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  • by Nicola Boulton August 30, 2022 5 min read

    What’s the Best CBD Oil Strength?

    CBD oil is available in different potencies. Users should use the appropriate potency to get good results. This article explains the best CBD oil strength that an individual can use.

    Individual expects certain responses after taking any drug. It becomes questionable when a person doesn't get the expected results. CBD oil offers various health benefits. Most individuals have received pleasant and satisfying outcomes from taking CBD oil directly or adding it to their food and drinks. That’s because they have used the right CBD strengths and the appropriate dosing. However, some got disappointed and felt betrayed for investing in CBD oil. Although not all the time, using the wrong CBD strength can reduce the effectiveness of CBD oil. Individuals probably want successful results and are determined to use CBD oil appropriately. One thing to do is to find the right CBD strength. So, what are the best CBD oil strengths?

    What’s the Best CBD Oil Strength?

    Meaning of CBD Oil Strength

    The label ‘CBD oil strength’ is a substitute for the common term ‘CBD potency.' According to Newmeyer et al. (2017), CBD potency/strengths mean how strong a CBD product is. CBD oil’s strength increases with its potency. It has stronger effects if its potency is higher. From a buyer’s perceptive, CBD oil strength is a critical factor to consider when buying a product. Many factors distinguish a CBD oil from another, but strength is the real kicker. Potency matters because it determines everything about the product, starting from the cost to the possible therapeutic effectiveness. CBD oil strengths depend on how much CBD is used. Variables like consistency, flavor, and color are also affected by how the product is formulated. Of all CBD oil options, CBD isolate is considered the purest and strongest type. Manufacturers use supercritical gases, solvents, and all parts of the hemp plant to produce a pure, crystallized CBD. CBD oil is not exactly an oil. Instead, the mixture is suspended in a carrier oil for a long until the manufacturers gain the desired concentration.

    How Do You Know the Strength of CBD Oil?

    One may think determining the strength of CBD oil is simple. Measuring the potency should be easy because CBD’s label shows how much CBD is found in the package. However, it has become difficult to measure the ideal strength because the CBD concentration in broad-spectrum, distillates, or isolates is not interpreted the same.

    A quick example; when one stops in a marijuana store, they may find two CBD oils, each a 30 ml bottle. One contains 600mg of CBD, while the other has 300mg of CBD. In this case, the one containing 600mg of CBD oil is more potent and stronger. The formula for CBD oil strength in mg/ml is;

    • The total amount of CBD in mg÷ bottle size in ml

    Different Types of CBD Strengths

    Gibson et al. (2015) showed that manufacturers design CBD products with many strengths. However, most vendors sell their CBD oil in 300mg to1000 mg potencies. The majority of sellers offer CBD oil in these three main potencies;

    • 1000mg
    • 600mg
    • 300mg

    All these potencies can be sold in a 60, 50, 30, or 15ml bottle. Those who need more potent can buy any CBD oil ranging from 2000mg to 4000mg of CBD. CBD oil does not have to be in extreme amounts. Taking CBD oil that is too strong is not healthy.

    • Low strength CBD oil- below 5mg/ml bottles (10% CBD)
    • Medium strength CBD oil-ranging between 15 and 30mg/ml bottles (15-30% CBD)
    • High-strength CBD oil-between 30 and 60 mg/ml bottles (30-60%)
    • Ultra-high strength CBD oil-more than 60mg/ml bottles (more than 60% CBD) Learn more about what are terpenes in cbd oil?

    How Do You Know the Best CBD Oil Strength for You?

    Choosing the appropriate strength of CBD oil may need some tricks. Some tips that one needs to use to know the best potency for your needs are;

    Determine Your Dosage According to Your Body Mass

    Individuals with lower body mass need less potent CBD to gain benefits. Those with larger body mass will need higher amounts of CBD for impressive results. A dose ranging from 15mg-25mg is excellent for a person weighing 150lbs. A 200lb individual may require around 20mg-33mg for a great start. These are only figures, though. A person will need trial and error episodes before finding a sweet spot.

    Start With Low and Increase To More Dosage

    Ewald et al. (2016) explained that people have different biochemistry. In addition, individuals have various patterns of using supplements, medications, and other substances, which can interfere with how CBD oil interacts with one’s body. Even if one has an approximate CBD oil dosage, they should take based on their body mass, they still have to experiment and take note of how their system reacts after taking CBD oil. People can boost the dosage once they know how it’s working in their bodies.

    Trust Your Doctor

    Your doctor is in the right position to advise you medically. Make an appointment with your physician to get an experienced and professional guideline on CBD dosage. A doctor familiar with your medical history and body needs will help determine whether you need a high, medium, or low CBD oil.

    What’s the Highest CBD Dose You Can Take?

    Moltke & Hindocha (2021) explained that users do not take more than 70mg of CBD daily. However, it’s best if individuals follow the manufacturer’s instructed dose. If the instructions claim 30mg daily is the limit, obey it because more than that amount will not give you the results you will like. Learn more about how do you avoid fake cbd oil?

    How Can You Avoid Overdosing on CBD Oil?

    Other CBD products like gummies and capsules are infused with a specified dose in every serving; hence, dosing is easy. Taking an accurate amount of CBD oil can be difficult, and one may end up overdosing or underdosing if they are not keen. One may need some tips to avoid consuming too much CBD oil;

    • Use the dropper in the bottle
    • Take low concentrations
    • Ask your doctor for directions
    • Be patient, and don’t get tempted to increase the dosage without direction from CBD professionals.


    No research specifies a certain CBD oil as the best strength. A sure way to determine what potency works well for you is your experience with the product. One can request medical advice from an experienced physician, especially if they are on any medication or have a condition. The right potency and the best CBD oil strength is the one that offers immediate impact but causes no side effects.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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