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  • by Nicola Boulton August 31, 2022 4 min read

    Does CBD Shatter Get You High?

    What is CBD shatter? The young generation indulges in drugs and substance abuse to get high. CBD has different effects helping a person physically and medically. This article highlights what CBD is, its types, and its legality.

    There has been an increased number of CBD products in the market after passing the 2018 farm bill. This is prompted by interparental minds tapping into the market by creatively producing these products from CBD edibles, candies, and biscuits. Other products such as salves, balms, creams, and lotions are also applied on the skin surface. CBD aids in various body functions such as anti-inflammatory, reducing anxiety, improving skin tone, and maintaining body homeostasis by reacting with Endoccananabidiod receptors that are CB1 and CB 2.

    What Is CBD Shatter?

    CBD shatter is one of the products produced from CBD. It distinguishes itself by having a high concentration of CBD, an isolate. It means it has no THC, the intoxicating component associated with marijuana.

    Types of CBD

    Full- Spectrum

    full-spectrum CBD has numerous components. The compounds present include terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. It is also crucial to note that this type also contains THC but of a minimal level. As per the 2018 farm bill, the government stipulated the amount of THC should be 0.3%, and any increase can lead to arrest.

    Combined with all these elements, a resulting syngenetic experience is affected when consumed. This effect is known as the Entourage effect and is associated with the CBD full spectrum. Full-spectrum is advised for people who are not new to CBD products but for gurus who have used the products before.

    Medium spectrum is a CBD type with all other elements excluding THC. This product is aimed at people who want to benefit from CBD but do not want THC. It's good since one should not worry about getting high when consuming this product.

    CBD isolate contains CBD only. It is the purest version of CBD oil. The extraction method involves pure filtration to obtain the concentrated amount of CBD. Since CBD does not make you feel high, there is no worry when one opts for this type of product. It is this type of CBD that contains CBD shutter.

    CBD Concentrates and How They Are Extracted

    CBD concentrate refers to a high potency of CBD oil. Normally CBD is located in the flowers of hemp plants. On the flower surface are translucent glands known as trichomes rich in cannabidiol resin. The trichomes are where the Cannabidiol and terpenes are secured. Sommano et al. (2020) suggested that Cannabidiol has medicinal and therapeutic properties, while terpenes bring aromatic elements to the flower. Terpenes are responsible for the scent of flowers—many trichomes in the flower results in more secretion of both CBD and terpenes.

    CBD Shatter and Highness

    CBD shatter looks like amber glass, shaped like candy cannabis concentrates, and is usually named according to the compound type, texture, or color. CBD shatter has a high CBD concentrate and is orange or yellowish. It borrows its shatter name due to its glassy nature and nature that shatters.

    The types discussed above clearly show that CBD isolate does not contain THC. Maybe a trace amount may have passed during the filtration process, but the focus is on the product filtration to ensure that no other oils are found in the final product. Since the Isolate does not cause Highness and is the concentrated amount in CBD shutter, you should not worry about getting high.

    This new product has hit the market with a storm. It has gained popularity among teens and other marijuana users due to its effect. In the street, it goes by the name butane or BHO due to the product used to extract it, which is butane oil. Berenson (2020) revealed that shatter is the purest form of CBD, accompanied by a high potency rate of Cannabidiol. Learn more about how does cbd shatter make you feel?

    The Legality of CBD Shatter

    CBD shatter is legal in some states that have allowed the use of CBD-derived products. It is best not to worry when using this product. Hazekamp (2018) showed that CBD shatter has high Cannabidiol contrate, and pure CBD does not show itself during a drug test, yet another reason you sould have a result in mind when purchasing this product.

    How To Use Shutter

    Shatter use varies depending on the type of consumer. It can be vaped, smoked, or used as an edible. Specific tools for vaping are used, such as the vape pane where it is smoked from the cartridges.

    It can also be used in dabbed, which may require a setup. With dabbing, you will get a faster ad effective effect of CBD in your body. However,  if you want to try it, you will need a torch, nail, and a dabber, but it is advised that you buy CBD butter tools since it will ease your work.

    When using the shutter in meals, make sure that you check the temperature. According to Atkinson et al. (2021), the advantage of using terpenes in the components is that they can lower the temperature to as low as 100 degrees Celcius.


    The major difference between CBD shatter and CBD oil is the concentration. CBD shatter is typically made of a much higher concentration of CBD, greater than 15% and up to even 40% in some cases, which creates a stronger effect. This concentration is often mixed with terpenes and CBD distillate; you get more than just CBD. CBD shatter is a cannabis concentrate made from CBD, and it offers users the same effects of THC but without the mind-altering "high." This is because it has extremely low amounts of THC.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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