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  • by Nicola Boulton August 30, 2022 5 min read

    Don't You Think You're Feeling CBD Oil Effects? Here's Why

    The feelings an individual can obtain from using CBD oil vary from person to person. It is a result of each person having a different body metabolism, weight, and age, among other aspects. How a person feels after consumption of CBD oil depends on how their body interprets the CBD oil they consume. This article tries to explain what a person can feel the CBD oil effects or not when they consume it.

    CBD Oil is a carrier oil combined with CBD extract from the cannabis plant. It has gained popularity as individuals use it for health and recreational purposes. They can both feel the effects of CBD oil but for different purposes. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant as it contains more CBD than THC and other cannabinoids. Under the Farm Bill signed back in 2018, CBD and its related products are legal as per the federal laws in the United States. Marijuana, which also contains CBD and THC, is illegal as it contains more THC levels than CBD. Individuals are advised to consume hemp-based products as they are safe and effective without giving an individual a high feeling of THC. Each cannabinoid has a different effect on an individual, and each person has a different feeling regarding the consumption of CBD oil, even though the effects are different.

    Don’t You Think You’re Feeling CBD Oil Effects? Here’s

    Overview of the Effects of CBD Oil

    Most individuals have adopted the use of CBD oil, and they have claimed to help them in different aspects, from health to recreational benefits. CBD oil can manage chronic pain when applied topically to the affected areas. Kogan et al. (2020) explained that CBD oil could help reduce inflammation and the overall discomfort an individual can have due to some health conditions. Although the information on CBD oil aiding in several health conditions is anecdotal, it is being adopted by many individuals across the world. It can also help in reducing addiction in people with substance abuse behaviors. With the widespread use of CBD oil, FDA has not regulated any of the CBD products in the market; thus, individuals should be keen on what they consume.

    Reasons for CBD Ineffectiveness in a Person

    Some individuals have tried CBD oil but have not seen how best or bad it works as it does not give them the desired effects. CBD oil and other CBD products are psychoactive, and veterans have attached several claims about it, which is not noticeable to each person. Some of the reasons why CBD oil is not working for some users are; 

    Products from Unreputable Sources

    The source of hemp and the place of purchasing CBD oil is important. In the market, CBD oil can be accessed both online and offline over the counter. Since the FDA has not regulated any product related to CBD, it makes it easier for some manufacturers to produce counterfeit products to suit the large market, which is increasing daily. VanDolah et al. (2019) explained that most of the products in the market lack high-quality CBD. It is an opportunity for some investors as they can sell low-quality CBD oil products into the market. Some CBD oil products do not contain the amount of CBD content advertised on the label. Avoid such cases of low-quality CBD oil products; consumers should;

    Look for Third Party Testing Lab Results

    When the products have been tested through the lab, the CBD content can be known, and one should see the test.

    Customer Reviews

    It is important to check for customer reviews to know what other customers say about the product in a purchase. Learn more about what does cbd oil taste like?

    Building Up the CBD Oil Effect in the Body

    It is hard to find the dose needed for some with many products on the market. Since each person has a unique biological body functioning, the dosages vary from one individual to the other. Consumers are advised to start with low CBD oil dosages as they increase it gradually while gauging adaptability and knowledge effects. Goyal et al. (2017) stated that daily CBD oil consumption could help one's body to sustain CBD oil levels through ECS stimulation to react with more CBD. Some individuals can build up a tolerance to CBD oil usage just like other drugs because of CBD oil overuse.

    Giving It More Time

    There are no immediate results on CBD oil consumption. Some individuals feel the effects a week after taking CBD oil. When people consume CBD oil, they feel the effects later because it needs to be comprehended and assimilated with the body. Also, if one is not feeling the effects of one brand type, they can opt to change the product and see if they will experience any changes. The long-term effects of CBD oil are good, but individuals should take time to find and feel the CBD oil effects.

    Change the Mode of Delivering CBD Oil

    Each person is used to the basic form of delivery in the market which can be through sublingual form, adding CBD oil in foods and coffee and topically applying it on the skin area affected. However, if one of the individual's delivery systems is ineffective, it is advised to try changing the delivery form. In CBD oil products, consumers should consider the product's bioavailability. Berg et al. (2020) explained that if one is using CBD oil infused in foods and is not feeling the effects, it would be better for them to try change to sublingual CBD oil application. It can be efficient as CBD is directly absorbed into the bloodstream, providing immediate CBD effects. Also, the purpose of using CBD oil can decide on delivery mode.

    CBD Oil Is Not for You

    Some individuals cannot be effective to each person even though it is popular. It can work for some, but it will not work for others. It can result from an individual's biochemistry, genetics, or body metabolism.


    CBD oil is a popular CBD product that millions of individuals have adopted. But on consumption, each person feels different effects and results while others do not feel the effects at all. Many reasons can be the cause which can be a bad delivery method, individuals' patience, or individuals' body of source of the CBD oil product and changing the mode of delivery. The CBD oil effects are different because each person has a different biological body with different ECS. Consumers need to be cautious when using CBD oil products either for health benefits or for recreational purposes.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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