are less concerned with the delay and low bioavailability. CBD edibles usually have a better taste. Mix the tincture with salad or add it to a cookie base.

    Take CBD Oil with Yogurt

    Cover the earthy taste using yogurt if you are not okay with taking CBD tincture under the tongue. Swallow CBD oil with yogurt. The sour taste in yogurt will eliminate the earthy taste. You can as well take a spoonful of yogurt after swallowing the tincture.

    Use Vcaps

    Crini et al. (2020) established that Vcaps are the best way to administer CBD oil if you want to cover the taste. In reality, they are empty capsules you will have to fill in CBD oil and take like normal capsules. This method will harm the bioactivity of the tincture even though it's the surest-making method.

    The Bottom Line

    Cannabidiol is a useful health supplement that betters the quality of life in many ways. You enjoy the health benefits without high. Additionally, no need for a prescription for one to buy the product in vape shops, pharmacies, and on the shelves of organic "health stores." As well you can find the product online. So many people use CBD in their health routine, but the taste may be a barrier to enjoying the supplement. However, the good news is that you can make the taste pleasant by masking it. The above-discussed masking ways will help you enjoy the tincture.

    Moreover, you can choose a different form of cannabidiol which you won't have to cover the taste. These include vape pens, gummies, and capsules. You can as well choose CBD oil isolate.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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