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  • by Nicola Boulton August 31, 2022 6 min read

    Using CBD Oil for Pain Relief

    CBD oil has several health benefits for its users, and pain relief is one of the benefits obtained from cannabinoids. Many CBD products can be taken or applied topically: oils, tinctures, lotions, cookies, candies, and vapes.

    CBD has become popular, and many people have decided to use it, knowing that it can help to get out of the stigma associated with it. CBD oil is naturally derived from plants of Cannabis. Research that has been done shows that CBD oil help in many treating so many disorders, for instance, depression, sleep disorder, anxiety, and pain relief. The article below will give more details on using CBD oil for pain relief.

    Using CBD Oil for Pain Relief

    Managing Pain Relief with CBD Oil

    Helps in Chronic Pain Relief

    Soleymanpour et al. (2021) noted that a cream with CBD oil relieves aches, inflammation, and overall uneasy health conditions. The relief is achieved through the network of neurotransmitters in the body and endocannabinoid receptors in the brain and the immune system. The interaction of these two helps in cell signaling.

    Receptors are entangled with the cells. Once they receive signals from the body stimulation, they help the cells respond, which later creates anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects responsible for managing the pain. The oil also helps in relieving chronic pain, even back pain.

    CBD in Relieving Arthritis Pain

    Bruni et al. (2018) found that CBD oil mixed with gel helps reduce inflammation and pain in the affected joints. This is due to anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects caused by the presence of CBD oil combined in the gel; thus, this can be a significant relief to be suffering from arthritis since the results produced by the CBD may help from the pain in the joints and the stiffness which are observed with people with arthritis.

    Relief of Neuropathic pain

    Neuropathic pain is mainly caused by damage to the nerves, brain, or spinal cord; the pain can be harsh and sensitive when the affected places are touched. Symptoms include extreme pain, making it hard to detect hypoesthesia or even temperature transformation.

    Antidepressants and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs help ease the pain in the patients suffering from the condition. Perron et al. (2015) showed that CBD oil could also be essential when combined with medications for managing pain.

    Cancer Treatment

    Side effects from cancer patients can be very challenging to deal with as the treatments involve; hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy which lead to various side effects, which are pain, lack of appetite, and nausea. Afrin et al. (2020) discovered that CBD oil helps in cancer pain management as it helps reduce inflammation for people with cancer.

    CBD helping in pain relief for patients with cancer can be of great help as it has more minor side effects than the drugs used, such as opioids which have more significant side effects on the patients. CBD is also used with some patients with cancer as it was observed that CBD could lead to the shrinking of cancerous tumors; mainly, it is used for pain management. Learn more about cbd oil for arthritis pain

    CBD for Migraine Relief

    According to Baron (2018), CBD combined with THC can help reduce pain and extreme pain for people with migraines. The combination of the two components is more effective than the medicinal drugs used to treat migraine pain. For patients with migraine from the past, as they were growing up, the combination of the two compounds can help them relieve cluster headaches.

    Patch Relieving

    The patches are made with a concentration of CBD in them, and once they are applied to flat and dry areas, it's also comfortably applicable to small areas or specific muscles. The patch can be worn for an extended period not exceeding four hours; the patch is non-GMO THC free and hypoallergenic. Learn more about can you drive when using cbd oil?

    Multiple Sclerosis

    This is an immune condition affecting the brain and the nervous system of the body. They result in muscle spasms as one of the disorder's symptoms, which are very strong and can lead to constant pain in various people.CBD oil can be of much help as it can help reduce the muscle spasms the patient is feeling.

    Medicinal Terpenes

    The aroma produced by plants, in this case, terpenes extracted from CBD, help in pain reduction, stress, and brain health and helps fight against cancer and antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

    The terpenes help in the improvement of clear senses, relieving pain, aiding in fighting bacteria, inhibiting inflammation, fighting cancer, and also participating in the reduction of stress.

    CBD in Oral Ulcers, Gynecologic Pain, and Spinal Disorders

    In the case of oral ulcers, CBD is infused into an oral spray; it was found that sprays with the CBD infusion tend to heal patients suffering from tongue ulcers; patients show a positive reaction by curing when a bouquet with a high concentration of CBD is used.

    This was achieved through immune response and the inflammatory pathways due to the activation of nuclear receptors, which are the main target of the CBD, and, to a lesser extent, assist in activating the CB1 receptors. Since cannabinoids can relieve pain and reduce inflammation, this helps relieve gynecologic pain disorders, including chronic pelvic pain, bladder pain syndrome, and gynecologic malignity.

    Medications recommended in the healing process of these conditions mixed with CBD compounds help relieve pain compared to when using common medicinal drugs without CBD in them. CBD can also alleviate pain in patients with painful spinal disorders, helps recover after surgery, and helps in opioid use.

    This helps treat spinal disorders patients as it helps them not undergo pain treatment after surgery. Hence CBD is an effective and convenient compound in treating these patients compared to other available treatment options.

     Helps in Psychedelics and Phantom Limb Pain

    The brain's ability to change and adapt alters the harmful thinking sequence and replaces them with new healthier ways. Psychedelics are beneficial to people with mental disorders, as they help treat depressed people, addicts, those with post-traumatic stress disorder, compulsive disorder, and other mental health conditions. Psychedelics drugs with a compound of CBD tend to heal the above requirements and help in chronic pain relief.

    Neuroplasticity helps patients who have undergone phantom-limb pain caused after the limb has been amputated to disappear; after the therapy, the process of the patient placing a mirror mid-way to show back the visual feedback of the amputee phantom-limb pain as neuroplasticity gives the patient the ability has a mirage of the missing limb relocating. Thus, bringing relief to the patient.

    The combination of high doses of the psychedelic compound and visual mirror feedback helps the patient no longer feels the excruciation from the missing limb; the drugs help trigger the receptors and later support the brain in making new network connections to make the condition to be adaptable.

    These psychoactive effects go hand in hand with neuroplasticity through the receptor's reaction. These combinations make the brain more receptive to the reflection of the mirror therapy, reducing the pain for a more extended period or eventually making the pain vanish.

    CBD and Cannabis for Endometriosis

    Endometriosis, also known as adenomyosis, is characterized by the growth of endometrial tissue elsewhere than the lining of the uterus. The tissues grow at the exterior of the uterus, concentrating around the vicinity of the pelvic organs such as the ovaries, bowel, and oviducts.

    When women are ovulating, the blood doesn't move out of the body, leading to the extreme pain, inflammation, and tissue scars, leading to the patient becoming infertile.

    Due to the extreme pain, CBD oil is used to relieve the pain since the oil is practical and convenient to take.

    The endocannabinoid system helps regulate the body, which should help make the cells die naturally and can hinder cell proliferation. Taking the CBD oil promotes the activation of the vanilloid receptor, found in patients with endometriosis, responsible for the pain when stimulated. CBD helps as a stimulator of the receptor, and it can desensitize it, making the receptor not react, thus creating pain.


    CBD can be of much help in the pain-relieving process. Though it can't be able to reduce extreme pain ultimately, it can be a favorite product for relieving excruciating pain. It also helps in self-control and realization, which allows one's self-restoration.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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