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  • by Nicola Boulton August 12, 2022 5 min read


    CBD has an awful earthy taste. CBD oil is likely to go up to one hour before expiration. Extend the life of span of your CBD oil by keeping it away from heat, closing it tightly, and keeping it in an opaque material. Expired CBD doesn't do anything to your health.

    CBD oil is derived from various useful elements of the hemp plant. The hemp and cannabis plants have been found to have various health and wellness benefits by various researchers. The primary elements of the hemp plant are terpenes, flavonoids, cannabidiol (CBD), and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Different manufacturers have a team of researchers helping them identify suitable elements to incorporate into CBD oil to improve quality and effectiveness. MCT or coconut oil is among the commonly used organic element for improving quality and effectiveness. Nearly all brands incorporate natural elements to maintain CBD oil quality, including preservatives and sweeteners. But the question is, does CBD oil expire?


    How Does The Normal CBD Oil Taste Like?

    Consumers who have interacted with pure CBD oil before are likely not to do it again. The earthy taste of the hemp plant is unpalatable. Nearly everyone is trying to avoid it. Therefore, fresh CBD oil has an awful taste. However, there are various methods of avoiding it. Firsts, by adding in favorite foods and beverages. Also, one can avoid the awful taste by blocking the nose while taking it. Have you ever wondered why you can't have the sense of taste when having a cold? The same theory applies.

    How Long Does CBD Oil Take To Expire?

    Ubeed et al (2022) noted that CBD oil shelf life is about one year. However, this shelf-life could be extended depending on storing it. Refrigerating CBD oil extends its life span to at least one year and a maximum of two. Besides, when stored in a conducive environment, the life span could also be extended to at least half a year. Here are some of the tips that would help you store your CBD oil properly;

    Away From Heat

    Romano& Hazekamp (2013) reported that heat reaction to CBD oil is damaging. Therefore, avoid exposing CBD oil to heat, including keeping it beside appliances and electronics. Heat degrades CBD's quality, life span, and effectiveness. This is also among the reasons you shouldn't put your bottle of CBD oil in the window. The natural heat from the sun also affects its quality.

    Ensure It Is Tightly Closed

    CBD oil is manufactured alongside various elements and chemicals during processing. Therefore, leaving it open expose it to other chemicals, including radicals causing chemical reaction affecting the quality of CBD. Also, oxygen is not conducive to CBD oil. Leaving CBD oil allows oxygen to enter the bottle leading to oxidation. This is the reaction of various chemical substances reacting with oxygen molecules. This degrades the quality of CBD oil and its effectiveness.

    Keep in An Opaque Material

    Nearly all CBD oil manufacturers have it packed in an opaque material to prevent too much light. Most brands recommend leaving CBD oil in their original bottle for various reasons, light being one of them. Although the impact of light on the quality of CBD oil is not significant, it piles up over time. Mazzetti et al. (2020) indicated that when CBD oil is exposed to too much light for over 30 days, quality deteriorates by 15%. If this continues for about two to three months, the CBD oil won't serve the intended purpose.

    Will Expired CBD Oil Make Me Sick?

    Sharma et al.  (2012) suggested that the impact of expired CBD oil on various people differs depending on their health conditions and how their bodies react to substances. However, expired CBD oil won't make you sick in normal cases. Notably, it might not have any impact at all. However, as CBD oil expires, its quality degrades significantly, making it difficult to offer the desired impact since it has lost its potency levels. Therefore, expired CBD oil won't offer either therapeutic value or recreational effect as expected or stated on their labels.

    How Do I Tell My CBD Oil Has Expired?

    First, nearly all manufacturers have an expiry date on their labels that consumers ought to pay attention to avoid taking bad oil. However, it would help if you didn't rely on the printout only. You should be able to understand other hazards as follows;

    Thick and Murky

    Refrigerated CBD oil, which is cloudy, shouldn't be confused with thick and murky. This is because placing refrigerated CBD oil at room temperatures allows it to retain the normal color and viscosity. If it doesn't retain its initial state, you should be cautious against using it. Thickening and darkness after maintaining it at room temperatures are signs of degradation.

    Rancid Taste

    The normal taste of natural CBD oil could be described as grassy, earthly, or nutty unless it is flavored. Although the natural taste of CBD oil is awful, it's palatable. On the contrary, expired CBD oil puts you off by the awful taste than the usual one.

    What are the Determiners Of CBD Oil Shelf Life?

    Various brands have CBD oil shelf life posted on their labels; various factors determine it. Understanding the primary factors helps stretch the normal shelf life of CBD oil.


    Poor quality products don't stay longer. So how do I determine the quality of my CBD oil? Pay attention to the farming practices used for hemp cultivation to packaging. CBD oil is manufactured using organic hemp plant extracts, including other elements.


    CBD oil is manufactured alongside other elements to improve quality and effectiveness. The ingredients such as flavors play a significant role in determining the shelf life of CBD oil. Therefore, read the COA report to see the shelf life and the ingredients used and whether they are helpful to CBD oil.

    Extraction Method

     Lazarjani et al. (2021) discovered that most brands prefer using CO2 since it is more effective than ethanol. It minimizes the chances of contamination for the environment and the end products. Therefore, consider CBD oil manufactured using organic CO2 hemp plant extracts.


    The shelf life of CBD oil is important for maintaining its quality and effectiveness. Bad CBD oil won't offer the required effect, as stated by the manufacturer. However, expired CBD oil doesn't harm the users unless in exceptional cases. Bad CBD oil doesn't have negative or health implications. There are a few factors for determining how long CBD oil stays. They include quality, ingredients, extraction method, and packaging. Besides, its users should understand various ways of differentiating good and bad CBD oil using smell, appearance, and taste. Bad CBD oil smells funky, thick, and murky and tastes rancid. 


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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