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  • by Nicola Boulton August 31, 2022 5 min read

    How To Use CBD Oil for Anxiety?

    CBD oil can be used in dealing with Anxiety using different administration methods depending on the user's preferences. CBD oil has gained popularity as many individuals are adopting it with the claim of having therapeutic benefits, among other aspects. This article explains how best an individual can use CBD oil for anxiety.

    CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis hemp plant and added to a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil. The oil infused with pure CBD does not cause high because pure CBD does not have psychoactive effects. CBD oil is believed to have several health benefits, such as the treatment of acne, Anxiety, pain, depression, cancer, and other health conditions.

    How To Use CBD Oil for Anxiety?

    What is Anxiety?

    Anxiety is when a person has intense, excessive, and persistent worry about situations. It involves repeated episodes of sudden uncontrolled feelings of intense worry or fears that reach a peak within minutes, which interferes with your daily activities. There are types of Anxiety such as social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, specific Anxiety, and separation anxiety. Skelley et al. (2020) explained that a person could have one type of anxiety disorder or more than one. Continuous Anxiety sometimes results in a medical condition that requires treatment. Learn more about cbd oil for joint pain

    Symptoms of Anxiety

    • Sweating
    • Trembling
    • Feeling nervous
    • Increased heart rate
    • Feeling weak or tired
    • Having a sense of impending danger
    • Trouble in sleeping
    • Difficulty in controlling worry

    CBD and Anxiety

    CBD is believed to help deal with different types of Anxiety when administered properly.

    How to Consume CBD Oil for Anxiety?

    You can consume CBD oil in several ways when dealing with an anxiety disorder. You can choose the best way to consume CBD oil according to your needs and preferences.

    Tinctures and Oils

    This method of CBD administration represents a quick, easy and accurate way of CBD consumption. Skelley et al. (2020) explained that tinctures and oils are taken using a dropper which helps in measuring the accurate dose of CBD. Taking CBD oil sublingually involves placing the correct CBD dosage under the tongue and holding it there for some time. The CBD will get absorbed in the bloodstream directly, leading to the desired effects in a very short period. CBD oils can also be added to food and drinks. Some people don't like the earthy taste of CBD, so they try to mask its taste by adding their dosage to their food or drinks. When CBD tinctures are added to the food, they take a long to show effects because they require digestion before getting absorbed into the bloodstream.

    CBD Vape Oils

    CBD can be administered in the bloodstream through a special pen that vaporizes the oil. CBD vape pens are battery-operated devices used by people to inhale CBD oil. Using vape pens can be dangerous, especially when vape pens have been purchased from unregulated sources. When CBD is vaped, it brings calming effects, dealing with any form of Anxiety.


    CBD for dealing with Anxiety can also be administered through edibles like gummies. Gummies are very easy to consume and give a fixed amount of CBD. They offer the easiest way of consuming CBD without attracting any attention. Administering CBD oil through gummies may take hours to show the effects because they must undergo digestion first before getting absorbed into the bloodstream.


    CBD oil can be administered through smoking. This method of CBD administration in our body provides almost instantaneous effects. Smoking sends the CBD directly to the lungs, and from there, the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream. Although smoking CBD oil proved the instant effects of CBD, measuring the dosage may be tricky, and also smoking can cause lung inflammation.

    Dosing of CBD for Anxiety

    There is no specific dosage for CBD because its dosage differs from person to person depending on their needs and body health. It is advisable to seek healthcare professional advice on CBD usage before using it. Harte-Hargrove & Dow-Edwards (2012) explained that beginners are always advised to start with the lowest CBD dosage and maintain it for weeks before changing their dosage. It is done to gauge one's body's reactions to CBD. Once people have monitored their body's reactions to CBD, they can increase their dosage until they get the desired results.

    Factors Determining Your CBD Dosage for Anxiety

    Some factors dictate your CBD dosage for Anxiety, such as; metabolism, body weight, your Anxiety's sovereignty, and CBD concentration. The CBD concentration in different products varies. The unique body chemistry also determines the CBD dosage one should use. Some people will metabolize medicines faster than others and benefit from a high dose of CBD.

    How To Purchase Quality CBD Products for Anxiety?

    There are so many brands in the market selling CBD products. It has made it very difficult to know the best CBD products. To get the best CBD products from the market, there are several factors a person should consider.

    Buy CBD Products from Reputable Companies or Clinics

    It is advisable to buy CBD products from a well-known clinic company with a state's license for selling quality products (Maccarrone et al., 2017). It means that you will get some advice on how to use your product from them. Don't buy from them if the company does not provide third-party lab tests.

    Choose CBD Products that Have Been Lab Tested for Purity

    Poor CBD products may cause side effects to the users or may be ineffective. Levitt (2015) explained that it is important to purchase CBD products that have been tested by a third-party lab testing which tests for the safety and purity of the product. Ask for the Certificate of Analysis when purchasing CBD products so that you can read the information about the rest results.


    CBD is believed to interact with a person’s endocannabinoid receptors responsible for regulating body functions. There are different ways of administering CBD oil, with some showing CBD effects faster than others. CBD administration which requires digestion, may take up to hours before showing the desired effects. Taking CBD oil by smoking and vaping may be dangerous to your lungs. Choosing quality CBD products is important to avoid the side effects that unsafe CBD products may bring.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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