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  • by Nicola Boulton August 31, 2022 5 min read


    CBD is used by most people to relieve chronic pain associated with arthritis. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system which is made of the receptors responsible for regulating body functions.

    CBD is a chemical compound found in the cannabis hemp plant that contains less than 0.3% THC. Unlike the THC compound, CBD cannot get you high because it does not have psychoactive effects but it works with the endocannabinoid system made of receptors responsible for regulating body functions. Arthritis is a common disorder affecting individuals, particularly at old age. This article highlights how CBD oil works for arthritis.


    What is Arthritis?

    According to Pujalte & Albano (2015), arthritis is one of the common disorders affecting joints. It is swelling and tenderness in one or more joints that causes pain and inflammation making it difficult to move or stay active. There are different types of arthritis but the common one is osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis which requires different treatments.

    Arthritis is common in areas like feet, hips, hands, lower back, and knees affecting mostly older people both men and women.

    Causes of Arthritis

    Different types of arthritis have different causes but what is most associated with those different types of arthritis are:

    • Family history of arthritis
    • Certain autoimmune diseases or viral infections
    • Repeated stress on your joints due to some kind of job or play.

    Risk Factors Associated with Arthritis

    Several factors are associated with the development of arthritis such as:


    Being obese increases the risk of getting arthritis. This is because obesity puts extra weight on joints leading to arthritis.


    The risk of getting arthritis increases as one gets older. This means that old people are more likely to suffer from arthritis than young people.


    It is believed that arthritis is more common in women than men.


    One’s lifestyle dictates whether a person is at risk of getting arthritis or not. People are advised to live a healthy life which involves dieting and exercising. A lifestyle that involves a lack of exercise and smoking cigarettes may increase the risk of getting arthritis.

    Symptoms of Arthritis

    Different types of arthritis have different symptoms which may be mild and severe in other people. Common arthritis symptoms include:

    • Warmth
    • Redness
    • Pain
    • Stiffness
    • Tenderness

    How To Find the Right CBD Product for Treating Arthritis?

    Choosing the right CBD product for your health needs may be difficult but here are some guidelines on how to choose the best CBD products.

    Pick the CBD Formulation of Your Choice

    CBD products come in different forms which include edibles, topicals, oil, and vaporizer. The method one chooses to administer CBD products plays a role in how long it will take for the CBD to show its effects. A vaporizer is the fastest method when it comes to showing effects because it takes only two minutes to get absorbed in the bloodstream. Edibles on the other hand take the longest time because they undergo through the digestive system before getting absorbed into the bloodstream. This will take up to two hours to feel the effects.

    Purchase Quality CBD Products

    Due to the high demand for CBD products, there are a lot of poor-quality products in the market. The recommended CBD products are those extracted using the CO2 method of extraction and are from organically grown hemp plants.

    Pick the Right Dose for You

    If you are planning on using CBD products, start with the low dosage as low as 5-10 mg, and gradually increase it until you notice the desired effects.

    How Does CBD Treat Arthritis?

    Arthritis is associated with joint swelling and widespread inflammation resulting from the immune system. According to Baron et al. (2018),  Cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing arthritis symptoms. Liguori et al.  (2018) reported that Arthritis patients have chronic inflammation which can increase oxidative stress affecting healthy organs and tissues.

    Five Ways of Taking CBD Oil for Arthritis

    There are different ways in which a person can use CBD oil when trying to treat arthritis. This depends on preference, budget, lifestyle, and needs. Below are the methods of delivering CBD into the system:


    There are edibles infused with CBD oil. The edibles may be in form of gummies and chews which provide a convenient way of taking CBD oil without drawing attention They come with a fixed CBD dosage making it easier to calculate the amount of CBD in every gummy.

    These edibles provide the desired effects after undergoing through the digestive system they take an hour or two to show their effects.

    Creams and Balms

    These are creams and balms which are CBD oil infused. Liu (2019) stated that they help in dealing with the inflammation and pain caused by arthritis by applying them to the skin where CBD gets absorbed in the skin.

    Drops and Tinctures

    This is another method of using CBD oil in dealing with arthritis. The oil is delivered sublingually by putting the recommended CBD oil under the tongue and holding it there for some time so that it can get absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

    CBD Capsules

    These are capsules infused with CBD oil. They contain a fixed amount of CBD and they have no taste. They are easy to swallow and discreet. They are a convenient way of taking CBD oil but they take a long to show effects because they undergo digestion first.

    Food and Drinks

    Many people add CBD oil to their favorite drinks and food to mask its earthy taste. CBD oil can be added to food or drink and will deal with the inflammation caused by arthritis.


    Arthritis is a health condition that involves swelling and pain in a person's joints. Different types of arthritis are caused by different factors like overweight, family history of arthritis, and other factors. CBD is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant and it has anti-inflammatory properties which can be used in dealing with inflammation conditions caused by arthritis. There are several ways of taking CBD oil such as taking CBD edibles, capsules, balms, and other methods.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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