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  • by Nicola Boulton August 30, 2022 5 min read

    How To Dose CBD & CBD Oil: How Much CBD Should You Take?

    Creams, pills, oils, gummies, and other CBD formulations are readily accessible. There is not a lot of study on what dosage would be advantageous or safe to treat particular illnesses, and they might vary in terms of both their contents and quantities. This article highlights the normal dosage of CBD, CBD dosage for anxiety, CBD dosage for sleep, depression, pain, and acne.

    Customers have a range of CBD products, including oils, gummies, vapes, and pills. But choosing the right CBD dosage for a person is a difficult choice. There are no government laws or oversights for CBD products. Up to 70% of CBD products purchased online either contain more CBD or less CBD than is stated on the label. Only one CBD product is regulated by the FDA to be used for treating seizures. Determining the right CBD dose for anxiety or discomfort might be challenging. The typical CBD dosage, according to experts, is between 20 and 40 milligrams per dose, but that doesn't mean it's suitable for you! Here's how to simplify it.

    How To Dose CBD & CBD Oil: How Much CBD Should You Take?

    Choosing Your Perfect CBD Dose

    Many people use CBD to unwind while reaping the advantages of sleep issues, overstimulation, and other issues. Finding a perfect CBD dose within the advised range can be difficult since different body chemistry can impact how the system reacts to CBD. Body size, weight, and general tolerance are a few variables that may affect how it responds to you.

    The Normal Dosage of CBD

    Solowij et al. (2014) argued that 20 to 40 milligrams per dose are the most typical CBD dosages. Others require far greater doses, while some take as little as 1 mg. This might be anything from a few drops to several milliliters of oil, depending on the potency of your product. Additionally, the dosage may consist of one to five pills or gummies. The fact is that each person needs a different dosage of CBD. It's typical for two persons of the same weight to react extremely differently to the same amount of CBD. While one individual may discover that 30 mg of CBD is the right dosage, another may fare better with just 10 mg.

    CBD Dosage for Anxiety

    The range of moderate to heavy is often where the CBD oil dosage is most useful for persistent stress or anxiety. Russo (2011) found that other sufferers with anxiety disorders discover that CBD irritates them so that they may require only a tiny quantity. Experts recommend starting low to evaluate your reaction before increasing it to control anxiety. Upgrading to a medium dosage is the next step if you experience no improvement. Depending on their weight, a moderate or strong dosage usually results in improvement. Take CBD oil in the morning and again around noon for optimum benefits. Before participating in activities that make them anxious, many people may take a modest "booster dosage" of medication.

    Dosage of CBD for Sleep

    It has been demonstrated that CBD oil increases the quantity and quality of sleep. To get better sleep, try taking a lot of CBD oil. While greater dosages of 20 mg or more are often significantly more sedative, lower doses of less than 10 milligrams can have a stimulating impact. The sedative effect of CBD oil increases with usage. Additionally, certain CBD extracts have a larger effect on sleep than others. For instance, CBD oils with sedative terpenes like bisabolol, lavandin, linalool, or myrcene have the most potent effects. Additionally, melatonin-containing CBD oils are available, making them even more effective in promoting sleep.

    Dosage of CBD for Pain

    Millar et al. (2019) explained that CBD oil for pain comes in a wide range of doses. Light or moderate doses of CBD oil often work for minor pain, such as low-grade arthritic pain, mild PMS discomfort, or low back pain. You might need to take a high dose of CBD oil for more severe pain like nerve pain or pain from multiple sclerosis or cancer that is resistant to therapy. Some people benefit from CBD oil's painkilling effects immediately, while others must use it for a few weeks before seeing any relief. The underlying problem causing the discomfort will determine when you start to feel better.

    Dosage of CBD for Migraines

    Migraines may be quite debilitating. Baron (2018) found that CBD may aid when the worst headaches occur and disrupt an otherwise productive day, just like it helps ease inflammation and pain symptoms. There is currently no scientific proof that CBD is particularly helpful for migraines. More specialized research is required because most studies only look at the broad impacts. Since CBD affects the brain receptors controlling pain and inflammation, it's conceivable that it can lessen headaches. When a migraine strikes, try taking the daily suggested amount of between 18 and 60 mg and observe how your body reacts.

    Dosage for Depression

    CBD oil is a promising strategy to help counteract the effects of depression. In this case, we'll have to get a bit technical to explain why. Serotonin synthesis is regulated by the 5-HT receptor, which CBD influences. A substance called serotonin attaches to brain receptors. It lessens stress and aids with mood improvement. A chemical messenger (anandamide) that affects a person's appetite, memory, and other functions, is similarly prevented from breaking down by CBD. There isn't a secret CBD oil dosage that can instantly make depression disappear. We suggest trying between 40 and 70 mg daily if you're prone to depression.

    CBD Dosage for Acne

    Acne seriously lowers one's self-esteem. While it won't be able to cure the disease completely, CBD can lessen the amount of extra oil that the skin's sebaceous glands generate. This helps restrict the formation of dead skin cells and keeps the follicles from getting even more congested. Please wait a few days before applying CBD straight to the afflicted area. Despite having anti-inflammatory qualities, it could exacerbate pores that are already congested. Start by putting 20 milligrams under your tongue each day until you notice the skin clearing up. Start applying a CBD-infused topical cream to your skin while orally consuming the same dosage.


    The subject of CBD is constantly changing, both in terms of goods and research. Despite the lack of studies, what is known indicates that CBD does have therapeutic advantages and is typically well tolerated by people. To properly get into the long-term negative effects and ideal dose indicators for the ordinary person, additional study is still required. Use the best analysis to determine the amount of CBD you should consume instead of following federal restrictions. When in doubt, discussing the dose with your doctor is always a good idea.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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