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  • by Nicola Boulton September 01, 2022 4 min read

    CBD Oil Strengths: Which Is Best for You?

    CBD has become the in thing in our society. Due to this, manufacturers have come up with many CBD products. These products come in the form of candies, which consumers swallow, tinctures, which they place under their tongues to allow CBD to absorb, vapes, which consumers can smoke, and topicals, which consumers apply. Each must be utilized differently for various users to experience their effectiveness fully. It depends on how the body of the individual responds to ingested CBD. The hemp plant naturally contains the chemical and active component known as CBD. The hemp plant's flowers are squeezed and combined with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, to produce CBD oil. Mostly CBD oil is used in helping in relieving pain, reducing anxiety, helping in sleep, reducing symptoms related to other mental disorders, and helping in boosting cardiovascular functions, among many other uses of CBD.

     Researchers have given us a simple method to tell if CBD oil is strong enough and know its efficacy easily. It is that for at least 1 milliliter (Ml) of serving; it should contain 50 milligrams (mg) of CBD oil. When served this way, we can consider the high serving potency. It is also prudent to know that CBD affects different people differently. What one may feel to be strong, the other may not feel that strong. Several factors affect the potency of CBD oil. Below we can highlight just but a few of the critical ones.

    CBD Oil Strengths: Which Is Best for You?

    The Sourcing

    Where the plant grows matters because the hemp plant is used to clean the soil, some farmers may plant hemp in preparation for planting food crops. It absorbs all materials from the soil, including unwanted heavy metals. CBD oil that is gotten from such instances is of low quality. In turn, the heavy metals may end up in the oil, thus making it of low efficacy. In some instances, one may find that the hemp plant has been cultivated near other crops. The hemp plant will absorb those chemicals when the other crops are sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. It will be obvious the product that will come out of such plant materials will be contaminated. It will, in turn, give a product that is contaminated. Learn more about is cbd oil good for scalp psoriasis?

    The Extraction Method

    The extraction technique is also crucial since some techniques leave behind undesirable elements, resulting in low-quality products. According to  Lazarjani et al. (2021), the best extraction technique is carbon dioxide. In contrast to other procedures like solvent extraction, dry ice extraction, and extraction from vegetable oil, it guarantees the production of the purest CBD oil.

    The Type of CBD Oil

    Pratap Singh et al. (2020) stated that the CBD oil could also be filtered and decarboxylase after the extraction. Filtering it means removing the hemp plant material and the naturally occurring minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids. These are important to the user and boost the CBD oil potency. There are majorly three types of these CBD oils, including:

    Green label CBD oil. Here the CBD oil is not decarboxylated or filtered. It means that the cannabidiol acids are at high levels. Decarboxylation is the chemical reaction and process in which the carboxyl group is removed from the molecule to release carbon dioxide. The green label CBD oil is good for those who want to get an unaltered version of CBD oil that has little or no changes after extraction. In other terms, it is called full-spectrum CBD.

    Blue label CBD oil is oil that has undergone decarboxylation but has not been filtered. This decarboxylation is done by heating the crude CBD oil to a high temperature. One should remember it has not undergone filtration, so it has all the hemp plant material and the naturally occurring fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins in the soil. They are good at boosting the potency of CBD oil. It is what is normally termed a broad spectrum.

    The User's Body Metabolism

    According to Pavlovic et al. (2019), people with more weight need more CBD oil, unlike slim people. It means if two people of different body masses take the same amount of CBD simultaneously, the slim one will get the effect faster than the fat one. The slim one may conclude that his CBD was more efficient, and it is not the case.

    Lastly, we have gold label CBD oil; in this case, the oil has been decarboxylated and filtered. The hemp plant material, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids have all been removed. They are removed by further refining the CBD oil after the extraction process.

    All evidence points out that full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products are more potent, and their efficacy is higher than that of CBD isolate. It is because the filtration removes the important minerals, fatty acids, and vitamins that boost the efficiency of CBD oil.


    The strength of CBD oil depends on many factors, such as sourcing, extraction, and manufacturing. Also, one must note that although this is true, the user matters. CBD reacts differently to different people. In addition, it is prudent to consult with a qualified medic to get the best advice you can use in dealing with CBD. Learn more about what is kosher cbd oil?


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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