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  • by Nicola Boulton August 27, 2022 4 min read


    CBD oil works best and gives desirable outcomes when taken in the right dosage. Knowing the proper amount to take will help you achieve impressive results.

    Drugs overdose can be intentional or accidental. An overdose occurs when a CBD user takes more than the prescribed amount. CBD oil overdose is most common in CBD beginners. However, even those familiar with CBD oil can take more than the required amount. Individuals respond to CBD oil overdose in different ways. Studies show that CBD results to unwanted reactions that make the user feel uncomfortable or sick. In rare cases, an overdose could result to liver damage. Herein, we discuss how CBD overdose occurs and the possible side effects about CBD oil overdose.


    What Does it Mean to Overdose on CBD Oil?

    • Taking CBD oil in higher amounts than the normal use
    • Taking CBD oil in the right amount but abusing the number of times you take it in a day
    • Taking CBD oil in extreme potency levels than your body can tolerate

    What Makes it possible to Overdose on CBD Oil?

    Some CBD users overdose on CBD oil intentionally because they immediate impacts. In contrast, overdose unintentionally. Maybe they wrongly used the dropper or took the substance more frequently in a day than they are allowed to. On certain occasions, CBD oil companies provide inaccurate lab results that wrongly indicate the potency levels of CBD. Every user should exercise caution and avoid exceeding the recommended dosage. Otherwise, you will not like the outcome.

    CBD Oil Overdose Risk Factors

    Any CBD user can overdose. The likelihood of exceeding the right dosage of CBD oil is increased when;

    Taking Various CBD products Simultaneously

    CBD oil is made available to cannabidiol lovers through various products like gummies, capsules, oils, topicals, and other edibles (Evans, 2020). Individuals with the spirit of trying everything may want to use all these CBD products within the same period. It's never a nice move to use different CBD products at once. After all, not all CBD products are suited for everyone. Identify which CBD oil-infused product works well on you and stick to it. This way, it'll be easy to use the appropriate dosage consistently without confusion. Don't take CBD gummies in the morning. vapes in the afternoon and the oil sublingually before you sleep. Instead, pick what your body responds best to, stick to it for the desired results.

    Not Following the Recommended Dosage

    Tariq et al. (2018) explained that any drug will have undesirable effects if taken inappropriately. Likewise, CBD oil will not serve its purpose if the user consumes more than they should. Most CBD oil manufacturers advise users to use two drops per serving. A drop for most CBD oil products is around 5mg of CBD. Seek medical advice on the proper dosage that fits your metabolism, body chemistry, and age.


    The body needs time to get used to new substances introduced to it. New users may experience delayed results because their body is not familiar with cannabidiol. It's easy for beginners to increase the dosage to receive the effects faster. In the process, they may take CBD oil at overly heightened levels, causing overdosing.

    You Aim to Get High

    There is a widespread myth that all CBD products can make you high. Conversely, CBD products can only make you high if they contain high levels of THC (Hazekamp, 2018) Individuals who love marijuana for recreation may resolve to overdose on THC-CBD products to get these effects.

    Side Effects of CBD Oil Overdose

    • Appetite changes
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Dry mouth due to decreased saliva secretion
    • Diarrhea or loss of bowel movements
    • Drowsiness and dizziness. Learn more about which cbd oil is best for diabetics?

    These Side Effects Depend on Several Factors Like;

    • The CBD oil product used
    • How much CBD you take
    • How you consume the CBD
    • Your experience with CBD
    • Your state of health

    How Do You Manage CBD Overdose Side Effects?

    • Drink a lot of fluids to get rid of mouth dryness
    • Take CBD oil with beverages or food. Taking CBD in an empty will likely increase the chances of overdosing.
    • Seek medical assessment to assess the level of damage caused by an overdose

    Is CBD Oil Overdose Serious?

    Millar et al., (2020) prove that taking CBD oil in high doses is not healthy. Too much cannabidiol in the body brings unwanted effects that are not easy to deal with. The seriousness of CBD overdosing depends on;

    • The dose
    • When and how CBD oil was taken
    • What else was taken with CBD oil
    • The user's body chemistry

    How to prevent Overdosing on CBD

    • Always read the CBD product's labels keenly and follow the prescription.
    • Avoid low-quality CBD products
    • Do not keep CBD products you don't need
    • Be cautious when taking a new CBD product that you have never used before
    • Buy CBD products that are dosage-specific, such as gummies or pills, to avoid making measurement mistakes when dosing
    • Always begin with the lowest dosage if you are not sure about the product's impact
    • Never take more if you have a delayed reaction to a CBD product
    • Don't use CBD products from unknown sources or unrevealed potency levels
    • Make sure you take CBD products when you know what you are doing


    CBD overdose is becoming common for most users. Cannabidiol works well if taken in the right amount. So, never take more than you should. Most CBD manufacturers explain to consumers the recommended dosage by providing instructions in the product's packaging. Ensure you follow those instructions when using CBD oil. Doing so will protect you from overdosing.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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