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  • by Nicola Boulton August 26, 2022 5 min read

    CBD Oil for Mountain Biking

    CBD has, in recent times, been used by mountain cyclists for the benefits that they have on the body. They are known to assist in post-training and cycling recovery, relieve pain, and have anti-anxiety properties.

    CBD's benefits have made it on the rise for a while now. Most manufacturers have devised different ways to infuse CBD into their products. Different individuals have started using them for fun and medicinal purposes and other important needs discussed in this article. Mountain cyclists have also started using CBD oil as they have noticed that it has some benefits that favor them. This has made cyclists avoid the use of pharmaceutical drugs because of their side effects and adopt the use of CBD oil as an alternative. Some of the benefits of CBD oil for cyclists are discussed below.

    CBD Oil for Mountain Biking    

    CBD Oil  

    CBD oil is made by mixing the flowers or leaves of the cannabis plant with a carrier oil like coconut or seed oil. They can be taken either orally or through topical application. 

    Types of CBD Oil

    • Full-spectrum CBD
    • Isolate CBD
    • Broad-spectrum CBD

    The Benefits of CBD to the Mountain Cyclists

    Post-Training and Cycling Recovery

    According to Klein et al. (2020), CBD can assist in post-training and cycling recovery. It is highly possible for cyclists to get tired after mountain biking. Getting some rest may even become a problem. CBD has calming properties will soothe and prepare the mind for better sleep. It will also assist in relieving pain that may be felt after mountain cycling. CBD oil can also be applied to the injuries that one may have, and the endocannabinoid receptors will interact with it to make sure that the bruises are taken care of.   

    Anti-Inflammatory Properties

    Inflammation in cyclists occurs when harmful substances come into contact with the body's healthy cells of the body thus making the body swollen, sore, and painful. It may even be brought about by too much stretching of the muscles. Shannon & Pila-Lehman (2016) reported that CBD assists in reducing inflammation and, at times, even healing it.

    Relieves Pain

    Mountain cycling will most probably bring about some injuries or even some pain after you are done. According to Hatchett (2020), the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD assist in minimizing the pain felt, as most of them might result from inflammation in the body. 

    Anti-Anxiety Properties

    CBD is known to have anti-anxiety properties. Most are the times when cyclists may be anxious about cycling, especially in the mountains. This is mostly visible in first-timer cyclists. Melissa Petit (2020) stated that CBD assists in calming and relaxing their nerves and preparing them for mountain cycling.

    What Should A Cyclist Look For In CBD Oil?

    With the increase of CBD products, checking on several things before consuming them is always great. This is especially important for cyclists as they are athletes and may interfere with their performance. Some of the things that cyclists should look out for in CBD oil include;


    A reputable company or shop will ensure that all their products are labeled. This includes the manufacturers of CBD oil. Labeling the CBD oil packages will assist an individual in knowing the ingredients of the products they are using as well as the percentages that they have. This will help a cyclist know if the CBD oil that they intend on consuming has the ingredients or compounds that they would like or not.    

    Type of CBD Product They Are Using

    A cyclist should always check on the type of CBD oil they consume. Using the isolate-based CBD product is always great as it is completely pure and may not adversely affect an individual. Broad-spectrum CBD may also be a great choice, but the only problem is that it may have some presence of the THC compound in small amounts. Full-spectrum CBD should always be avoided because it has the psychoactive compound that is THC and may cause a high effect when taken in high amounts or may even be found guilty of doping when a drug test is carried out. 

    How Much CBD Should A Cyclist Consume?

    It is very difficult to state the amount of CBD one should consume. In most cases, the right answer would be to start with low amounts, especially for new users of CBD products. Do not be quick to start with the highest amount of CBD. This is because you may consume too much, and the effects may not be what you plan to achieve. You can then gradually move up once you feel that you have become comfortable with the use. However, for a cyclist, there is always a limit that you are not supposed to pass, and it would be great if one followed the guidelines set. Those on medications should seek a health practitioner's advice before consuming any amount of CBD.

    Is CBD A Doping Drug?

    CBD is known to be a psychotropic drug. However, there are cases where some small amounts of THC may be found. Cyclists should consume CBD with 0% of THC compound in them. This is because THC can bring about psychoactive effects in them. When WADA decides to test for THC on cyclists, they will likely find one guilty of doping if they consume CBD, especially full-spectrum in high amounts. It is always great to make sure that you buy CBD products in isolated form and from a reputable store to save you from consuming THC. This is because manufacturers are used to selling counterfeit CBD products and may not be honest with the consumers by telling them if their products have THC. 

    What Is The Future Of CBD, Especially In Cycling?

    The rise of CBD products has made people interested in their effects. Completely pure CBD is seen to be the best choice for cyclists as of now. This is because it does not have the presence of the THC factor. There is no way the WADA can legalize the use of CBD with the presence of the psychoactive compound. This is because the high effects may cause a risk to the cyclists when mountain biking. Since CBD is an industry with a lot of growth on the way, it is very important to note that in the future, CBD can be a great addition to cyclists.  


    While there is still some doubt about using CBD products for cyclists because of the probability of enhancing performance, cyclists are slowly adapting to using them. However, the THC factor can be a problem at some point. This is because of the psychoactive effects that it has on individuals. Though CBD has its benefits for cyclists, a lot of studies need to be done so that it may back up some claims that it has and get rid of the doubts cast. Be sure not to self-medicate and try to seek medical help before consuming the CBD.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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