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  • by Nicola Boulton August 10, 2022 5 min read


    The oral cannabidiol (CBD) oil consumption method is prevalent among consumers. Since CBD oil enters the human digestive system when administered orally, consumers wonder about the period required for effects to manifest. Some consumers want instant results meaning that understanding the duration taken for CBD oil to work is paramount. Let us discuss oral consumption.

    The oral cannabidiol (CBD) oil consumption method is most prevalent among consumers. As many CBD companies emerge, more products are introduced to satisfy various customer requirements. Available cannabidiol formulations include vapes, capsules, topicals, oil, tinctures, and edible products. Tinctures generate rapid effectiveness, but capsules and gummies are more discreet. CBD oil enters the human digestive system; some people wonder about the period required for effects to manifest. Customers have different health goals. Some want instant results. In such cases, understanding the duration taken for CBD oil to work is paramount. Let us discuss oral consumption and other methods.


    How Long does it take for Cannabidiol Oil to Work?

    Taking cannabidiol capsules is popular for convenience, usage, and ease of dose. Every cannabidiol capsule provides a specific CBD amount. Before cannabidiol enters the bloodstream, it passes first via the human liver and digestive system. Afterward, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system to generate its effects. There has been no specific period or duration established for CBD oil to work in human systems when administered orally. Medical providers explain that people respond to cannabidiol oil distinctly.  It is challenging to determine how slow or fast the product affects consumers. Generally, the vapors spend the shortest duration of approximately fifteen minutes. It might require a longer period when consumers administer cannabidiol orally since it enters their digestive system. The oral cannabidiol oil consumption method shows delayed onset because the product undergoes the first pass as the liver breaks it down. The consumer puts a few CBD oil drops directly into their mouth. Swallowing this product inhibits the cannabidiol from entering the bloodstream directly. The process involved in metabolizing the product in the liver takes a longer period. After this, liver enzymes lower cannabidiol concentration before conveying the remainder into the bloodstream and distributing it uniformly in the body. According to Huestis (2007), the oral or ingestion CBD consumption method takes approximately one to two hours before consumers experience the results.  This variation depends on several factors, as shown below.

    Factors Affecting the Period taken by Cannabidiol Oil to Work Orally

    The duration taken for cannabidiol oil to work differs from one individual to another. Berman et al. (2018) showed that users have different body chemistry and different CBD oil experiences. Nevertheless, some factors affect the period spent for users to feel cannabidiol effects. They include:


    Quality is among the paramount factors in determining the duration cannabidiol oil takes before its effects are experienced. Companies manufacture products with different qualities meaning they will manifest uniquely. In this regard, medical professionals recommend people purchase high-quality products. Specifically, when one desires instant or quick effects, choose premium products from reputable brands. They should undergo third-party laboratory examinations for safety and potency testing. In addition, the brand must provide you with a certificate of analysis (COA) for that product. This document analyses the ingredients and cannabinoid proportions constituting the product. Ingredients affect the product's quality; therefore, scrutinize all ingredients used before purchasing your favorite CBD oil. Low-quality items are unsafe for human consumption and should be avoided.

    Individual’s Body Chemistry

    Every user’s body responds differently to compounds, including cannabidiol oil. For example, the water levels vary from one person to another significantly. Also, the body size differs, meaning they respond to products distinctly. Millar et al. (2018) indicated that the metabolism and BMI of users are different. These variations affect how CBD is metabolized by the human liver and absorbed into the bloodstream.

    The Amount Administered

    Like many supplements, there is an appropriate dosage. Thus, the dosage consumed orally determines the duration the cannabidiol oil takes to function. For example, a huge dosage remains in the human system for a longer period than when small dosage. Consumers who administer smaller dosages experience the CBD oil effects faster than those taking higher amounts. However, take the appropriate dosage that addresses your health condition. Do not administer more CBD oil before experiencing the results of the previous amount consumed.

    Administration Method

    Cannabidiol oil can be administered in various ways. Consumers can choose to put some CBD oil drops beneath their tongues (sublingually), while others incorporate it into coffee, juice, or milk. Consumers who administer sublingually experience the effects almost instantaneously. Contrastingly, consumers who take cannabidiol with drinks or foods take longer to experience the effects. Foods must undergo digestion or metabolism before being released into the human bloodstream. Capillaries exist under your tongue that directly launch CBD into the bloodstream. This explains why sublingual CBD consumption spends lesser time for effects to manifest than oral (CBD mixed with drink or foods).


    Wren et al. (2001) discovered that foods an individual consumes, consumption time, and amount affect the time cannabidiol remains in the human system before results are experienced. Medical experts recommend customers take cannabidiol oil on an empty stomach for quicker effects manifestation. Nonetheless, after taking food, the digestion rate slows down when you administer CBD oil after taking food, hence decreasing the CBD oil metabolism rate. Consequently, it slows the process your body system eliminates.


    Currently, no specific period or duration is established for CBD oil to work in human systems when administered orally. However, cannabidiol oil takes approximately one to two hours for effects to manifest, although it varies with people depending on various factors. Therefore, research and experimenting can significantly help consumers determine this period more accurately. Remember, food, administration method, body chemistry, amount consumed, and quality determines the period of cannabidiol oil remaining in your system when administered orally. Placing your appropriate CBD oil drops beneath your tongue (sublingually) and holding the product for 30 seconds before swallowing generates almost instantaneous results. You can incorporate CBD into drinks or foods or consume it sublingually.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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