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  • by Nicola Boulton August 27, 2022 5 min read


    High cholesterol level triggers chronic medical diseases. Deposition of unhealthy fat in the blood vessels causes health issues like diabetes and Hypertension.

    Health professionals have warned us more than a million times about the damage unhealthy food does to our bodies. High cholesterol comes about because of various reasons. One of them is taking foods that contain lots of unhealthy fats, such as fatty meats, pies, pastries, and other junk foods. Slowly, individuals are becoming concerned about their health; some have successfully ditched unhealthy lifestyles to avoid health issues like high cholesterol levels. However, others cannot join the grand scheme of healthy living. CBD oil is a natural product that can help you achieve wellness. But, can it treat high cholesterol levels? That is what we want to find out.


    The Meaning and Causes of Cholesterol

    Cholesterol is a fatty, waxy substance found in the blood. The liver produces it, but fatty foods increase their level to dangerous amounts. Notably, cholesterol has fundamental functions in the body. However, it can be a huge problem in large amounts in the blood. The following can cause high cholesterol levels;

    • Lack of exercise or physical activities
    • Smoking
    • Being overweight
    • Inadequate intake of dietary fibre like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, or legumes.
    • Taking food rich in unhealthy fats. For example, French fries, pastries, and pies
    • Genetics

    How To Tell You Have High Cholesterol Levels?

    Most individuals have unhealthy cholesterol levels but have no symptoms and often feel healthy. Visit a GP (General practitioner) to know whether your cholesterol levels are healthy or need treatment. A blood test usually identifies if your cholesterol. Those over 45 years can have their cholesterol frequently checked as a routine of heart health check.

    How is CBD Oil Connected to Cholesterol?

    CBD oil releases effects that are useful to the entire body. That's because of its impact on the endocannabinoid system. CBD oil can improve cholesterol’s fatty nature. This cannabis product effectively controls the amount of cholesterol in your body. Medical experts are confident that CBD oil is a reliable cholesterol treatment option. Page et al. (2020) stated that CBD has vascular relaxant features. In addition, the interaction between CB1 receptors and CBD reduces cholesterol. CBD oil reduces the intensity and level of cholesterol, helping you live a healthier life. Chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol levels damage the Endocannabinoid system. Instead of controlling bodily functions, a damaged ECS could lead to high cholesterol levels. Too much cholesterol destroys the lining of blood vessels. CBD oil activates ECS and sets off inflammatory effects that strengthen immune cells. The stronger the immune cells, the more capable they become to improve the destroyed blood vessel.

    How CBD Oil Treats High Cholesterol Levels

    Reducing Inflammation in the Walls of Blood Vessels

    Fatty deposits make the blood vessels narrow and hardened. Blood clots start forming when this occurs, attracting serious health issues. These clots can block blood vessels and cause a stroke or heart attack after spreading to other body parts. According to Atalay et al. (2020), CBD attaches to CB2 receptors and gives strong anti-inflammatory effects. Cannabidiol kills these abnormal immune cells, ensuring they don’t send unhealthy signals. In addition, CBD oil shields blood vessels from harm caused by high sugar concentrations, which direct immune cells to the cholesterol fatty plaques.

    Reducing Blood Sugar Levels

    Insulin resistance is associated with high cholesterol levels and high blood sugar. It occurs when the cells are less responsive and sensitive to insulin. Poor insulin response leads to an unhealthy accumulation of sugar in your blood and a rise in cholesterol levels. As a result, high cholesterol builds to cause fatty deposition along the blood vessel wall lining. Jung et al. (2014) noted that fat and immune cells produce a substance called resistin which increases cellular inflammation and insulin resistance. CBD can decrease the levels of this compound, lowering insulin resistance levels to relieve diabetes symptoms.

    Reducing Stress

    Chronic stress negatively impacts cholesterol levels. Stress makes the cells release adrenaline and cortisol. These two chemicals cause cholesterol levels to shoot. CBD reduces stress by activating the serotonin receptor, which controls how people react to stress. Cannabidiol also relieves depression and anxiety disorders which are strongly linked to chronic stress; by lowering stress levels, cholesterol levels also reduce.

    Reducing High Blood pressure

    Hypertension or high blood pressure occurs after the blood pressure against the blood vessel wall is higher than normal. Factors like high cholesterol levels, sugar, salt, or genetics can cause high blood pressure. Narrowed and blocked blood vessels interfere with blood flow, maximizing the blood pressure pushing against blood vessel walls. The journal of Hypertension suggests that Cannabidiol dilates the walls of blood vessels. According to Kumric et al. (2022), CBD products decrease high blood pressure effectively in individuals dealing with overweight, Hypertension, and hypercholesterolemia. 

    Reducing Appetite and Weight

    Overweight individuals are vulnerable to diabetes, high cholesterol levels, stroke, respiratory problems, heart attack, and Hypertension. Those with too much fat are stressed, unsatisfied, and unhealthy. CBD can help to manage weight. It suppresses appetite, reduces food cravings, and supports weight loss. Well-managed weight promotes healthy levels of cholesterol in the blood.

    Cholesterol Treatments Other Than CBD Oil

    • Statins
    • Cholesterol Absorption Inhibitors
    • Bile Acid Binding Resins
    • Injectable Medications


    Can CBD oil treat high cholesterol levels? CBD oil and cholesterol have a well-established connection. However, it’ll be wrong to claim that CBD oil directly reduces high cholesterol levels. Instead, CBD oil supports the gradual reduction of cholesterol levels. CBD oil lowers high cholesterol levels by suppressing appetite and weight, managing stress, and reducing high blood pressure, blood sugar levels and inflammation the blood vessel walls.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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