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  • by Nicola Boulton August 29, 2022 4 min read


    Back pain can be a result of injuries or accidents. There are many medications for back pain, but some are not as effective.

     Individuals experiencing back pains are looking for alternative natural conventions to help counter back pain, either mild or severe. This article explains CBD oil as an alternative remedy for back pain that individuals can use.

    Many individuals are affected by back pains, and several unknown causes and problems are associated with back pains. However, their intensity varies with individuals. Painkillers and physiotherapy are some of the conventional remedies used to counter back pain; however, these forms of medication have shown little to no improvement, making people look for alternative back pain management methods. CBD oil can be used as a natural alternative back pain remedy. Research on CBD Oil to treat back pain or other related health conditions is anecdotal, but the claims and the popularity of the product make it hard to avoid. It is safe and effective for human consumption and has no side effects. Learn more about cbd oil for vertigo


    Back Pain And Individuals’ Health

    An individual’s back contains many discs and small bones that are interconnected. When one disc is affected, it results in a wide spread of pain on the entire body. The vertebral system is one of the main complex systems in an individual’s body and can be affected by strenuous activities or accidents. The pains of any kind are seen to affect the quality of life of an individual, productivity their mobility. CBD oil can be used to aid in relieving back pains.

    Is CBD Oil Effective for Back pain?

    Back pains and other related pains can be treated with CBD oil. Dariš et al. (2019) stated that, on consumption, CBD oil interacts with the ECS and the receptors to help relieve different kinds of pain. The oil binds to the CB1 receptors responsible for coordinating brain-related activities like pain, mood, and appetite. The interaction counters pain.

    CBD Oil for Itchy Feeling and Sharp Pain

    Individuals suffering from sharp pains and itchy feelings on the skin or as a result of back pains can comfortably use CBD oil topically. It gives a soothing sensation and relieves pain.

    CBD Oil for Chronic Pain

    Volkow et al. (2017) explained that the ECS and the receptors help reduce chronic pain in any body part. It is important to know the dosage an individual needs to counter certain chronic pain instances and how it helps reduce the pain in the body.

    CBD Oil For Neuropathic Pain

    Neuropathic pain is the pain associated with the nerve. It can result from nerve damage leading to immobility and comfortability, making a person’s life uncomfortable. Kendall & Yudowski (2017) stated that CBD oil interacts with the nerve endings through receptor interaction to aid reduce the pain in an individual's nervous system. Learn more about cbd oil for tmj

    How CBD Oil Can Be Administered For Back Pain

    Below are the various ways CBD can be administered:

    Topical Application

    The CBD oil can be smeared on the skin or the affected back. Krysiak et al. (2022) explained that the skin pores absorb the CBD oil and interact with the ECS and receptors found on the skin. The CBD is effective as it is applied to the exact point and place of pain. Unlike other methods, CBD does not get into the bloodstream but remains within the body.

    Sublingual Application

    The CBD oil is placed under an individual's tongue and directly absorbed into the bloodstream. It is one of the most efficient ways an individual can feel CBD oil's effects within a matter of seconds after consumption. It is advised to use the calibrated dropper that helps in the CBD oil dosage.

    Adding To Foods And Beverages

    CBD oil can be used for cooking or infused with gummies and other beverages. CBD oil consumption needs to be digested and broken down in the liver before being absorbed into the bloodstream. The effects take a lot of time to kick in, but they last longer than the other known methods.

    Side Effects Of CBD Oil

    There are several side effects associated with the consumption of CBD oil. Most of the effects are mild, but consuming a large amount of CBD oil can have intense effects on an individual. Kelly et al.  (2022) showed that side effects are; fatigue, appetite change, diarrhea, and weight loss. Also, CBD oil interacts with some pain relieving medications and other dietary supplements. An individual needs to consult a doctor before taking any CBD oil product as a pain remedy.


    CBD oil can be used as a pain reliever for the back. As it is associated with several aspects, individuals have largely adopted the use of CBD oil for different purposes like countering some health benefits and recreational purposes. Some consumers have claimed that CBD oil use help in the management of certain health condition and can be used as an alternative form of medication. Knowing the dosage needed before consuming any CBD oil product is important.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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