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  • by Nicola Boulton August 09, 2022 6 min read


    CBD oil works for sleep by reducing factors contributing to lack of sleep; they include pain and stress. However, a high intake of CBD leads to a lack of sleep, which leads to anxiety. Therefore, take considerable amounts since there is no exact prescription; choose the best CBD oil by checking the extraction method, other elements, and lab results.

    Poor sleeping patterns or insomnia have been a problem for many Americans. The main cause of poor sleeping patterns is stress, anxiety, pain, and depression. CBD oil was legalized in the USA because it had various health and wellness benefits, including alleviating sleep-related effects. Its unique properties, such as anti-inflammatory properties, regulate hormone imbalance. CBD oil is obtained from various hemp plant extracts, including terpenes, flavonoids, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and cannabinol (CBD). THC is associated with intoxicating side effects, including anxiety and severe headaches, unlike other elements. This article explains all you need to know about CBD oil and sleep.


    How CBD Oil Works For Sleep

    Although CBD oil does not treat sleep disorders, it impacts various factors contributing to lack of sleep. The common factor contributing to lack of sleep in the USA is stress.  Many Americans fight stress every day due to financial struggles or family tangles.

    CBD Oil For Pain

    Pain can be disturbing, interfering with your normal schedule, including poor sleeping patterns. Terpenes, flavonoids, THC, and CBD contain anti-inflammatory properties, making them effective for regulating pain. CBD oil binds with the cannabinoids in the body, including B1 and B2 receptors, to ease the pain. The anti-inflammatory properties regulate pain. The ability of CBD oil regulating pain gives a comfortable environment for sleep.

    CBD Oil For Stress

    Studies on CBD oil have shown promising results in people having poor sleeping patterns. Stress is a common factor for lack of sleep. Shannon et al. (2019) explained the impact of CBD oil on hormones causing stress. CBD oil regulates cortisol levels, significantly improving a better environment for better sleep.

    Can CBD Oil Cause Lack Of Sleep?

    Although CBD oil has various health and wellness benefits, Ahmed & Katz (2016) showed that it also has some side effects. THC is the second dominant element found in hemp containing psychoactive side effects. One of the side effects of full-spectrum CBD oil is anxiety, contributing to lack of sleep or poor sleeping patterns. However, it depends on the potency levels, body chemistry, and experience. The novices are likely to have anxiety with low potency levels of CBD, similar to people with poor immunity since their bodies can't fight a foreign substance effectively.

    How Much CBD Oil Should I Take For Sleep

    Moltke& Hindocha (2021) reported that the total quantity and potency levels of CBD administered for sleep determine whether the desired effect is triggered or worsened. A higher potency level or quantities for effectiveness for a veteran since the body is adapted. If they have been taking 50 mg of CBD oil, adjust to at most 70 mg. The variance should be considerable. On the contrary, the novices should take low potency levels of at most 20 mg of CBD oil since their bodies are not adapted. Suppose they wish to adjust the potency levels; it should be gradual as they observe the side effects. Learn more about which cbd oil is best for tinnitus

    How Do I Take CBD Oil For Sleep?

    There are various ways of taking CBD oil to enhance sleep. Some methods include using capsules, adding in foods and beverages, or using it topically. However, sublingual use is the most effective. You can enhance sleep using CBD oil within one hour using sublingual use. Sublingual use is achieved by taking considerable amounts of CBD oil and placing it under the tongue. Hold it for about 60 seconds before swallowing. Alternatively, add it to your favorite beverages for rapid effectiveness. Alternatively, incorporate CBD oil in meals if you plan to sleep for two or three hours after eating.

    How Do I Choose the Best CBD Oil For Sleep?

    Lack of sleep makes one drained. It also interferes with the normal routine since the body has not rested. Jelic et al. (2010) discovered that lack of sleep could lead to obesity. Sleep makes you sweat, removing unwanted fats. To catch enough sleep using CBD oil, quality has to be prioritized. Use the following tips to get quality CBD oil;

    The Lab Results

    Potency and purity levels are key priorities in determining quality. Best brands offering quality CBD oil for sleep assess lab purity levels at every manufacturing stage to ensure they are avoiding contaminants. Therefore, consider CBD brands have a centralized, certified and independent lab since they utilize it for assessing the quality of the hemp upon arrival at the manufacturing facility. After processing, they are again purity levels are assessed to confirm they are void of chemical solvents and heavy metals, which are threats to consumers.

    Besides, to avoid overdosing unknowingly, confirm potency levels posted on the labels and the actual ones in the products. A significant number of CBD oil manufacturers have been posting wrong potency levels. Wrong potency levels result in the side effects such as anxiety and severe headaches, which will deprive you of sleep.

    The Method Of Extraction

    Various extraction methods include alcohol solvent, ethanol, and CO2. Although ethanol is suitable for large-scale production, it leaves the hemp extracts contaminated. CO2 is widely used among best-performing brands since it is clean and effective. It minimizes the chances of contaminating the end products and the environment.

    Other Elements

    Hemp extracts are blended with other elements to improve quality and effectiveness. MCT oil or coconut oil is among the commonly used elements for improving effectiveness. Coconut oil is an organic element with bioavailability features suitable for improving absorption. As a result, they offer rapid effectiveness. Learn more about which cbd oil to start with

    Can CBD Oil Help with Diabetes?

    With the change of lifestyle, there is the emergence of different health conditions resulting from lifestyle or side effects from using different medications. Diabetes is one of the most health conditions affecting many people today.

    Some medications tend to have side effects such as increased fatigue and headaches. Lately, people tend to turn for more a natural remedy; the legalization of CBD by the food and drug administration paved the way for the compound to reach the market and masses due to its therapeutic effect.

    CBD oil is derived from the hemp and cannabis plants. Jesus et al. (2019) noted that CBD does not have a psychoactive effect on the brain but is believed to help manage blood sugar, ease pain, and reduce inflammation associated with diabetes.

    No research was carried out on human beings; most were using mice and rats. This does not mean CBD can work on an inhuman body. CBD results in mice tested proved effective since it moderated blood flow to the brain, one of the complications faced by some diabetes patients. This lowers cholesterol, regulates blood sugar, and increases insulin production. Carmona-Hidalgo et al. (2021) also found that it could reduce inflammations and ease nerve pains, and symptoms of diabetes, thus lowering the risk of diabetes. They also can help convert the bad fats (brown) to white fats, which are good for the body.

    Various studies are still being done, so CBD is not approved for diabetes. There are two types of diabetes; THC variations were found to be effective for type 2 diabetes by lowering where CBD did not.

    CBD cannot work alone; for example, in the cases of diabetes 2, THC variations tend to be needed for the CBD to be effective. There are many products in the market. Some have THC, but it is hard to know if the THC levels in the product are the same.


    Fatigue, poor memory, obesity, and high blood pressure are some of the side effects of lack of sleep. Various research trying to outline the benefits of CBD oil have noted improving sleep is among the popular ones. Although CBD oil does not treat sleep, it enhances contributing factors, including alleviating pain, stress, and anxiety. However, for rapid effectiveness, consider sublingual use. Also, quality sleep can be achieved using the best products manufactured using CO2 hemp plant extracts alongside other elements such as MCT oil. Lastly, confirm potency and purity levels by assessing the lab results for quality CBD oil with the right concentration.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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