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  • by Nicola Boulton January 13, 2023 5 min read

    How CBD Oil Works For Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

    CBD oil has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making it an antidepressant compound that can treat stress and disorder. This article elaborates on CBD oil, the mechanism of action in treating stress and depression, and other related information.

    The use of CBD oil-infused products is growing rapidly as clinical research suggests the therapeutic benefits of using CBD oil. Anxiety, stress, and depression are a concern to the whole world. The UK is among the most stressed countries in Europe. Everyone has anxiety and stress at some point. Understanding the cause of stress and how to manage it is a great achievement. Therapy and workouts are suggested treatments for depression; however, there is a new remedy in town. CBD oil can help ease anxiety and stress, causing depression.

    How CBD Oil Works For Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

    What Is CBD Oil?

    Cannabidiol oil, commonly known as CBD oil, is a compound extracted from hemp, a cannabis plant with 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is a cousin to CBD from the cannabinoids family. CBD has no psychoactive elements like THC;  it is referred for medical use. CBD oil is extracted into at least three types. They include;

    Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

    This type is a combination of all cannabinoids. THC and other compounds allow CBD to work best for more effectiveness. It is more natural as it is less refined, making it best for instant effects for pain and anxiety.

    Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

    Unlike full spectrum, broad spectrum CBD oil has a broad range of cannabinoids except for THC. It allows users to enjoy the broad compounds of cannabinoids without the psychoactive elements for great effectiveness. Compounds like flavonoids, cannabigerol, and terpene work to boost the effectiveness of cannabidiol.

    CBD Isolate CBD Oil

    Only cannabidiol is present. It allows the user to experience the effectiveness of pure cannabinoids. It is the best for beginners as it is more refined. It also reads negative for drug tests making it efficient for everyone.

    CBD Oil Mechanism Of Action

    Much research explains how CBD oil interacts with the body, but a conclusion is yet to be made. Cannabidiol has many therapeutic properties that treat chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. According to Blessing et al. (2015), cannabidiol interacts with the body to ease anxiety as it can calm and encourage relaxation. It binds with receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) responsible for sending signals in stress management. The ECS system is the gatekeeper of neurotransmitters. It blocks the signal from getting to the amygdala. It alters the signal stimulating the body to release more serotonin and endorphins that are body coolers from pressure, relieving anxiety and stress. Moltke &Hindocha (2021) showed that CBD oil has antidepressant properties that alter emotional behaviors as it acts as an anxiolytic agent. Its ability to treat chronic diseases like diabetes helps reduce the stress of managing them. Full-spectrum CBD oil acts best as it is a combination of other cannabinoids that portray better effectiveness when working together. CBD oil in tinctures and vaping are the fastest way to ease anxiety as these consumption methods help the CBD oil get to the site of action easily.

    How To Take CBD Oil For Stress And Anxiety

    The methods used to administer CBD oil into the site of action differ with the user's needs.


    It involves taking CBD oil or infused tinctures using a dropper and placing it under the tough for about 30 to 60 seconds to allow the cannabidiol elements to get to the bloodstream. It is an efficient way of taking CBD, as it takes about 15 minutes to experience its effectiveness. The volume that gets to the site of action is about 69 percent.

    The taste of CBD oil may not be friendly; hence not preferred by people who hate the harsh taste. It is also not easy to manage the dose as the volume is estimated with a dropper.


    Edibles and beverages are commonly infused food products with CBD oil. They are taken through the digestive tract. It is not very effective as digestion may take time and hence can take about 1 to 2 hours to kick, depending on your metabolism. Only about 15 percent of the CBD content gets to the scene of action, as the rest are lost along the way. In this method, the taste of cannabidiol oil is coated and hence can be taken by any age group.


    In this method, cannabidiol is heated to vapor, which can be inhaled using vape pens. It takes about 15 minutes for CBD to manifest; hence it is an efficient method for instant effectiveness. However, it is not a method for beginners using cannabidiol, as vape pens are not easy to use.

    How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Kick In For Anxiety And Stress


    According to Millar et al. (2018), the volume of CBD that gets to the site of action is also determined by the administering method. Vaping and tinctures add more CBD oil to the action scene. They get about 31 percent and 60 percent, respectively. On the other hand, edibles get about 16% as some of the compounds are lost in the process. Learn more about in what way is cbd oil good for anxiety?

    Body Metabolism

    People with less weight have faster metabolism compared to those who weigh more; hence the faster the metabolism, the quicker it takes to be effective. Barzegar et al. (2020), suggest that Biologically, females have a lower metabolism than men.

    Interaction Of CBD With The Body

    Genetically, people are differently affected.

    Existing Condition

    Underlying conditions alter the punctuality of cannabidiol oil.


    Experiments on models and people's experiences have shown the capability of CBD oil as an antidepressant. However, there is a shortage of information on the mechanism of action and how it alters the ECS system. Most CBD products are still illegal under federal law. Ensure you take necessary precautions before using these products, like third-party lab testing, consult a trustable physician, and get from a trusted vendor. However, if you have other underlying conditions before taking the products, you should talk to your doctor as there is evidence of temporary side effects of cannabidiol.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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