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  • by Nicola Boulton August 31, 2022 5 min read

    3 CBD Oil Myths to Remember Before You Buy A Product

    CBD products have been popular, leading to debates and online talks that have led to myths and misleading information. This can make one have a different perspective when buying CBD oil. Read through this article to find 3 myths about CBD oil that have been debunked.

    Cannabis products have been around for a long time. Legalizing hemp-based CBD products has given rise to many people selling and consuming the products. There is much information regarding CBD products in the market. When intending to buy CBD, one may research and come across information that may be true or false regarding the products. This can influence the decision one makes. Before buying CBD oil, you may need to be informed of these 3 myths that have been popularly associated with the products. This article discusses these myths and clears doubts and misconceptions about CBD oil.

    3 CBD Oil Myths to Remember Before You Buy A Product

    Why Most People Use CBD Oil

    CBD oil is legal in most US states and countries like Canada, the UK, and Australia. People use these products for different reasons. People opt for CBD oil because it makes them calm and relaxed. The following are the benefits of CBD oil and why most people use CBD:

    CBD Oil for Stress and Anxiety

    Shannon (2019) indicated that most people use CBD to help with stress and anxiety. The study above also suggested that they reported feeling calm and relaxed after using CBD. Low levels of serotonin have been associated with depression and anxiety. Linge et al. (2016) suggested that CBD works with the body's receptors to maintain serotonin levels. The study above also noted that people with anxiety have reported managing their condition using CBD oil. One should consult their health provider before making any changes in medication or using CBD while under other prescriptions.

    CBD Oil for Chronic Pain And Inflammation

    Khaleghi (2020) indicated that CBD has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The study above also proved that it interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors to reduce inflammation and manage pain. These have greatly helped people who deal with mild and chronic pain. The study showed that CBD had been used for conditions that cause inflammation, such as rheumatic arthritis and osteoarthritis.

    CBD Oil for Sleep

    CBD oil helps one sleep easily, although it does not directly cause sleep. CBD makes one feel calm and relaxed because its reactions to neurotransmitters in the brain enhance relaxation and sleep. CBD does not make one sleepy but creates a calmness and comfortability that makes one fall asleep easily. Shannon & Opila-Lehman (2016) stated that using CBD for insomnia increased sleep latency. It is also reported to help with anxiety that can cause insomnia. Kaul et al. (2021) researched the use of cannabinoids to help reduce snoring. The effect of serotonin, CB1, and CBD receptors has shown that it can be effective.

    Most people use CBD to help with insomnia and apnea by taking it in the evening.

    CBD Oil for Chronic Illnesses

    Ożarowski et al. (2021) showed that CBD had been used to manage the side effects of cancer-related treatment and alleviate symptoms in neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer's. Karimian et al.  (2020)explained that CBD oil has also been prescribed for people with metabolic disorders. Learn more about how to use cbd oils on the scalp?

    Myths About CBD Oil

    A quick search about CBD oil can lead to a lot of results. Online debates about CBD products can lead to one getting misleading information. These are 3 myths that are widely miscommunicated about CBD oil:

    Myth 1: CBD Is Marijuana

    People relate CBD to marijuana. It is good to note that the cannabis sativa plant is available in 2 varieties: hemp and marijuana. These plant varieties have different chemical and physical compositions. Both plants have compounds present called cannabinoids. These compounds can be extracted from the plants and used for various benefits. Two of the most known cannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is highly present in marijuana which causes a high effect when one consumes it. The hemp plant is full of CBD and is used to make CBD oil. Therefore, CBD is not marijuana though the two come from the same plant species. CBD is not psychoactive and cannot make one high.

    Myth 2: CBD Is Addictive

    CBD does not make one high or addictive. This is because it does not contain THC. . Prud'homme et al. (2015) showed that CBD could be used to deal with withdrawal and addiction. The study showed that CBD could reduce substance dependency without causing addiction. CBD is used to control the effects of drugs with THC. One can use CBD without the fear of being addicted to it.

    Myth 3: CBD Produces Fast Effects

    Marijuana has rapid effects. Some people use CBD expecting the same rapid effects. CBD influences receptors in the endocannabinoid system. These receptors control enzymes and hormones to have the desired effect.CBD does not have rapid effects like marijuana. It takes time for it to affect though it can cause intoxication. one should be patient and use the products consistently for the long-term effects of CBD.

    Things to Note when Reading Online Information on CBD oil

    There is a lot of information about CBD products one can get online, and some may be misleading. One should ensure that the information is credible—the article or information about CBD's specific benefits from credible sources. The source has looked at other research on CBD, including other countries. Please note that it conflates CBD's medical potential with industry claims.


    There is a lot of misleading information about CBD oil that can affect one's decision and perspective on buying the products. Consumer information is vital to stay informed on CBD oil. One should note that hemp-based CBD oil is not cannabis and can not make one high. CBD oil also takes time to have an effect, and consistency and long-term use is needed to have the desired effect. CBD oil is not addictive and is used to help with substance addiction and withdrawal. One should be careful of online information and always ensure it is verified and credible. Learn more about how to use cbd oil for seizures?


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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