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  • by Nicola Boulton September 05, 2022 5 min read

    Does CBD Oil Work for Chronic Pain Management?

    Pain causes discomfort to an individual and makes one unable to work effectively as it is disturbing in nature. Chronic pain is that which lasts for several months. Individuals are seen to be affected by different types of severe or mild pain. CBD oil has turned out to be an effective alternative for chronic pain management. This article explains whether CBD oil can work for chronic pain management.

    Individuals should be keen on the type of CBD they purchase as there are many unregulated products in the market of CBD. There is different CBD oil in the need that an individual can access, but not all can be used in managing chronic pain. While some are effective, others have turned out to affect an individual in one way or another; since CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant, specifically from the hemp plant, CBD oil is free from other compounds. Learn more about three ways to take cbd oil

    Does CBD Oil Work for Chronic Pain Management?

    What Is CBD Oil

    CBD oil is extracted from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. As a pure extract, CBD is mixed with a carrier oil which helps increase the bioavailability of the oil on consumption. CBD oil has gained popularity because of its efficiency and faster way that one can feel CBD in their system. Also, it contains only CBD as the primary substance with less than 0.3% THC levels. Individuals are advised to avoid any CBD oil product with more than 0.3% THC levels as they can make an individual feel high. They do not contain any other elements like terpenes or flavonoids. CBD oil is found in different concentrations and potencies per an individual's want and purpose. The market has three types of CBD oil: full broad spectrum and CBD isolate oil. Each class is different in compound composition, potency level, and concentration. Individuals using CBD oil get varied effects because each person has another body system; thus, the results are different from one person to another.

    CBD Oil for Chronic Pain Relief

    Each person has a different cell signaling system called the endocannabinoid system, which regulates several body functions and activities. Some include mood, sleep, appetite, memory, and others. Individuals suffering from chronic pain can be able to benefit from CBD oil. On consumption, CBD in the oil can interact with the ECS receptors leading to the needed relief and ailment. Hyson (2020) explained that CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. It helps relieve and reduce swelling in a person’s body by interacting with CB1 receptors.

    Other CBD Oil Benefits for Pain

    Management of Arthritis-Related Pain

    Individuals who have arthritis can also benefit from using CBD oil. Arthritis is associated with inflammation, joint pain, numbness, and stiffness in an individual's joint. CBD is known to have some pain and anti-inflammatory properties. When a person with arthritis consumes, CBD oil can help reduce joint pain and inflammation. Also, fat is topically applied to the affected area, and CBD can interact with skin receptors to bring relief.

    Management of Cancer-Related Pain

    An individual can also use CBD Oil for cancer. Cancer treatment is associated with increased pain that is widespread. Maroon & Bost (2018) explained that consuming CBD oil could reduce cancer-related pain through the interaction of the ECS. Also, it aids in the management of cancer-related symptoms like vomiting and nausea. Learn more about what is cbd oil spray?

    CBD Oil Concentration Adequate for Chronic Pain

    People with chronic pain find it difficult to know the amount of CBD oil needed. It is too difficult for an individual to administer a specific CBD oil amount to relieve chronic pain. CBD impact on an individual depends on one’s body size and duration of CBD oil consumption. Bonn-Miller et al. (2021) stated that there is a difference in dosages and concentration between a veteran and a novice in CBD oil consumption. Novice is seen to feel the CBD oil effect way faster as their body has not adopted the product. Veterans need a higher amount of CBD oil to be able to handle the impact as to be able to relieve pain. Manufacturers of CBD oil for pain produce products in different potency levels. It helps consumers choose the dosage that is effective for them as per the amount of pain they are experiencing and how their bodies react to the product. Doctors recommend 50mg as the potency for relieving chronic pain.

    Things to Consider While Taking CBD Oil for Pain

    Certificate of Analysis Report

    When looking for CBD oil for chronic pain, individuals are advised to look for products with assessed potency and purity levels. Also, ensure the company offering the product have a good reputation by assessing the positive feedback. Check if the product has been through third-party lab testing to determine the product contamination.

    How To Administer

    Liu (2019) explained that, for rapid effectiveness of CBD oil, one is advised to consume CBD oil sublingually as it enters the bloodstream of an individual directly. Individuals consuming CBD oil orally will not feel the same effect as those using it sublingually. Also, the droppers are marked, making it easy to dose and get an accurate dosage, but the impact depends on the concentration of the product. Also, CBD oil can be applied topically where CBD oil is smeared on the affected part of the skin. Others can add CBD oil to their food and beverages. Learn more about the science behind cbd oil

    Type of CBD

    The type of oil can determine the product's effectiveness: isolate, broad-spectrum, or full spectrum. Each class has different concentrations and abilities. Each variety contains a different compound composition. The full range contains all the compounds from the cannabis plant; the broad spectrum includes all the compounds except THC, and CBD isolates no other compound but pure CBD only.


    CBD oil has been adopted by many individuals and is being used in the management of chronic pain. It is achieved as the CBD in the oil interacts with the ECS resulting in a relieving effect. CBD oil is administered in several ways as per an individual need. An individual needs to consider the potency, concentration, and type of CBD oil before making purchases, as these are the primary factors determining CBD oil's effectiveness in chronic pain management.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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