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  • by Nicola Boulton August 30, 2022 5 min read

    How Can CBD Products, Including CBD Oil, Kill Cancer?

    Cancer is associated with various unpleasant symptoms. CBD oil helps manage these symptoms and assists in reducing the production of cancer cells.

    Most individuals have lost lives because of cancer. Unfortunately, this disease can attack anyone, regardless of age, gender, or social status. People don’t have a say in choosing how to die, but if given the power to decide, most will rather lose life in a less painful way that is not cancer. Being diagnosed with cancer is scary. That’s why people have decided to make lifestyle changes and live healthier to reduce the likelihood of becoming a cancer patient. Some have opted for natural alternatives like CBD to prevent and manage cancer symptoms. Probably you have heard about the positive properties of cannabidiol and how it helps with cancer management and wondered, how can CBD oil or other products infused with it kill cancer cells? Let’s find the answer.

    How Can CBD Products, Including CBD Oil, Kill Cancer?

    Try to Prevent Cancer First

    Sometimes illnesses are preventable, but often it’s beyond our control to prevent them. Anyone can become a cancer patient regardless of how healthy you may think you are. However, you can reduce the likelihood of cancer by educating yourself on the various risk factors and adjusting your lifestyle. Knowing how cancer works is important, whether you have cancer, are undergoing cancer treatment, are a cancer survivor, or are a healthy person. According to Nethan et al. (2017), the risk factors for non-communicable diseases like cancer include;

    • Alcohol consumption
    • Tobacco use
    • Unhealthy diet
    • Physical inactivity
    • Air pollution
    • Carcinogenic infections like Hepatitis B virus and HPV

    How Can You Prevent Cancer Cells from Growing?

    CBD and other cancer treatments help in preventing cancerous cells from multiplying. The goal is to prevent cancer from progressing to another stage. Healthy individuals can deny cancer cells the opportunity to grow and spread. You can reduce cancer risk by practicing the following;

    • Avoid tobacco use
    • Eat healthy foods, a lot of vegetables and fruits
    • Engage in physical activity regularly
    • Reduce or avoid alcohol consumption
    • Maintain a healthy body weight
    • Get vaccinated against Hepatitis B and HPV
    • Use sun protection measures
    • Minimize exposure to air pollution and ionization radiation

    What are the Effective Treatment Options for Cancer?

    The right diagnosis is critical for proper and effective treatment because each cancer type needs a unique treatment regimen. Al-Mahmood et al. (2018) claimed that cancer treatment usually includes radiotherapy, surgery, and systemic therapy like hormonal treatments, chemotherapy, and specific biological therapies. Other natural options that can prevent or manage cancer symptoms include CBD. The appropriate selection of cancer treatment regimen depends on the cancer stage and the patient being treated. The goals health providers seek to achieve with cancer treatment are to prolong life and improve quality of life.

    How CBD Interacts with Cancer Cells

    Cannabis products like CBD oil serve medicinal and recreational purposes. They affect cancer by;

    • Blocking cell growth
    • Killing cancer cells
    • Inhibiting the development of tumors
    • Reducing the spread of cancer
    • Reducing inflammation

    How CBD Oil and Other CBD Products Kill Cancer Cells

    Cancer spreads easily in the body because of the abnormal growth of cancer cells. It weakens the immune system, making the body incapable of stopping the multiplication. As the bad cells grow and spread, they become uncontrollable and negatively affect the production of normal cells. The endocannabinoid system is a critical body system because it modulates the growth and death of cells. These cancer cells penetrate the healthy tissues and uncontrollably travel throughout the body. When cancer cells reproduce more quickly than the body’s endocannabinoid system can control, these cancer cells penetrate the healthy tissues and uncontrollably travel throughout the body. This unwanted process is known as metastasis. The endocannabinoid system is networked with CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are more linked to the brain, and THC binds with them to improve cerebral functions like behavior and mood. CB2 receptors deal with the immune system. CBD attaches to them to find invaders that can harm the body’s immune system. Once CBD and these receptors bind together, CB2 and CB1 get activated and strengthen the endocannabinoid system to provide an antitumorigenic warning as a signal of cancer growth. As a result, cancer development is impaired by inhibiting growth, metastasis, and tumor reproduction. The main action is that the cancer kills are killed.

    Medical Products Containing Cannabis

    Abrams (2022) emphasizes that cannabis-based medicines effectively relieve cancer symptoms. For instance, Sativex is a cannabis-based medicine approved in the UK for cancer symptoms and multiple sclerosis. This liquid is sprayed into the mouth to make cancer patients feel better.

    How CBD Products Serve As a Complementary Therapy

    CBD products help complement cancer treatment. According to Griffiths et al. (2021), cannabidiol boosts the health of cancer patients by;

    Stimulating Appetite

    Cancer treatment like chemotherapy is associated with loss of appetite, which makes patients lose their normal weight. Taking a CBD product containing low levels of THC stimulate appetite and helps individuals gain their normal weight.

    Relieves Pain

    Cancer leads to pain; unfortunately, some treatments also cause painful sensations. CBD products offer pain relief to those diagnosed with cancer by decreasing inflammation. Cannabidiol’s anti-inflammatory abilities are powerful in relieving pain.

    Eases Nausea

    Nausea is a disturbing side effect that accompanies certain cancer treatments, especially chemotherapy. CBD’s antinausea abilities help individuals dealing with chemotherapy sessions to feel better and free from the urge to vomit in the mornings and at night.


    Cancer is becoming more prevalent every year. Lives are lost daily because of this dangerous disease. CBD oil positively impacts people diagnosed with cancer. Overall, cannabis-based products are useful for preventing cancer symptoms from worsening. Some medications are infused with reasonable amounts of cannabis extract to boost their effectiveness in inhibiting the growth and spread of abnormal cells in the body. CBD alone cannot treat cancer. However, its anti-inflammatory, pain relief, and antinausea abilities make it helpful for cancer-related symptoms.

    All in all, the best way to protect yourself from cancer is to live a healthy life. Eat right, exercise more, and avoid any unhealthy stuff. Make it your goal to be cancer safe.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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