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  • by Nicola Boulton August 30, 2022 5 min read

    How to Avoid Buying Fake Products of CBD Oil?

    An individual can determine the best CBD by checking the lab results, the extraction method, other elements, and the price. CBD oil is either in the full-spectrum, broad-spectrum or isolate, which is an important factor. This article explains how an individual can avoid buying fake products of CBD oil.

    The last thing one can wish to do is buy poor-quality CBD oil since they are pricey. As more manufacturers join the market to meet the high demand, quality is becoming a key concern. Although most CBD oil is determined to offer a quality organic solution for an individual’s health, some are after making a profit. Therefore, one is required to be keen to avoid buying fake products. Although most people prefer buying CBD oil online, it is likely to expose them to fake products. If you are buying online or in a physical store, you need some tips for identifying quality products that deliver the required impact.

    How to Avoid Buying Fake Products of CBD Oil?

    What is CBD Oil?

    CBD oil is a therapeutic product designed for various health conditions. It is obtained from organic hemp plant extracts, having various chemical compounds. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the major element of cannabis plants, alongside terpenes, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and flavonoids. CBD oil is offered in broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and isolate. Before checking the tips on determining fake and good-quality CBD oil, it's important to know which type suits you.

    Types of CBD Oil


    Isolate is a rare type of CBD oil with a single element from the hemp plant. Therefore, a supercritical extraction method is required to obtain cannabidiol (CBD) used in isolating CBD oil. Isolate CBD is also called pure CBD due to the absence of other useful elements from the hemp plant, including THC. Unlike other types, pure CBD oil limits you from the entourage effect. However, it is suitable for CBD-related health benefits. According to Schoedel Kerri et al. (2018), CBD is used for treating epilepsy, the only approved health benefit of the hemp plant by the Foods and Drugs Administration (FDA).

    Broad Spectrum

    Although hemp plant, marijuana, and cannabis sativa are associated with a "high" effect, one can avoid it using broad-spectrum or isolated CBD oil. Broad-spectrum CBD is suitable for delivering an entourage effect without THC-related risks. According to Alger (2013), THC can make a person "high," especially in high potencies. Broad-spectrum entails useful chemical compounds, including terpenes, flavonoids, and CBD. The entourage effect is from the various elements which work together to offer more therapeutic benefits.

    Full Spectrum

    Full-spectrum CBD oil is dominant and associated with multiple health benefits. Full-spectrum CBD has various elements suitable for an entourage effect, including THC. According to Niesink et al. (2013), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a psychoactive element that makes you "high." Although the 2018 Farm Bill restricted THC levels in all CBD products to below 0.03%, this remains relative depending on the experience. However, full-spectrum CBD has been noted to have multiple health benefits. According to Maayah et al. (2020), full-spectrum CBD oil is used for various health conditions, including reducing anxiety and stress.

    How To Determine Fake CBD oil

    It is easy to determine CBD oil to avoid incurring unnecessary losses. Although most people barely check on customers' reviews, they are important. The following tips will help you avoid fake CBD oils; Learn more about what is kosher cbd oil?

    The Elements

    CBD oil is only effective for specific purposes if blended with multiple elements. The elements are important since they help determine the effectiveness and purity levels. Avoid CBD oil blended with artificial elements for effectiveness. Although some chemical elements might offer a solution, they will recur shortly after. Chemicals also interfere with the structural bonding of CBD oil, interfering with the potency and purity levels. Consider CBD oils with organic elements such as MCT or coconut oil meant for multipurpose. Coconut oil is used in edibles and topicals to improve absorption rate and speed up digestion in the ingestible due to its bioavailability properties. Besides, it also has anti-inflammatory properties suitable for regulating inflammation with B1 and B2 receptors.

    Extraction Method

    CBD oil manufacturers adopt different types of extraction to isolate the intended element to formulate their products. However, CO2 and alcohol solvents are the most popular. Although ethanol is effective, it involves numerous chemicals likely to contaminate CBD oil. Rochfort et al. (2020) suggested CBD as the most effective way of obtaining hemp plant extracts. CO2 minimizes contamination of the end products and the environment.

    The Lab Results

    It is the most important part of any CBD oil. It is a mandatory requirement for all CBD manufacturers. The best CBD oil producers have centralized certified labs to access the purity levels of their products at every manufacturing stage. The following details should be prioritized while assessing CBD oil lab results;

    Potency Levels

    One wouldn't be a victim of experiencing CBD oil's negative side effects due to unknowingly overdosing. The FDA has noted that some brands post wrong potency levels than the actual ones, risking consumers. Although the FDA sends warnings to brands posting wrong potency levels, users should take personal responsibility for confirming the actual potencies. Avoid brands often receiving warnings from the FDA regarding the safety of their products.

    Purity Levels

    Nearly all hemp-based manufacturers use organic ingredients to offer natural, long-lasting health solutions. However, extracting useful elements and processing CBD oil requires chemicals that put the end products at risk. Some chemical solvents infiltrate the end products during these stages, leading to contamination of CBD oil. Therefore, to confirm the purity levels, check the lab results, preferably from an IOS-certified lab. Learn more about is cbd oil legal in mexico?


    Before buying CBD oil, one should have the skills to determine whether it's fake. Fake products have dominated the market with seductive prices that are nearly irresistible. However, before being lured by the low prices, confirm the ingredients used to ensure they are all organic. Also, access other dealers' prices to determine whether they are reasonable. Avoid CBD products without lab results since their chances of being fake are extremely high. It is likely to be contaminated or has higher potency levels for the results to be hidden. Also, check on the customer's reviews to determine their effectiveness. Also, the amounts used determine CBD oils' effectiveness. High potency levels can result in any possible negative impact, making you anxious and dizzy. The brand's reputation is something you also shouldn't miss. Some brands have been in fights with the FDA due to production of poor quality and risking the users by posting wrong potency levels. Avoid such brands since they are likely providing poor quality.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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