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  • by Nicola Boulton August 12, 2022 5 min read


    Anything good comes with a price, and CBD oil is no exception. Being a new CBD product, it is easier to use, and the effect of CBD can be felt much faster. Cultivation of hemp plants, the extraction process, and high demand makes it expensive.

    The use of CBD has been on the rise since 2014, but the 2018 farm bill led to even higher industrial hemp production. Instead of CBD products like CBD oil becoming cheaper, they are still expensive. CBD oil is used for alleviating pain, aiding sleep, soothing anxiety and depression, or even for recreational purposes. Buying cheap CBD oil might seem like a good deal, but it's not, high-quality CBD oil will benefit you more, but it's expensive. The average price of a 30 ML CBD oil with 1000MG is $90.00. Keep reading to know why CBD oil is expensive and why you should buy the expensive CBD oil.


    Why CBD Oil Is Expensive

    Cultivation of the Hemp Plants

    The primary source of CBD is the hemp plant. The hemp plant is allowed because it has low THC levels. Cultivating hemp plants for CBD production is very expensive. According to Johnson (2019), farmers must meet conditions like the hemp plant should be non-GMO, organically cultivated, and have no use of pesticides. This might sound cheap, but it is not. They have to use other methods to add nutrients to the soil and control pests. McPartland& Sheikh (2018) noted that farmers use companion farming to control pests and diseases. These plants attract predatory insects which feed on pests. The companion plants include sunflower, nasturtium, and chamomile; the clover crop also covers the hemp plant. Hemp plants are very delicate in that they will absorb almost anything from the soil; if chemicals are used, they will affect the quality of the final CBD oil.

    Extraction Process

    Extracting high-quality CBD is expensive. CO2 extraction produces the best quality CBD than the other process. This process is costly, and the machines are expensive. After extraction, manufacturers also need special machines for refining. Any error during extraction will ruin the whole batch. This delicate process contributes to the high prices of CBD oil. Carrier oils like MCT used to make CBD oil are equally produced with the same extra caution.

    The High Demand for CBD Oil

    The claimed benefits of CBD oil have led to an increase in demand for CBD oil. High demand can also result from how easy it is to use CBD oil and faster results. CBD companies cannot meet this demand which will lead to high prices. Increased production by companies or more companies joining the CBD field will be able to meet demand and, finally, low prices.

    Hard to Supply

    The majority of the population doesn’t understand the difference between a hemp plant and marijuana. Cannabis has a long history of criminalization, making it hard for companies to supply if the country has strict cannabis rules. Countries have recently become clear on what kind of cannabis is illegal. Supplying directly to the customer can also be expensive, unlike when they supply to a store.

    Range of Products

    CBD oil is available in 3 bases, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate CBD. It can be tedious for a company to produce all these products and meet the market demand.  Hazekamp (2018) noted that this high demand could also open a back door for poorly produced goods to be sold at high prices and get away with it. Reputed companies up their game to maintain loyal customers, even by raising prices.

    Why you should Buy Expensive CBD Oil

    Reputable CBD companies will go the extra mile to ensure that consumers get high-quality CBD oil. Starting from planting the hemp, which some companies do, they will then carefully select the best plants for CBD production. After extraction, Wakshlag et al. (2020) showed that a third-party lab tests the CBD for heavy metals, pesticides, foreign materials, and compounds, and finally, they test for THC and assign its level. Cheap CBD oils will not undergo much of this testing because they are after profits.

    How to Take CBD Oil

    Inhalation Method

    This involves taking CBD oil in CBD oil vape pens or smoking CBD oil concentrate. The CBD is absorbed in the lungs with oxygen into the bloodstream. Inhalation is the fastest method as the effect can be felt after 15minutes. It is effective when you want a faster remedy, but the effect is not long-lasting.

    Sublingual Method

    This is taking CBD oil as a tincture that places drops of oil under your tongue and holds for at least 60 seconds for absorption to occur. CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream by capillaries and tissues in the sublingual layer. The effect of CBD can be felt after 30 minutes. You can also take CBD oil sprays in this manner.

    Ingestion Method

    CBD oil can be ingested in CBD capsules and soft gels. You can also ingest CBD oil by adding it to your meals and drinks. CBD undergoes metabolism before it is absorbed into the bloodstream. Even if you claim to have a faster metabolism, it takes at least 2 hours before you can feel the effect of CBD.

    Topical Method

    The topical method is another slow way to take CBD oil. Topical CBD oil is for external use. You apply it to the affected area of your skin and massage it for absorption. This method is effective for alleviating pain or using CBD as a cosmetic.


    High-quality CBD oils are very expensive because of the high costs of production right from planting the hemp plants, the extraction process, high demand for CBD oil, hard to supply because of cannabis stigmatization, and the many products a single company has to produce. Going for a cheap CBD product might seem like a good idea, but that product might not be high quality. Checking a CBD oil's certificate of analysis will show you the tests that the CBD has undergone; low quality and cheap CBD oil may not have one, or if it does, then it's not that extensive.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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