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  • by Nicola Boulton August 17, 2022 5 min read

    Full CBD Oil vs. Broad-spectrum CBD Oil

    What is full CBD oil? What is broad-spectrum CBD oil? What are the differences between the two oils? What are the best ways to use these two CBD oils? This article has all the information you need to differentiate between the two CBD oils and the best ones.

    Cannabidiol oil, commonly known as CBD oils, is coming into the market and taking its place in the market streams. These oils are extracted from the cannabis plant, and they have no intoxicating effect compared to the original cannabis plant known as marijuana which is a drug. The broad-spectrum CBD oil and full-spectrum CBD oils are examples of the three extracts from the cannabis plant. These two types of oils have differences, and a person may use them separately depending on the situation they want to alleviate or the condition they experience. Their differences are shown by the compounds found in each type of CBD oil.

    Full CBD Oil vs. Broad-spectrum CBD Oil

    Difference Between Full-Spectrum and Broad CBD Oils

    The only thing that distinguishes the two CBD oils from each other is the type of compounds they are made of. Full-spectrum CBD oils contain compounds of cannabis plant extracts which contain the THC compound. Examples of the compounds that make up the full spectrum of CBD oils are terpenes and other types of cannabinoids.

    Broad-spectrum CBD is also composed of some types of cannabis compounds. In this class of oils, the compound THC is not present, although it is not guaranteed that the broad spectrum CBD oil will not be 100% free from THC.

    CBD extraction

    Full CBD  and broad-spectrum oils are derived from their cannabis plant source in four ways mentioned below;

     Carbon Dioxide Extraction

    carbon dioxide is used to separate the CBD oil from the cannabis plant. This method gives a high amount of CBD oil and high concentration rates.

    Distilling using steam separates the oils from their source, the cannabis plant. This method is most loved and used when extracting essential oils but does not work in the case of CBD oils. It's not effective.

    Extraction Using Solvents

    The extraction method has a good score card for effectiveness, unlike steam distillation, but its use has been found to residuals of solvent residue, which is risky healthwise. This type of extraction also can interfere with the extract's flavor. Learn more about how long do the effects of cbd oil last?

    Extraction By Lipids

    Extraction by lipids has come to the rescue of manufacturers who avoid using CBD oil's carbon dioxide and solvent extraction methods.

    After the extraction process has been completed, the extracted CBD oil will be referred to as full-spectrum CBD oil because it will contain the 0.3% THC compound. This extract will also have to undergo the process of cooling and purification to make it into a broad spectrum CBD oil.

    Full-Spectrum CBD Oils

    Full-spectrum CBD oils have a lot of components from the cannabis plant, including THC and terpenes. These oils will retain most of the composition from the hemp plant. THC is required in this oil to be classified as full-spectrum CBD oil, although it is in low concentration. The concentration of THC can be increased on the choice of the manufacturing company. According to Ali et al. (2015), the terpenes components are used to give the oil scents; the scents will affect mood relaxation and relieve stress. It gives the full-spectrum CBD oils an added advantage when used in persons with depression and anxiety disorders.

    Advantages of Full-Spectrum CBD Oils

    • Works well in anxiety relieving.
    • Also works well in pain relief.
    • It is an inflammatory agent.
    • An antioxidant that works to reduce seizure attacks.
    • Also works in soothing muscle cramps.

    Disadvantages of Full-Spectrum CBD Oil.

    MacCallum et al. (2021) stated that full-spectrum CBD oils give the user a feeling of euphoric highness once used in large amounts. Also, these oils will appear on drug test results because of the presence of the THC compound. A person is advised to use full-spectrum CBD oils in great regulation to avoid these effects, which may cause later problems. Learn more about how long does cbd oil stay good?

    Broad-Spectrum CBD Oils

    Broad-spectrum cannabinoids are distinct as they do not contain traces of THC. The broad spectrum contains terpenes and cannabinol in high concentrations. It is highly encouraged to be used by athletes because it will not cause any effects of feeling high or intoxicated.

    Advantages Of Broad-Spectrum Oils

    • Broad-spectrum is used as an antibiotic.
    • Broad-spectrum is used to treat seizures.
    • Used to treat inflammation sites.

    According to Julia (2022), broad-spectrum oils can also be used in maintaining health because they have an entourage effect and thus may be used by people suffering from tooth problems, for example, toothaches, gingivitis, and dental caries.

    Disadvantages of Broad-Spectrum Oils

    Broad-spectrum CBD oil lacks the THC compound; it does not have many benefits compared to the full spectrum of CBD oils. The people using these oils can fail a drug test. It is not 100% guaranteed that the broad spectrum oils will not have the THC component. This THC is also found in cannabis. However, it is what shows if a person is using cannabis.

    How to Use These Oils

    Information on the advantages and disadvantages of the broad spectrum and full-spectrum oils helps a person choose the best oils that work best for them. CBD oils can be used with beverages and foods and taken directly by taking them as solutions. Also, they are applied to the skin as creams, oils, and gels. According to Tabassum & Hamdani (2014), some soaps are induced with CBD oils to help treat skin infections like rashes, eczema, and psoriasis; a person has a wide range to choose from.


    The full-spectrum CBD oils and broad-spectrum oils have almost similar characteristics and compositions. These oils provide the entourage effect and also effects that will protect the brain. Depending on needs, a person may have the final choice on the type of CBD oil you will choose. A person is also advised not to undergo any drug tests because you might fail them because of the THC compound. Use the carbon dioxide extraction method to extract CBD oil since it gives the highest concentration of CBD oil. A person can also opt for lipid extraction if they want to avoid carbon dioxide. Consider the advantages of CBD oil, treating skin infections like psoriasis, eczema and other skin diseases. Use the correct dosage of CBDoil when infusing it into other oils. Avoid overdosing when using CBD oils. Consult other people before using CBD oils lest you suffer adverse effects. See a doctor if the side effects persist.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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