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  • by Nicola Boulton August 31, 2022 5 min read

    Why Should You Prefer Dabbing of CBD?

    Dabbing is taking CBD in vape form. It is suitable for delivering CBD in the bloodstream faster without being affected by the smoke. Dabbing is effective, innovative, and efficient.

    CBD is offered in various forms, including capsules, tinctures, gummies, topicals, and vapes. The type of CBD product impacts the onset period you will experience the effects. CBD tinctures have been considered the most effective way of administering CBD for rapid effectiveness. However, manufacturers are determined to win over the CBD market by developing the most convenient and effective ways of delivering CBD into humans' bodies that make them outstanding. CBD vapes are among the latest products within hemp-based products. Vaping is the most effective way of delivering CBD into your bloodstream within 20 minutes. The main difference between dabbing and vaping CBD oil is that dabbing doesn't have a smoke. This article gives you an insight into dabbing and its benefits.

    What is Dabbing of CBD?

    Dabbing might be a new term, especially among the folks but not vaping. Dabbing and vaping is the same. Dabbing induces CBD in your bloodstream in the form of vapor or smoke. Although manufacturers are now offering CBD vapes, it can be done locally. Dabbing is regarded as the best because it uses concentrates. You can dab CBD oil locally by putting considerable amounts on the spoon and hitting it for it to produce vapor. Inhale the vape directly, preferably through the nose. However,  experts don't recommend dabbing to beginners.

    Why Dabbing Is the Best

    Dabbing entails a lot of wastage, although the little amounts in your body system significantly impact. Dapping CBD will help clear symptoms of any diseases intended for within 20 minutes. The vape is directed to the lungs, being absorbed into the bloodstream within the shortest time possible. Some of the key reasons to consider dabbing CBD are;


    Smoke is harmful to health and can easily result in lung failure. Therefore, this makes dabbing more effective and safer than vaping. Varlet et al. (2016) noted that dabbing is healthier since it is only vapor absorbed in the bloodstream through the lungs. Dabbing is healthier than smoking or vaporizing since it is a clean way of delivering CBD to the body without affecting various parts, including the liver.


    The dabbing rig is suitable for using the desirable concentrates. Place a carb cap on the rig to seal the nail or banger to create an oven-like vessel at considerable temperatures. The concentrates will evaporate rapidly and efficiently.


    While more manufacturers come to play, more effective ways continue to be developed to improve the efficiency of CBD products. Dabbing CBD has caused technological advancements within the hemp-based industry, which are applied elsewhere. It has also challenged manufacturers to develop better ways of delivering CBD therapeutic benefits in the human systems.

    Other Methods of Taking CBD Oil

    There are various hemp-based products used to induce CBD oil in your bloodstream. However, dabbing and vaping is the most effective way.

    Vaping CBD

    CBD manufacturers are now offering vaping products, including cartridges and vape pens. Tsai et al. (2020) suggested that vaping induces CBD in your bloodstream through the smoke. The study above also noted that its impact is rapid and is expected within 30 minutes. However, it should be done considerably to avoid any possible negative effects. Beginners can be exposed to dangerous choking, leading to fatal accidents or even death. The impact of vaping CBD is rapid and heavy. Therefore, consider low potency levels, especially if you use full-spectrum CBD or as a beginner. According to Fattore et al. (2011), THC, an element of full-spectrum CBD, has intoxicating effects, which can be overwhelming vapors.

    Sublingual Use

    Sublingual use has been one of the most effective ways of administering CBD. However, unlike dabbing or vaping, its impact is within the hour. It is achieved by placing considerable amounts of CBD oil under your tongue and holding it for about 60 seconds before swallowing. This allows thin capillaries under your tongue to absorb CBD oil, channeling it to larger blood vessels. However, you have to bear with the awful taste of the hemp plant unless you cover it using mint or toothpaste. According to Moltke & & Hindocha (2021), it is an effective method offering immediate effect for CBD oil.

    CBD Gummies

    Not every CBD user wishes their friends and family to know they are addicts. Therefore, they must find the most convenient ways to administer them discreetly. CBD gummies are the best options. They are in small sizes, making them pocket friendly, and are in different flavors, including strawberry and mint. The difference in flavors helps you mask the awful taste of the hemp plant. CBD gummies can be pocketed and administered anywhere. They are infused with specific potencies, from 5 mg per gummy to over 50 mg of CBD.


    Capsules are also effective and discreet. The Vcaps are infused with hemp extracts powder. They are also used for evading the hemp plant's awful natural taste, making them effective to those evading it. However, unlike gummies, vapes, and CBD oil, their impact can extend to two hours. The capsules have to be digested first before creating the impact.

    Where can I Buy CBD Dubs?

    Getting CBD dubs from physical stores might be difficult since few manufacturers offer them. However, the online market has made accessing such rare hemp-based products easier. You can access a wide range of CBD dubs potencies online at considerable rates. However, ensure they are assessed for potency and purity levels to avoid overdosing or inhaling harmful chemical solvents. Avoid CBD dubs without lab results since they are likely to be fake.


    Dubbing CBD yields rapid effectiveness if it is of high quality. It is also a suitable and healthier option for vaping CBD oil. Dubbing does not involve any smoke that might damage your body, including the lungs and liver. However, the concentrations are important. The impact of dubbing is rapid and intense. Therefore, consider low potencies to avoid any side effects. Although there are three types of CBD oil to dub, the broad spectrum is considered the best since it minimizes intoxicating side effects of THC and delivers an entourage effect. Suppose the impact is overwhelming; consider seeking treatment immediately. Avoid dubbing marijuana since it will get you high. Hemp-based CBD oil contains considerable THC (0.3%), low enough to avoid getting high.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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