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  • by Nicola Boulton September 01, 2022 5 min read

    What Type of Vape Device Should I Use with CBD Juice?

    Vaping is quickly rising in popularity, and the availability of vaping devices is also increasing. It is a great thing for consumers, but it can also be overwhelming to someone who has been vaping for a while. There are plenty of "JUUL" knockoffs and modifications hitting the market. Some people are uncomfortable when asked what type of device they have because there are just too many different types of devices on the market.

    This article is for individuals who are beginners or maybe vaping veterans looking to try a CBD e-liquid or juice. Whether one uses a high-power sub-ohm mod with coils or one of the new Triton II Pod vape devices, CBD e-liquid and juices can be vaped either way. This article explains the types of vape devices in the market that can be used with CBD juice.

    What Type of Vape Device Should I Use with CBD Juice?

    Insight About CBD

    Vitiello (2018) explained that the vape industry is growing yearly, as is CBD—the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that has taken the world by storm over the last few years. Users have probably heard about CBD and know it's gotten a lot of people well. But how they use CBD is of question to many. How one can get CBD into the body is another aspect. Most people have already seen plenty of vape pens and cartridges filled with CBD oil.

    With the FDA's stance on CBDs or Cannabidiols becoming more lenient with its latest ruling on hemp CBD products and even the World Health Organization's call to research cannabis as a possible solution to the opioid overdose crisis, there is no shortage of buzz around CBD. The questions remain: What exactly is Hemp CBD, and what can it be used for?

    Vape Juice

    Barrus et al. (2016) explained that CBD vape juice is one way to consume CBD. The other primary method is ingesting it through edibles like gummies or chocolates. However, vaping with CBD e-liquid is more convenient and offers more flexibility in terms of dosing. It will be elaborated on the type of vape device one should use with CBD e-juice and how it compares with other consumption methods.

    What Is Vaping?

    Vaping is used for smoking an electronic cigarette or vaporizer device that does not contain tobacco leaves. These devices heat an oil called e-liquid (or e-juice), which contains nicotine and flavorings, into an aerosol the user can inhale. The aerosol contains no tobacco but has similar effects on the body as cigarette smoke does when smoked from traditional cigarettes or cigars.


    These tiny devices look like cigarettes and are often used to vape nicotine. However, they can also be used to vape other things, such as CBD oil. They work by heating a coil within a tank containing e-liquid, which is made of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine (or, in this case, CBD). The coil heats the liquid so it becomes vapor, inhaling it through the mouthpiece at the end of the device.

    CBD Vape Starter Kits

    CBD vape starter kits include everything needed to start vaping cannabidiol immediately – including a rechargeable battery, charger, and cartridge pre-filled with CBD oil or e-juice. Battiston et al. (2021) explained that the cartridges typically contain 10-30 milligrams of CBD per capsule, so they can last anywhere from 1-2 weeks, depending on usage frequency. Each cartridge also contains different flavors, such as mint, chocolate, or lemon lavender, so users get

    Vape Pens

    These are similar to e-cigarettes but are much smaller and have just one button. They use cartridges made from plastic or glass that contain a refillable chamber with e-liquid, which gets heated up and turns into vapor when one presses the button. Breitbarth et al. (2018) explained that this allows individuals to easily carry around and use CBD oil whenever they want without having to worry about refilling tanks or coils like with e-cigarettes or box mods. There are many different types of CBD vape pens on the market, so it can be challenging to choose the right one. When one is looking for a CBD vape pen, they will want to consider several factors, including:

    • Size of the tank
    • Battery life
    • Design
    • Features

    Box Mods

    Choosing a vape device can be exciting and overwhelming if an individual is a new vaper. There are many options, from cigar-likes to mods to pod systems. These are larger devices than vape pens but not as big as mods because they don't require batteries or chargers like other mods (they can be recharged with cables). And what's more, every vaping device has unique characteristics that make it better suited to some people than others.

    How to Choose the Right Vape Device for your Needs

    Consider Your Budget

    The cost of a vaping device varies widely depending on its size, style, and features. One can find simple pens and pods for less than $30; some devices cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Considering how much one is willing to spend on a device before making any purchases is essential because this will help narrow down the options significantly. Choosing between cigar-likes and mods is an important decision that depends on one's personal preference and lifestyle habits. If a person is looking for something simple but powerful — like an e-cigar — then cigar-like options are best suited. If an individual wants more control over their vaping experience and something more customizable (like a mod), then mods are probably the way to go.


    Individuals should research vape pens before experiencing their benefits and how they function. At the same time, consider the CBD e-juice product and the delivery system for that product. Some have lovely salts or derivatives to provide better absorption, while others are just CBD oil. Once a person gets this information, they can start making more educated choices on which vape pen will best fit their vaping needs. Vaporizing CBD is believed to be the most efficient and pleasant way to consume this non-psychoactive cannabinoid for medical purposes. The wide variety of CBD vaporizer pens, oil cartridges, and batteries offer a new, convenient option for anyone interested in using CBD.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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