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  • by Nicola Boulton August 12, 2022 5 min read

    Will CBD Oil Get You High? Will I Pass A Drug Test?

    There are three types of CBD; full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolate. Full-spectrum is likely to get the users high since it has THC. Factors contributing to getting high with CBD include concentration and accompaniments. CBD oil is likely not to show in a drug test.

    CBD oil is manufactured from organic hemp or cannabis plant. The US government legalized CBD oil products within its territories due to its potential health and wellness benefits. The plant contains various unique properties, such as anti-inflammatory regulating hormone production in the body. However, CBD oil is yet to be legalized in some states in the USA due to its potential risks. The plant comprises various elements, including terpenes, flavonoids, cannabidiol (CBD), and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Multiple research shows that all the elements have potential health and wellness benefits for animals and human beings. The elements are also used in differentiating the types of CBD; full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolate. Have you ever thought of whether CBD oil will get you high or test positive in a drug test?


    Which Type Of CBD Oil Is Likely To Get You High?

    Full Spectrum CBD Oil

    Full-spectrum CBD oil is manufactured from various elements of the hemp plant. It comprises THC, CBD, terpenes, and flavonoids. Full-spectrum CBD oil is common in the USA since it involves fewer efforts in extraction, unlike other types. Full-spectrum CBD oil is also called the whole plant. CBD experts suggest that it is likely to offer more health and wellness benefits than other types due to various elements. Users are likely to benefit from the entourage effect. McFerran et al. (2014)  suggested that the entourage effect is the ability of various elements working to gather to offer more therapeutic benefits than a single element. However, full-spectrum CBD oil is likely to make you "high" and show in a drug test. This is because it contains THC, a psychoactive element and the second dominant in hemp.

    Although the 2018 Farm Bill suggested that THC levels in the hemp plant are insignificant and can't cause any intoxicating side effects, Allen et al.  (2004) noted that it is likely to show in a drug test, especially if they are using the blood or urine. Bass& Linz (2020) indicated that a high intake of full-spectrum CBD oil accumulates THC in the body, resulting in intoxicating effects. Common symptoms of getting "high" from full-spectrum CBD oil are severe headaches, poor memory, and anxiety. Therefore, considerable amounts depend on the users’ interaction and body chemistry to avoid such effects. Consumers with weak bodies and the novices are likely to get "high" from low concentrations, unlike veterans and those with strong immunity to fight foreign substances.

    Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

     According to AGURELL& NILSSON (1972), Broad-spectrum CBD oil is manufactured from flavonoids, CBD, and terpenes. Its users have lower THC- related risks since it's the only element found in the full spectrum and not in a broad spectrum. Therefore, broad-spectrum users can also enjoy the entourage effect impact of the hemp without worrying about THC-related side effects. Broad-spectrum CBD oil is not likely to make its users high due to the absence of THC. However, high concentrations or much of it could mess users up. Although broad-spectrum CBD oil is void of THC, it is likely to make you high or test positive in a drug test, especially if taken in high concentration. Also, extracting all traces of THC from the hemp plant is difficult as a second dominant element. Therefore, only considerable amounts of broad-spectrum CBD oil will not show in a drug test.

    Isolate CBD Oil

    Isolate CBD oil is not likely to show in a drug test if taken in considerable amounts. It is manufactured using pure CBD oil. Therefore, isolate CBD oil is void of flavonoids, terpenes, and THC. Its users are warned against having high concentrations or quantities since it is concentrated with CBD oil as a single element. Some of the “high” effects from isolate CBD oil include fatigue, dry mouth, and poor appetite.

    Factors Contributing to CBD Oil Getting You High

    The Concentration

    The concentration is the primary contributing factor to CBD oil getting the users "high." CBD oils are manufactured in various potency levels, from 10 mg to over 500 mg per mg of CBD. However, Bhattacharyya et al.  (2010) reported that the impact of different potency levels depends on various factors; body chemistry and experience. The novices are likely to have the "high" effect from low concentrations since CBD is a foreign material. On the contrary, veterans will only have the "high" effect from high concentration since their bodies have adapted. Besides, people with weak body chemistry are likely to feel the "high" effect from extremely low potencies since their bodies cannot fight CBD. However, a strong immunity helps in fighting the impact of CBD.


    What you take with CBD oil matters a lot. However, low concentrations will make you avoid getting "high" and having a negative drug test; the accompaniments matter. Smoking marijuana and taking alcohol alongside CBD oil heightens the side effects of THC, making you "high." Also, taking CBD oil alongside such substances exposes you to a positive drug test. Although CBD oil has no specific dose, users are recommended to take considerable amounts and avoid using them alongside other drugs since they uplift the side effects.

    How To Successfully Pass A Drug Test After Using CBD Oil

    CBD oil is likely not shown in a drug test only if used responsibly. Although it lacks a specific prescription except for epilepsy, its users should be responsible and understand the implications. To evade CBD oil showing in a drug test, take considerable amounts of at most 50mg of CBD oil for veterans and 20 mg for novices. Also, avoid using other drugs alongside CBD oil since they escalate the psychoactive effects and are also likely to show up in a drug test. Lastly, avoid THC-infused products if you are going for a drug test.


    Although CBD oil is associated with various health and wellness benefits due to its unique properties, most of them are yet to be approved. Also, the benefits are only likely to occur when used responsibly. However, there is no specific prescription for CBD oil except for epilepsy, which FDA has approved. CBD oil is likely to make you high "high" and show in a drug test depending on potency levels and other products. However, the impact of the potency levels also depends on the body's chemistry and experiences. Veterans can only get high with extreme potencies, which will show in a drug test, unlike the novices and people with weak body chemistry.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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