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  • by Nicola Boulton September 01, 2022 5 min read

    Top 10 CBD Vape Juice Flavors

    CBD vaping involves cartridges with battery atomizers and CBD e-liquid, also called CBD oil or CBD juice. The juices have different flavors to cater to the needs of other consumers.

    There are different ways of taking CBD. It can be consumed through edibles, topicals, and vaping. You can choose how immediately you want to feel the effect by considering the consumption method; for example, through edibles, it might take longer to feel the effect compared to vaping. Vapes are available in different flavors. Moreover, vaping juices are made of different ingredients and added flavors to give them a unique taste. This article discusses the top ten CBD vape juice flavors.

    Top 10 CBD Vape Juice Flavors

    What is CBD Vape?

    CBD vaping involves cartridges with battery atomizers and CBD e-liquid. CBD e-liquids are also known as CBD oil or CBD juice. The vapor is inhaled directly to the lungs, thus making it the best way of getting CBD to the body. Vaping has a high bioavailability. According to Dawkins et al. (2013), vaping is healthier than smoking. During smoking, CBD content is subjected to full combustion and can easily affect the lungs.

    Vaping pens are used for CBD vaping. There are two types of vaping pens, namely, refillable and disposable CBD pens. Refillable pens are long-lasting since they allow the user to replace CBD juice when depleted. Disposable vape pens are less costly and usually filled with e-liquid that can be puffed more than 100 times before depletion.

     CBD Vape Juice Flavors

    Banana Fruit Vape Juice

    This flavor is well crafted with a unique taste and sweetness of banana. When puffed, the natural banana natural flavor is felt. Banana vape juice can also be combined with other flavors to give it a unique outstanding sharp sweetness. For example, it can be mixed with berries. The vape juice is packed in different bottle sizes, such as 60 ml; therefore, affordable for all people.

     Strawberry Vape Juice Flavor

     This is one of the classic flavors that can give you the desired taste. This comes with the natural strawberry taste, which is felt when inhaled. Strawberry vape juice is sweet and realistic, and the taste is also strong enough to be felt even during band after inhaling. This is reliable for whole daily uses. It is affordable; therefore, consumers who love strawberries can get them in the market stores. They are packed in different bottle sizes, for example, 100 ml.

    Cavendish Vape Juice Flavor

    CBD vape juice can do wonders on its own but having cavendish gives it an outstanding taste, especially for people who love having the real taste of tobacco. The vape juice with a Cavendish flavor can also have the PGF and VG, the most common food additives in e-liquids. They naturally add the flavor instead of using artificial flavonoids that can cause reactions in the body. This flavor is aromatic, sweet, and soft; it is much down to cater to personal preference. The packaging can be 60 ml and is affordable for consumers.

    Guava Orange and Pineapple

     This is a blended mixed fruit flavor vape juice, giving the juice a slight tart but blending the test of each flavor. It is ideal for people who love fruity tastes.

     Butterscotch Vape Juice Flavor

     Butterscotch is inspired by classic RY4 juices, which blend tobacco flavor. It is sweet and rich with other natural components from hemp and tobacco compounds. It can be added with caramel producing a liquid that still makes the consumers happy and satisfied.

    Milk Vape Juice Flavor

    CBD milk-flavored vape juice is a rich, creamy, and smooth dessert that can be added with more flavors to give it a unique taste, such as strawberry. They are packed in 60 ml bottles and are affordable for people who love feeling the natural milk taste with a combination of strawberries. They give the vape juice the natural taste of strawberry that can last longer.

    Shrub Vape Juice Flavor

     This is a popular e-juice flavor used by different brands to cater to the needs of their consumers. The taste of raspberry, lime, and orange with some sugar gives it a sweet taste. However, it is not too sweet since it is blended with a sour taste. This vaping juice can be used but also people and can be used for a whole day's relief.

     Cinnamon Vape Juice Flavor

    This flavor is standardized since it compliments cinnamon.

    Apple Strawberry Vape Juice

     This makes the best vape juice since it combines two flavors that complement each other. When you take a puff, you notice the apple taste followed by the strawberry, thus having the best experience.

     Boosted Vape Juice

    This contains strawberries, too, but it is creamy; therefore, it looks like a creamy strawberry milkshake, and both flavors come strongly and balanced, resulting in an excellent taste.

    Other Ways to Take CBD

    CBD Topicals

    CBD topical is applied on the skin surface. They interact with the endocannabinoid receptors found on the skin. CBD can be inform of creams, oils, salves, balms, and transdermal patches. Baswan et al. (2020) stated that topical CBD is mainly used to treat skin conditions such as eczema and acne and relieve pain. There is no exact estimation of CBD topical bioavailability, but it is much better than edibles and tinctures. For example, edibles are subject to the first-pass effect, limiting CBD's effectiveness.

    However, topical CBD absorption into the bloodstream is slow since it is hard to pass through the skin easily. You can find a more advanced therapeutic effect when using CBD topicals from the other analogies c such as menthol and camphor.


    According to Mannila et al. (2007), CBD sublingual products include tinctures, a solution formed from soaked cannabis flowers in oil, alcohol, and sprays. They are designed to be used under the tongue and absorbed into the body. This is considered the best way compared to the edible, where the content is digested.


    CBD edibles are a discrete way to take CBD and are comfortable for beginners since the additives cover the weedy test. CBD edibles include gummies, mints, and truffles. CBD edibles are subject to the first-pass effect, where they are broken down through the liver and the digestive system. This will delay the effect on the body for about two hours and limit the amount of CBD absorbed into the body to about 20 or 30%.


    Choosing the best vape flavored juice can be hard, but with the information based on the flavors and types of vape juice, you can choose the best that can serve your need and satisfy you. The flavors consist of high-quality mixed ingredients, which make up the best. However, consider buying CBD vape juice from a reputable and trusted brand to get the bests quality product.


    Baswan, S. M., Klosner, A. E., Glynn, K., Rajgopal, A., Malik, K., Yim, S., & Stern, N. (2020). Therapeutic potential of cannabidiol (CBD) for skin health and disorders. Clinical, cosmetic and investigational dermatology, 13, 927.

    Dawkins, L., Turner, J., Roberts, A., & Soar, K. (2013). 'Vaping'profiles and preferences: an online survey of electronic cigarette users. Addiction, 108(6), 1115-1125.

    Mannila, J., Järvinen, T., Järvinen, K., & Jarho, P. (2007). The precipitation complexation method produces a cannabidiol/β-cyclodextrin inclusion complex suitable for sublingual administration of cannabidiol. Journal of pharmaceutical sciences, 96(2), 312-319.

    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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