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  • by Nicola Boulton August 30, 2022 5 min read

    Where on the Body Should You Apply CBD Oil?

    Do you wonder where you can apply CBD oil to your body? Here are some pointers that can help you; you can use CBD oil in the body basics of CBD. This article explains where an individual can apply CBD oil to their body.

    CBD oil is no longer a product restricted from sale and has instead entered the mainstream market. Cannabis was banned in the United States for a significant amount of time before the Farm Bill, which legalized industrial hemp and, by implication, CBD oil containing less than 0.3% THC. One can find CBD oil at a wide variety of retail establishments, including some specifically geared toward selling food. In addition, there are a variety of different ways to consume CBD oil, such as in the form of edibles, tinctures, topicals, vapes, or capsules.

    Where on the Body Should You Apply CBD Oil?

    Where You Can Apply CBD Oil To the Body

    Minghetti et al. (2020) stated that in the form of topicals, in which the cannabinoid is administered directly to the skin, one could experience CBD oil. Since the cannabinoid appears effective even when it is in a topical form, one can apply CBD oil to virtually any body part. The following is a list of areas or spots on the body where you could use CBD oil: Learn more about how to take cbd oil drops?

    Middle Of The Forehead

    CBD oil can benefit several areas of the body, including the forehead. Even if there is not enough scientific evidence to indicate that CBD oil can treat headaches, anxiety, or stress, it is best to apply CBD oil topically to relieve stress and anxiety or combat headaches. It is the case even though using CBD oil topically is ideal. In light of this, the pressure points that make up the hall of impression are situated in the center of the forehead. To use CBD oil in this area, please follow these steps:

    • The pressure points that make up the hall of impressions are located between your eyebrows.
    • Put one drop of CBD oil on your hand.
    • Apply the oil to your skin and massage it in a circular motion for five to ten minutes.

    The Upper Shell of the Ear

    Kogan & Mechoulam (2022) explained that the region around the ears is another excellent choice when using CBD oil topically to the head. One can also dab some CBD oil on the point at the tip of the triangle located on the ear's upper shell, known as the heavenly gate pressure point. However, there is not enough data to establish that CBD oil can genuinely function for pain, even though supporters of the cannabinoid believe that one can put CBD oil to the heavenly gate pressure points to ease the pain. If one follows the methods below, they will be able to apply CBD oil to this particular location;

    • Find the pressure spots corresponding to the celestial gates on the top of the ear shells.
    • One can improve your accuracy by using a mirror.
    • Put a few drops of CBD oil on your hand.
    • While massaging the region, apply CBD oil to the pressure point in a direct and firm motion.


    Adding CBD oil topically to the shoulder is another body part that may reap health benefits of doing so. Although additional advanced scientific research is required to conclusively demonstrate that CBD oil is effective in reducing headaches, easing muscle tension, and combating stress, proponents of CBD oil recommend massaging the affected area with the oil to alleviate headaches, release muscle tension, and do so. People can apply CBD oil to the shoulder by themselves, but one needs a lot of flexibility. If they don't have enough flexibility, they should ask someone else for help. The application of CBD oil to this region should take place as follows:

    • Pinch the shoulder muscle with your index finger and your thumb.
    • You should apply one drop of CBD oil to each hand.
    • Apply to the muscle, and as you are releasing the muscle, softly massage the area.
    • Continue doing this for five to ten minutes.

    Between Fingers

    Teng et al. (2018) stated that when using CBD oil topically, it is essential to keep in mind that the fingers can also reap the benefits of this substance. There is a location between the index finger and the thumb called the union valley point that advocates of CBD oil point to as being perfect for CBD oil when seeking to reduce tension and headaches. However, additional research is required for this claim. To apply CBD oil at this location, proceed as follows:

    • Find the place representing the union valley halfway between your index finger and thumb.
    • Please use your other hand to massage some CBD oil into it.
    • Circularly applying pressure, massage for approximately five to ten minutes. Learn more about why use cbd oil?


    Lagalisse (2018) said that applying the cannabinoid to the enormous surge point is a terrific way to investigate the purported health advantages of CBD oil. The area of the foot is typically considered to be the uppermost part of the foot and is located where the big toe and the second toe meet. When there is discomfort and stiffness in the foot, one can try applying CBD oil to this pressure point, which is pressure point. Even if there is not enough scientific evidence to confirm CBD oil's role in inflammation, CBD oil may have potent anti-inflammatory effects, which may aid the swollen regions of the feet. CBD oil is also known as cannabidiol (CBD). To apply CBD oil at this location, proceed as follows:

    • Locate the point of the most significant surge.
    • It would help if you exerted some force on it.
    • After using CBD oil, massage the area in a forceful, circular motion.
    • Continue doing this for four to five minutes while you check the foot for any signs of pain, swelling, or stiffness.

    Basics of CBD

    Hazekamp (2018) explained that cannabidiol is a chemical component that is one of the numerous active compounds found in cannabis plants. When people hear the word "cannabinoids," the first thing that typically comes to mind is THC, which has been extensively researched. CBD oil is non-psychoactive and will not cause the user to go high. While THC is famous for its psychoactive effects, CBD oil does not have these same effects. A person can consume CBD oil in various ways, including vaping, capsules and soft gels, topical applications (such as serum, lotions, bath bombs, massage oils, balms, and patches), and topical applications (vape cartridges, pens, and tanks).


    The amount of attention paid to CBD oil has dramatically increased, and it now appears that no portion of the body cannot benefit from using CBD oil. The article explains that the cannabinoid benefits several body parts, including the feet, fingers/wrist, temple, shoulder, forehead, and the upper section of the ear shell. It also provides a step-by-step guide explaining how to administer CBD oil to the affected areas. CBD could be an effective treatment for various skin problems, including acne, eczema, and psoriasis, because of its possible anti-inflammatory characteristics.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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