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  • by Nicola Boulton August 30, 2022 5 min read

    What Effects Can CBD Oil Make On Your Hair Loss Or Growth?

    There are different medications and therapies for hair loss. While such treatments can help, a natural approach like CBD oil is more effective because it improves overall health.

    Have you ever heard of peladophobia? People have different phobias, and peladophobia, the fear of baldness and hair loss, are among the conditions realized recently. This phobia can affect anyone, regardless of age. It triggers certain physical and psychological symptoms in both sexes. Most people hate losing hair. Hair is a feminine and masculine asset. Some individuals love short hair, while others want their hair long and attractive. Unfortunately, hair loss has become very common, and it's not a topic that's easy to deal with or talk about. Losing hair is a daily challenge that has made many people frustrated. CBD oil is known to affect hair growth. But most people are unsure whether this cannabis product has a positive or negative effect on hair. Explore the connection between CBD oil and hair.

    What Effects Can CBD Oil Make On Your Hair Loss Or Growth?

    Does CBD Oil Cause Hair Loss Or Stimulate Hair Growth?

    CBD oil offers various medical benefits; it improves a person's overall health. However, not all CBD impacts have been fully understood yet. For instance, the interaction between Endocannabinoids and hair growth needs more exploration. Russo (2019) suggested that interesting abilities on hair about CBD are proved. Arora & Von Salm (2021) showed that consuming CBD oil as vitamin gummies or applying it topically can strengthen one's hair. Different studies point out that CBD oil can stimulate hair growth. The hair and skin are networked with receptors that positively respond to external cannabinoids like CBD. applying CBD oil topically to the hair will support the growth of new strands. Regular use of CBD oil can prevent hair loss and strengthen hair. Shukla (2020) claimed that the antioxidants in CBD oil make the scalp healthy, encouraging slow or stagnant hair follicles to grow.

    Reducing inflammation is among the most appreciated ways CBD oil improves hair growth. Irritation or excess inflammation in the scalp can limit hair growth. A connection between CBD oil and hair growth is its ability to improve an individual's blood circulation, moisturize hair follicles, and promote healthier hair.

    Who Needs CBD Oil for Hair?

    Anyone can use CBD oil regardless of hair type, color, or texture. Products infused with CBD oil are especially useful to those experiencing breakage regularly. De (2020) suggested that CBD oil boosts the functions of the proteins in the hair, improving the hair's overall appearance. Thus, protecting strands from future breakage. CBD oil is a natural ingredient. Hence, it will not affect processed or dyed hair. CBD products are safe, and everyone is allowed to use them. However, like other hair products, consistency is needed. Consider working this ingredient into your routine for quite a few months if you want it to deliver impressive results. Apply small amounts of the product to your wrist and examine how your body reacts if you have allergies and sensitive skin. Learn more about how is full spectrum cbd oil used?

    How CBD Oil as an Antioxidant Improves Hair Growth

    The body needs adequate antioxidants because they fight free radicals. These free radicals affect healthy cells and tissues, causing unhealthiness. The body naturally releases antioxidants to handle free radicals. However, when we cannot keep up with extreme levels, the system becomes overwhelmed, and oxidative stress occurs. Oxidative stress is a powerful cause of diseases and illnesses. It's also linked to hair loss and aging. CBD oils have adequate antioxidant properties and lend these benefits to the body to improve overall health, including hair regrowth. Learn more about cbd oil for weight loss

    How CBD Oil as an Anxiety Buster Improves Hair Health

    Stress and anxiety negatively impact the body, including hair loss. CBD oil offers anti-anxiety benefits, which are effective in boosting serotonin levels. CBD oil effectively aids good sleep because of these anxiety-relieving abilities. People are aware of how healthy sleep promotes general health and wellness. Less stress means less release of cortisol. High cortisol levels are associated with hair loss and trouble sleeping. Therefore, it makes sense that CBD oil's effects on stress and sleep also promote healthy hair growth. The bottom line is that CBD oil prevents harmful stress and anxiety levels, leading to good health results like better sleep, healthy hair growth, and other benefits.

    Natural Ways To Treat Hair Loss

    Try the following if you want natural remedies you can incorporate into your lifestyle to improve your hair health.

    Eat a Balanced Diet

    Healthy hair needs foods rich in proteins and omega-3—eggs, avocados, fatty fish, berries, seeds, and nuts.

    Stay Active

    Engage in activities that will help you manage stress-stress has a strong connection with hair loss. Your hair can easily regrow by engaging in anti-anxiety activities like meditation and yoga.

    Add Zinc and Iron to Your Diet

    Deficiency in vitamins leads to hair loss. Increasing the levels of iron and zinc in the body causes hair loss due to illnesses or other reasons that will regrow.


    You can improve the thickness of hair by massaging your scalp frequently. Massages stretch the scalp, encouraging hair regrowth and thickness. Massage also improves blood flow and scalp health. Research shows that Kim et al. (2021) proved that improved blood flow promotes healthy hair growth. Also, it relieves stress and tension, which are the common emotions related to hair loss.

    Drink Lemon

    According to Sravanthi et al. (2021), regular application of lemon juice enhances hair growth and quality. Applying lemon juice to your scalp and hair and letting it settle for fifteen minutes will make your hair stronger, healthier, and more attractive.

    Which CBD Oil-Infused Hair Products Do You Need?

    Switching to hair products that contain CBD will help you solve various hair concerns. Try these hair products containing CBD oil if you want unbelievable hair transformation;

    • CBD Philip scalp and body oil
    • CBD outre hair anti-stress oil
    • CBD loves beauty and nourishing conditioner
    • Hemp Giovanni hydrating and conditioning hair mask


    CBD oil offers impressive effects on hair growth. Improving overall health and maintaining general wellness is the first step to making your hair healthier, stronger, and protected from conditions like hair loss. CBD oil is a great supplement for healthy hair due to its well-known health-boosting abilities. Are you convinced CBD oil should be part of your hair care? You should be.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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