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  • by Nicola Boulton August 29, 2022 5 min read

    Is CBD Oil Effective At Treating Period Pain?

    Did you know CBD oil can treat period pain? CBD is seen to relate to the menstrual cycle when used. This article explains CBD and menstrual pain and how to choose CBD for period pain.

    The discomfort associated with menstruation is a condition that many women experience each month. The menstrual cycle is a normal physiological process throughout a woman's reproductive month. It begins and ends with the ovulation process. It is essential to employ therapies that are all natural and gentle at this time to reduce the discomfort that is now accompanying the condition. The good news is that various techniques ease the cramping associated with menstruation. Natural therapies, such as CBD oil, are helpful for many different ladies. 

    Is CBD Oil Effective At Treating Period Pain?

    Menstrual Cycle.

    Forrest et al. (2020) stated that periods generally occur every 28 to 30 days for women. The menstrual cycle is a natural process that gets a woman's body ready to carry a child. It happens once per month. To prepare a woman's body for the possibility of bearing a child, the uterus develops a fresh, substantial layer of tissue every month. Ovulation is the process that occurs when the body releases an egg from one of the ovaries in the female reproductive system. It happens precisely in the middle of the cycle. It was becoming pregnant starts when the sperm and egg contact one another. It is only when there is no sperm present that it begins to degrade. When the egg breaks apart, it releases certain chemicals that send a signal to the uterus.

    Campo et al. (2018)  explained that the cause of menstrual cramps is the shedding of the endometrium, the inner lining of the uterine tissue. Endometrial cells disintegrate and fall apart as a result of becoming loose as the endometrial lining sheds off each month. A woman goes through the process of having her period. They leave their traces in the organs and tissues that are close.

    There are enzymes within some of these molecules that cause inflammation and discomfort. Prostaglandins and prostacyclins are the names given to these compounds. The uterus and the muscles surrounding it become more contracted due to the activity of a specific prostaglandin known as PGF2. Because of this, one will experience cramping and the agony of it. The effectiveness of CBD in lowering inflammatory responses and dampening the transmission of pain signals is the primary factor for an increasing number of women seeking treatment with CBD oil for menstrual cramps.

    CBD And Menstrual Pain.

    Skrzydlewska et al. (2022) stated that the COX-2 enzyme is said to be inhibited by CBD, although the compound has no affinity for the COX-1 enzyme. CBD can reduce inflammation without causing discomfort to the stomach or any other adverse effects typically associated with over-the-counter pain medicines since it focuses entirely on the COX-2. Through the vaginal and rectal walls is yet another method of administering CBD to treat period cramps. These body areas absorb everything very quickly due to bypassing the digestive tract and liver. Duarte et al. (2019) stated that CBD suppositories instantly deliver the active component to the body. If you suffer from menstrual cramps, try using a CBD suppository to get some relief from the discomfort and inflammation associated with your period.

    Baron et al. (2018) stated that CBD has characteristics that alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. Because of this association, alleviating menstruation discomfort may also be relevant. The body can take in CBD oil and other compounds very quickly. They can provide practically immediate relief from the pain associated with menstruation. Taking CBD can help reduce feelings of stress and tension, which is another one of its considerable benefits. It may be the case in premenstrual syndrome, among other conditions. Another crucial aspect to consider is the direct effect CBD has on the endocannabinoid system, which works to maintain homeostasis in the body. During menstruation, hormone levels are prone to fluctuations. Not only is this likely to hurt one's mood, but it also has the potential to wreak havoc on your endocannabinoid system. Using products that include CBD could be of assistance in this scenario as well.

    How To Choose CBD For Period Pain.

    When selecting a CBD product to treat menstrual cramps, one should keep the following in mind:

    Type of CBD.

    CBD and THC may be more effective. The entourage effect is what happens when you combine all of these factors. If one is looking for a solution to ease cramping, one that treats the condition across the board might be one's most effective choice. It would help to choose a capsule, chewable, or tincture to treat menstruation discomfort because these delivery methods have full-body effects. Pain in specific areas, such as the back or muscles, may respond well to treatment with a topical gel or cream.

    Third-Party Testing.

    Products containing CBD are exempt from regulation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), at least not on their whole. They can send warning letters to businesses that make misleading and untrue statements. However, it is still relatively simple for companies to promote their goods in a misleading light. Check that the information on the certificate of analysis (COA) is up to date, and make sure that it matches the information printed on the product label.


    It is not enough to make COA accessible to the public to achieve transparency. Reputable businesses will also be transparent about the locations from which they obtain their ingredients. If one is specifically looking for pain treatment, they may find that certain topical products, like arnica, have additional components designed to relieve pain. Additionally, due to its warming characteristics, arnica may alleviate the discomfort in the abdominal region that is associated with menstruation. Learn more about cbd oil for focus and memory


    No assurance that topical CBD treatments such as oils, lotions, sprays, candies, or pills will eliminate menstruation cramps. However, there is very little danger associated with testing them out. Further research is required to understand the connection between CBD and pain reduction. Even while there is evidence, mainly anecdotal evidence, that CBD may aid with pain, there are no specific studies that look into the possible benefits of CBD for cramping. Consult your primary care provider before using CBD oil to treat period cramps. If you have severe cramping, you might suffer from an underlying disease that needs treatment.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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