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  • by Nicola Boulton August 31, 2022 5 min read

    How To Smoke CBD Shatter

    Smoking CBD shatter should be a basic skill for all cannaenthusiast should brag off. However, with the nature of shatter, novice users can find it overwhelming to smoke it. Read on to know how to smoke shatter, the different methods, the risks, and what to expect.

    Shatter is a highly concentrated supplement used as an alternative, not a replacement, to smoking marijuana. Knowing different ways to intake CBD can better overall experiences. CBD shatter is a pure cannabis supplement with a yellow-like or transparent appearance. Using shatter guarantees strong, quick hits that last longer. Its high concentration due to the pure CBD extracts and terpenes can make it tricky for first-time users to smoke. This article discusses that one can also smoke shatter using a vape pen or other devices. CBD shatter is highly potent and contains pure CBD extracts that are filtered and dipped in butane or CO2 and later cooled to form a brittle final product with an amber hue.

    How to Smoke Shatter

    There are several ways to try smoking CBD shatter. You can use a dab rig, bong, blunt, vape pen, rolling papers, or without a rig. According to Meacham et al. (2018), a shatter is normally vaped using a rig.

    Smoking Shatter Using a Dab Rig

    The easiest way to smoke shatter is via a dab rig. A dab rig is specialized equipment for consuming CBD concentrates. It features a pipe similar to bongs, chamber, and nail where the CBD concentrates are placed. Dab rigs ensure you easily inhale and exhale your shatter smoke and come in varying designs.

    When smoking shatter, heat the nail till it turns red hot, and place the concentrate with a scoop. Avoid placing high shatter amounts on the dab nail. When the shatter starts vaporizing, smoke is released through the glass pipe resembling a bong. Place the mouth on the mouth hole to draw the smoke. The glass dome prevents wastage of the left particles. Smoking using dab rigs ensures you use moderate amounts. Continue smoking the left oil on the nail till you get the right hits.

    For better experiences, use carb caps rigs as they enhance concentrates' vaporization at low temperatures. This promotes smooth and shorter vapes. 

    Smoking Shatter Via A Bong

    Chadi et al. (2020) stated that the bong is a common device among cannabis users and can also be ideal for smoking shatter. It's simple and easy even for beginners. For those who like bongs, you can smoke your shatter by placing half full of ground bud on the bowl, scooping a few shatters, filling it up with more bud, torching the bong, and smoking. Placing ground bud on the bowl limits heat contact with the shatter, which might destroy the cannabinoids and lower their potency. The slow heat from the weed in the bowl vaporizes the concentrates as you take a hit.


     Marijuana users love taking a blunt a day. Did you know you can have your blunt with shatter in it? Smoking shatter using blunts is easy. When rolling a blunt, you only need to place the shatter concentrates on the bud. Fold the paper and enjoy your shatter mixed with hemp flowers. This method of smoking shatter is not recommended for people who need to intake pure CBD only. The weed flowers in the blunt contain THC, which might have some psychoactive effects on the brain.   

    Using Vape Pens

    Vape pens are meant for vaping juices or other CBD supplements in pre-filled cartridges. However, some portable and specialized vaporizers have unique features that support the combustion of concentrates like shatter. They come at a high cost as the devices have a setting that allows users to regulate the amount of heat from the vaporizers. Experienced vapors can use this method as the process might be too intimidating for newbies to vape. The good news is vape pens deliver quick hits and are highly effective.

    Smoking Shatter with Cigarette

    Cigarette smokers can enjoy shattering with their normal products. Place CBD shatters at the cigarette's edges. This allows the shatter to vaporize gently as the cigarette burns, releasing the shatter smoke slowly. When using hard shatter, ensure you melt it fast before applying it to the cigarette for smooth smoking.

    Smoking with Rolling Papers

    Al-Zouabi et al. (2018) found that shatter can be smoked with rolling papers by placing the shatter in papers used for rolling weed. Ensure you have a filter and the skills to roll a blunt. Pour some weed flowers or buds on the paper and mix with a few shatter drops; roll it to create a long sticky snake heated from the opposite end without a filter.

    How to Smoke Shatter When You Lack A-Rig

    You might find yourself without a dab rig to use your shatter. Some effective options include; via dab pens, using pipes filled with weed flower hot knives, or melting the shatter and mixing it with cooking oils to make edibles.

    What Should I Expect from Smoking Shatter

    CBD shatter is an extremely potent type of cannabis. Some shatter products can contain 80 to 90% of pure CBD. With the high potency levels, users need to know what to expect after hitting the smoke. Normally most users report quick hits that last longer and can be intense, especially when you take high doses. To counter any negative effects of extreme smoking, Fotuhi et al. (2013) recommended that taking it slow is the best way to introduce yourself to smoking CBD shatter. Some common after-effects of smoking shatter are coughing due to irritation caused by the terpenes or cannabinoids on the throat or lungs. Inhaling excess smoke and holding it for a while can also trigger coughing as the vape becomes excess for the lungs to handle. Use CBD shatter only for recreation and treatment purposes, don't overdo the smoking to be a source of your worriers.


    Smoking shatter is worth the hype and can be done in several ways, from dab rigs, vape pens, blunts, and bongs to rolling papers. Go for a technique that suits you best and avoid excess smoking at all times.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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