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  • CBD Muscle Balm UK Shopping Guide

    CBD Muscle Balm UK Shopping Guide

    CBD muscle balm is a subset of Cannabidiol topical sold in physical and online stores across the UK. This article highlights the shopping tips for Cannabidiol-infused muscle balm in the UK.

    Cannabidiol (CBD) is infused in different products, including but not limited to topical. Many companies across the UK produce a wide range of topical products used for localised conditions, such as swellings, sores, and numbness, in the muscles. With varying cannabis strengths, buyers may find it challenging to select the best balms. Legalising hemp in the UK came with regulations to protect consumers from harmful cannabis-infused products. Nevertheless, CBD users should know how to identify, isolate and buy high-quality balms to get the best treatment.

    CBD Muscle Balm UK Shopping Guide

    What is a CBD muscle balm?

    CBD balm is among the wide range of cannabis topicals used for soothing sore muscles. The muscle balm also called a muscle rub, is a topical cream with fragrant ingredients and other therapeutic additives like tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus.

    The topical contains Cannabidiol as the major active ingredient. The non-addictive cannabis derivative is extracted from hemp and mixed with a carrier oil like coconut and MCT to make the balm. Carrier oil in the cream has compounds like terpenes and flavonoids that are useful for localised skin problems. In the UK, THC levels in topical products are regulated below 0.2%, making it ideal for users who dislike THC or need to travel in areas where cannabis is banned.

    How does CBD Muscle Balm Work?

    The human body has a complex network of enzymes, neurotransmitters, and receptors known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The system regulates many body functions like pain, digestion, and immune response. The system contains CB1 and CB2 receptors spread throughout the body. According to Linge et al. (2016), CB2 receptors in the peripheral nerves interact with topical CBD to give therapeutic effects to localised skin conditions. Unlike edibles, topical products diffuse into the body without going through the bloodstream; the peripheral absorption of Cannabidiol makes the topical retain a higher bioavailability than edibles and remain non-intoxicating even with high amounts of THC.

    The effectiveness of Cannabidiol-infused muscle balm is a function of multiple factors including, but not limited to, the amount of balm used in a treatment, ingredients, individual differences, age, and product potency.

    Benefits of CBD Muscle Balm

    The CBD muscle rub has the following benefits for the users; 

    Lowers Inflammation 

    CBD topicals suppress inflammation due to their impact on pain-carrying neurotransmitters. According to Iffland&Grotenhermen (2017), CBD dispenses anti-inflammatory effects suitable for reducing acute inflammation in the joints, which is synonymous with arthritic conditions. CBD's anti-inflammatory property makes it an alternative to pharmacological medication like steroids and opioids.

    Treat skin Conditions

     CBD muscle cream exerts anti-oxidative properties for preventing oxidation of free radicals; this makes the balm pharmacologically utility for treating acne and eczema, among other skin conditions.

    The cannabis-infused balm suppresses excess sebum production. Abnormalities in the meibocyte glands (the glands that produce sebum) lead to skin breakouts synonymous with acne. According to Peyravian et al. (2022), CBD's interaction with the ECS controls the Meibocyte glands' activities, leading to normal sebum in the skin. 

    Cannabidiol also treats hormonal imbalances, which results in acne. 

    Cools the Skin

    CBD muscle rub contains compounds like peppermint and menthol, which provide a cooling effect on the skin. Muscle inflammation may result from high temperatures associated with vigorous physical exercises. The menthol provides cooling effects in high temperatures and gives users therapeutic effects beneficial for muscle recovery.

    Fastens Muscle Recovery

    The nexus among the factors discussed in the previous sections work for quick muscle recovery. Strenuous physical activities lead to swelling and inflammation in the muscles. CBD's anti-inflammatory properties reduce muscle swelling when used topically, enhancing the rate of muscle recovery. The menthol, peppermint and eucalyptus add a therapeutic touch ideal for muscle recovery.

    How to Apply the Muscle Balm

    The balm is applied on the skin surface like ordinary topical products. CBD rubs with a higher concentration are more effective than topicals with low potency. The Cannabidiol topical with full-spectrum CBD is more effective for severe muscle conditions; a small amount of the topical is applied on the surface to provide a wide range of therapeutic effects. New users should begin with low doses of Cannabidiol before adjusting to higher doses depending on their reactions to the products. Some users are allergic to THC; full-spectrum products with THC as an active ingredient may not be ideal.

    Similarly, inorganic ingredients in the balm may cause allergic reactions in the users. The rule of thumb is a patch test; it involves running a small amount of muscle oil on the skin to assess its effects. The patch test protects the user from rashes, allergies, and irritation from the cream.

    The cannabis muscle balm is absorbed by the dense network of receptors domiciled in the skin. However, the balm should not be used on broken skin. It may result in irritation, itching or infections when used on broken skin.

    Side Effects of CBD Muscle Balm

    Cannabidiol-infused topicals are tolerated in the body; they have minimal side effects if used correctly. Unlike CBD edibles or orals, they do not cause diarrhoea or nausea as is. Topicals are not gut-processed, digested, or absorbed in the bloodstream; gut-processed substances may lead to diarrhoea, nausea, or vomiting because they irritate the stomach when taken in excess.

    Psychoactive effects are a common concern for CBD users. However, topical products diffuse through the skin, making them less intoxicated even if one uses muscle rubs with more than 0.2% THC.

    Generally, Cannabidiol-infused muscle creams may result in the following effects;

    • Drowsiness
    • Lightheadedness 
    • Change in weight and appetite
    • Sleepiness 

    Low-quality topicals could lead to irritation, redness, rashes, and burning sensations.

    How to Shop for Quality CBD Muscle Balms

     The mushrooming of CBD products provide a wide variety to the users' advantage. Nevertheless, consumers are exposed to poor-quality products disguised as genuine brands.

    The UK's Home Office proposes several regulations to safeguard cannabis users. However, malpractice within the sector remains on the rise. Kennett (2019) opined that mislabeling is a common practice used to hoodwink buyers who fall for low-quality products at cheaper prices. 

    According to the UK government, all cannabis products must have clear labels indicated on their packaging. The products must also have a third-party lab analysis to inform consumers about the product's ingredients.

    The UK laws also demand that CBD producers have necessary licenses before selling their products. Therefore, customers should look out for the following qualities before purchasing muscle balms from online or physical stores;

    Examine the Certificate of Analysis (COA)

    A COA gives a cream's ingredients, the source of hemp used in the topical, and the techniques used in the extraction. The certificate also shows third-party test results on the topical product. The COA is found on a brand's website; users should get the document and analyse its content before buying the cream. Buyers should avoid Brands without a COA. 

    A key component of the COA is the third-party lab test results. The UK laws require manufacturers to submit their products to an independent entity for safety tests; the willingness of a brand to surrender its products for independent analysis shows its commitment to quality and transparency. In contrast, products without independent lab test results may have illegal content that they do not want to be disclosed to the public.

    Analyse the CBD Content 

    Cannabidiol-infused products come in three spectrums with different cannabis strengths. For example, balms with full-spectrum CBD have a wider range of cannabis derivatives; they are more effective and dispense therapeutic benefits to the users. Other spectrums used in the muscle gels include broad and isolated spectrums. Although the two lack THC, the former provides a wide range of benefits compared to the latter.

    The THC in full-spectrum muscle balm does not cause psychedelic effects to the users; instead, it amplifies the effects of the oil by working synergistically with CBD. However, full-spectrum creams may trigger allergic reactions in some users. Buyers should understand their allergies to CBD products before purchasing to avoid negative effects; if unsure, they can seek medical advice.

    CBD muscle balms have inorganic ingredients to enhance their therapeutic effects. For example, CBD muscle rubs have peppermint, eucalyptus, and menthol to provide fragrances and other therapeutic effects. The additives could cause irritation or allergies to some users; customers should conduct patch tests where necessary to confirm the cream's effects on their skin.

    Buy from a Brand with a Good Reputation

    CBD muscle oils from reputable brands provide better treatment outcomes. The brands maintain their reputation using their high-quality products. A customer can identify a brand's reputation through customer reviews and social mentions. Advisories from FSA or the Home Office could help buyers identify a credible brand. Brands with high-quality products may be found on UK websites accessible to the public. 

    Verify its legal Compliance 

     In the UK, CBD muscle balms must have 0.2% THC or below. Products with high levels of THC do not comply with Home Office Regulations on cannabis products. The 1971 drugs act classifies hemp products with more than 0.2% THC as marijuana. Brands that declare THC beyond 0.2% show non-conformity with the law; if THC falls above the legal threshold, other harmful ingredients may also appear in the muscle balms. Such products cause irritation, redness, or allergic reactions. 

    Check for fair Prices.

    Online shopping offers a wide range of prices for the same products. Shoppers on tight budgets should look for brands with fair prices that offer discounts or free delivery to cut costs. However, very low prices are consistent with poor-quality products. Shoppers should prioritise quality over prices. The customer should compare prices from brands with good reputations rather than fall for cheaper prices from less reputable brands.

    Read Customers' Reviews

    Online shoppers benefit from free information from previous users' experiences of a product. Reputable brands share customers' feedback through a special section called 'customer reviews.' Balms with positive comments indicate good quality and vice-versa. Although CBD products are user-specific, buyers should obtain products with positive comments that indicate a good treatment outcome. A customer may give negative reviews depending on how their body reacts to a product. However, the same cream may give a positive reaction to a different user. The variation in treatment outcomes is a function of many factors, including, but not limited to, body chemistry, age, metabolism rate, genetic predisposition, age, and gender, among others. Cannabidiol-infused muscle balm may also become ineffective if taken along with other medication. Iffland&Grotenhermen (2017) observed that CBD competes with some steroids, opioids, and other pharmacological drugs. Therefore, buyers should use more than customer reviews to decide on the best products.

    Compare the Content and the Label

    A fair amount of data shows that Cannabis products have misleading labels. Up to 60% of CBD products in the cannabis market indicate ingredients incomparable to COA. Users should compare the qualities indicated in the packages against the ones in a product certificate of analysis before they commit to such products; brands with inconsistent labels are not credible and should be avoided. 


    CBD muscle balm is a topical product available in physical stores and online across the UK. It dispenses health and therapeutic benefits to its users. The muscle rub is non-psychoactive and soothes localised pain and inflammation. The cannabis-infused product is well-tolerated in the body; it does not cause side effects like nausea, drowsiness, or diarrhoea, which are synonymous with gut-processed edibles. However, it could cause irritation, allergies, and itching; these risks are consistent with low-quality muscle oils. In contrast, high-quality products from reputable brands offer better treatment outcomes. Buyers should review customer comments and positive social mentions or seek medical advice before buying CBD muscle oils. 


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